Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nail Polish haul again?!

I started my week with the OPI Glam Slam set, i will end my week with a few more polishes that i have gotten the past couple of days.

One of the polishes that i have been lemming for is the Orly Space Cadet from the Cosmic FX Collection that was released fall of last year. This is art in a bottle!

It has that mauve-y plum-ish, olive-ish base with millions of golden micro glitters that gives off a different color every time light is reflected. This is not just a duo-chrome. This is a multi-chrome!

The only issue that i have is that it dries slowwwwwwwwwww. I have tried putting this on my nails before i start my 30minute class. Class done, still not dry... I applied a top coat, Seche Vite (which we know that dries lightning-fast).. waited for 10 minutes but it's still not touch-dry. I had redone it a couple of times because it irks me seeing that my supposed-to-be perfect application still resulted to dents even with the trusted Seche Vite... definitely not happy! I feel like i have used up 20% of it already. (-__-")

I love how it looks on my nails though, i can't help staring at it! This is definitely eye catching! I sure wish that this is not a limited edition. *sigh*

I bought it from Sis Pearl, you can check out some of the Orly polishes that she is selling HERE.

Moving on, I decided to drop by Elianto to see if they still have some polishes. They only have a handful of shade selection though so i don't have much choice on the matter. I just decided to get the ones that i do not have plus some nail art stickers.

left to right: Strengthener, Blue Splash, Dark Sea Green & Light Salmon

The free standing store in SM North Edsa is the only one left (based on the SA that i talked with) & they are almost bare with very few products left (i'll try my best to remember it), which are a couple shades of polishes like what i bought + the lime green & yellow polish shades, some nail art stickers, nail trimmers, eyebrow pencils, hand creams, 2 empty eyeshadow palettes, a couple of cosmetic tools like eyeshadow applicators (big & small), lash curlers & a couple of bath sponges,i think.

They only have very few choices but if you want to buy anything that are still left (based on this list) then make sure you head on over there asap. They relocated their stall from the 2nd floor to the ground floor already.

Moving on,  I remember testing out the Jelly Pop Top Coat from Etude House before & it left a good impression on me because it dries quite fast. I am planning to make a comparison of it with Seche Vite. I hope that it would be a good alternative because i'm panicking already over the thought that i won't be able to find Seche Vite easily when i run out of it.

I didn't bother to make a review of Seche Vite anymore because it feels like it has been blogged about by almost everybody. But if you want me to make a full review of it, i can. Just let me know,aight'?

This mascara has become one of my favorite mascara already so i buy this every time i drop by EH.

Popped by The Face Shop & i was awed by this polish. Just look at how pretty it looks!

I thought of actually buying their Hologram Polish but for some reason it just makes me think that it's almost like the ones from Bobbie but the only difference is the price tag. The one from TFS is sold at Php 298 each. I am already happy with this one, by the way, the shade of this is BK901.

I still hate how TFS uses letters & numbers.
What if you pop by their store intending to buy a shade or two but with this twisted sense of shade naming, makes it impossible for you to remember what you're going to buy?! That had happened to me hundreds of times already! I went to the store impulsively thinking of buying back ups for some polishes that i like but ends up with that blank-look all because i don't know the shade & gets confused because they have almost the same shade of each polish, only a tad darker/lighter. So i don't have a choice but to just get out empty-handed.

I just can't imagine myself saying "Do you have the ABCD1234 shade?"

But with this certain shade, it's not hard to pinpoint because this is the only one that has obvious holographic glitters. That's why i'm not sure as to what finish this certain shade is. If this is holographic polish or just holographic glitters... but i think i'll go for holo glitters.

Last but not the least would be these...

I have been seeing the shade Gray's Anatomy of Wet N Wild being mentioned every now & then but i don't know how it looks like until i picked this bottle up at the Wet N Wild counter. I have to say, it looks pretty awesome! A duo chrome!

Then another, i remember seeing this certain shade of 24K polish (a local brand) that is so unique. It doesn't have a shade name but what's unique is that this is a flaky polish! It looks green on the bottle but once you "tilt" it, it will have this gorgeous bluish shade!

You can take a look at these polishes on this separate picture below....

Swatches will follow later on. For now, i'm enjoying Space Cadet.. & also Rally Pretty Pink. By the way, this is how my weekend nails look like...

It's a free hand design.
Don't worry, ladies, i haven't forgotten how to make nail art tutorials. I'll make it up to you one of these days by making a post about the different types of flower designs that you could do on your nails, including how to make these flowers. Also the other requests that i have been getting from a couple of you,guys. I'll start first with tutorials, then reviews.

Well, that about sums it all~!

By the way, Tony Moly fans would be happy to know that it is already available here in the Philippines. I saw their stall in SM North Edsa Department Store. The SA told me that it is already their 2nd branch, their flagship store is in SM Novaliches! On the other hand, Kryolan has opened one of its shop in SM North Edsa The Block. Kryolan fans, feel free to visit the branch. The SAs are very friendly!

I'll end this post with a funny picture of Charlie!

Every time i see this it makes me laugh! This is him getting all cozy & sleepy surrounded by tons of pillows!

Hope that your weekend is a happy one!
Jaa ne~!


Ar-Ar Malalis said...

I was supposed to say something bout the nail polish but... such a cute dog! aww... :)))

ThRiSzHa said...

wow.. thanks for sharing moja... if u want to buy 4oz bottle of seche vite just let me know..LOL!! i love space cadet but honestly it has a slow drying time =( weeeeeeeee... cheers for the grays anatomy i love this color & also i have a bottle of it..

nikita said...

Strange you have that slow drying problem with Seche Vite over Orly's Space Cadet! I also have Space Cadet and use SV over it but I haven't had any problems so far.

That green 24K polish you bought,...are those green flakies in it?

nails by kate vergara said...

the orly polish looks grrreat! might get one myself. thanks for the info.

Michelle said...

Does massive nail yellowing happen to you when you use Orly nail polishes? My friend says that Orly isn't all that healthy for your nails. I was wondering if it's true.

MissGennD said...

I love reading your blog! I slept late last night because of it~ I'm a new follower. Thanks for sharing a lot for good stuff!

fashioneggpplant said...

that's a lot of polish reviews! love the multi chrome ones and your puppy is sooo cute :)

ps. last day to enter my satchel clutch giveaway!

Askmewhats said...

Nice nail color ha! Tapos I like the nail art you've done! super gorgeous!

emceefashionista said...

Dropping by your blog. Your posts are really interesting. I also love nail polish but I just don't know how to apply it.

N=LC^101 said...

Yup my fave nailpilish grays antomy ......loves it!

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