Tuesday, May 31, 2011

thoughts about smokey eye make-up for semi-monolids

Before you scroll downward, just a little reminder that this post will be full of my pictures. For lack of model, i don't have a choice but to just put my pictures as an example. This is a bit embarrassing for me, putting in all of these pictures, but i would just like to make a point & this is the only way to explain my point. This is not a tutorial, by the way.

Most people think that only those that got deep-set eyes can rock a smokey look. Those that got monolids/semi-monolids would have a hard time pulling it off because they do not have "eye sockets". Let me tell you, hunnies, that that is not true, in fact if you will be able to apply it the right way, it could make your eyes look bigger even though you have hooded lids.

I don't have deep set eyes but i do smokey look every once in a while. You can even see in this pic below how narrow my eyelid is, so there's no ample space to do much blending but that doesn't stop me from doing smokey look. Uh oh, i need to wax my upper lip already.. *note to self*..hehe... by the way, that small white thing on my lid is glue..haha.

Bright smokey eye make-up gives off a very fun & flirty look, while dark smokey eye make-up can give that chic & strong (depending on the colors that you choose) look. Lots of women shy away from it thinking that it won't suit them. Personally, i think every one can pull off a smokey look.

I have done a couple of dark smokey eye make-up & it gives me a different look each time. It could make my eyes smaller, if i go for an elongated look. It could make my eyes look bigger if i go for a rounded smokey look. It could give me a fierce look if i use a really dark look like donning in a gothic look.

Whenever i tell the ladies that they can do the smokey eye make-up, they always have that doubtful look. It's like they only think that only actresses & models can do those & not ordinary women.

I went over my past eyelook posts to browse what are the looks that i've done before.

This made my eyes look small because the concentration of the color is at the outer part of my eye. As far as i remember, when i did my liner, i also elongated it hence the effect. This looks is better suited for those that got deep set eyes & would want to don the ultimate cat-eyed look.

Gothic look is really fierce & can make you look like you are angry at the whole world, but you know what's awesome about donning in a gothic eye make-up? It sort of gives you that "don't mess with me" type of outlook & would even make you feel confident.. provided that you have an awesome primer underneath,ok? hehehe

Going without primer in this look would be disastrous for if you have a dark make-up it would be very obvious once it creases. But believe me, girls, this look is awesome when you wore it.

Now i think, the sultry soft smokey eye make-up is one of the most coveted eye make-up look. If the gothic look gives you that "i am awesome" type of attitude this one exudes an alluring & feminine aura that's why most of us relates a very smokey look to sexiness.

Kim Kardashian exudes that sexy sultry look whenever she dons her smokey eye & nude lip look,ne? If you feel like you need an extra boost with your confidence by your eye make-up, soft smokey eye make-up is your best bet!

Now, let's talk about  bright eye make-up!
You don't have to be tied with the usual neutral/earth colors. There would be some time in your life when you would have to taker a step forward & leave it for a while. You would discover a whole new world out there once you start filling your make-up kit with colorful shadows.

I love bright eye make-up! It is very fun, girly, playful & flirty. It adds sunshine when you are feeling down. Now, i know a couple of ladies who do not like bright eye make-up thinking that it won't suit them. I think some colors won't suit a specific tone but once you found the colors that suit you. You won't go wrong.

I did this make-up look when i joined a contest. It was an arabic make-up contest. It was really fun having this bright look, i almost regret taking it off for it cheered me up.

Last thing that i want to add is to justify what i said before that if you do your smokey look, it could emphasize your eyes even though their small.

See how different it looks like with the smokey look?
As what i said in my past post that you have to bring the colors upward not at the outer part so that it would 'lift' your eyes. I'll do a tutorial for the first picture that i posted later on.

I haven't touched my make-up kit for a long time already! Aside from my go-to stuff which would just have the basics, i've neglected the rest of my make-up. Actually, i don't put make-up when i go out anymore, unlike before. I only put moisturizer (that got hyalauronic acid), dr feelgood as a primer (to somehow close up my pores so dirt won't enter it), lipbalm/lipstick, groom my brows & that's it!

That's why a couple of people are surprised whenever they see me (especially those who know that i am a beauty blogger) for they are expecting that i would always have smokey eyes or vampy lips. So, if you are expecting to see me with full make-up on just because i'm a beauty blogger, pardon me for ruining your expectation but i prefer to keep my face bare for all people to see my flaws. hehe

I learned it the hard way that piling on make-up is not good. As what i said, i still have the scars & marks to prove it.

But that doesn't mean i stopped doing smokey eye make-up or even going for a full made-up look. I'm just waiting for the perfect time when i could go all out.

So, ladies, don't shy away from doing smokey eye make-up. As what the "kocho-oneesan" in the anime Saiunkoku Monogatari once said,
"Make-up is a woman's battle armor. When you're heading into a battle make sure you wear it. If you do, you'll never cry. If you cry, your make-up will fall apart. No matter how light the make-up is, the result would be disgraceful. So regardless how difficult things are, you will not cry."
I love this quote!

Hope that you will try to don smokey eye make-up every once in a while,ok?

Hope you are having a great day/evening!

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- - aika - - said...

pretty :D wala din ako lids pero i do smokey eyes all the time hahaha

MilknCookiie said...

It's perfectly fine to use your own pictures as reference babe! I totally agree with you that everyone can work a smokey look; it just depends on which one suits your eye shape/face/personality the most. And of course cofidence!

★ Cookiie

DeBi said...

I love smokey eyes!!! super duper sexy and fierce!

and yeah, not because you're a beauty blogger means you have to pile layers and layers of makeup. Thumbs up for showing who you really are.

Unknown said...

hahahaha...even I sis dont go out with makeup for most, and yet we blog about beauty hahahha

aww your skin looks amazing na! I'm inggit hehehe

Miss Shopcoholic said...

super bagay on you! I can see the difference sa before and after pics, your eyes look "lifted" nga!

Jackie said...

i always love the looks that you do and the smoky eye look is no exception. ^^

Michelle said...

I totally agree!! You just have to figure out your eye shape and what works with it!

AskMeWhats said...

agree! ganda ng smokey effect sa semi-monolids no? I do not skip lining my upper lashline, good wide eye effect din :)

MissGennD said...

The 4th look from the top is my favorite!

zee villa said...

You're so pretty Thia. (^__^)

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