Saturday, May 28, 2011

Nivea Pure & Natural Product Line

I had received some packages a couple of weeks from Nivea & had been testing them ever since i got them. I'll be making a review on them after a couple more weeks of trying but for now, i'll go first with their Pure & Natural Line.

NIVEA Pure & Natural products use gentle and pure ingredients that respect your skin’s nature so you don’t have to worry about sensitivity problems and irritations that are known to be associated with some artificial and chemical ingredients.
The range is suitable for all skin types even to extra sensitive skin.
What does it do?
NIVEA Pure & Natural products are inspired by nature, but they also draw on our 100 years of skin care expertise and commitment to the highest quality standards.
This means the NIVEA Pure & Natural range offers a pleasant and affordable way of looking after yourself naturally and doing your bit for the environment, while enjoying the highly effective care you’ve come to expect from NIVEA.
It's good that NIVEA has this line. I am actually loving this line, especially the deodorant. Why?

It doesn't have aluminum salts!
I have a very sensitive underarm.
A lot of girls swear that aluminum salts make their underarm lighter but in my case it's the opposite. It makes my underarm itchy & red. It darkens my armpit & doesn't even control body odors. What the fudge?!

I used to use pure aluminum salt before when i was a teenager but with all the hype of using deodorant & body sprays i was lured into using those chemical-laden deodorant. While it does a wonderful job of controlling body odors, it makes my underarms dark. Eeekkkk!!! I can't believe i'm telling you that i had dark underarms. But take note, the word is HAD for now my underarm is waaaayyyyy lighter than before. Not that you'll see me showing my underarm off for everyone to see. LOL!

But this line saved my underarm from further embarrassment! It also doesn't have parabens, how cool is that?!

If you are like me & is allergic to aluminum salt, try this one for this might be the one that you are looking for. I'm not recommending this because i got the product for free but because it works for me.

Next is the Pure & Natural Wipes...

It's good that this is biodegradable.

I think this is the only biodegradable wipes that is available in the market. This is perfect for baby use because it doesn't have parabens, alcohol & perfume-free.

Personally, i don't see any difference about the other wipes out there, aside from it being biodegradable. Even if it is bio-degradable, it doesn't mean that it will decompose as soon as you throw it. It will still take some time before it decomposes too.

It is perfume-free but it doesn't mean that it is scent-less,ok? For some reason i don't like how it smell. It's hard to describe it but i just find it a bit unappealing. But i appreciate that it is almost chemical-free that makes it perfect for those that have sensitive skin specially for babies.

I said that i like this line especially the deodorant.

Do check this line out in the supermarket. It is already available.

Hope you are enjoying your evening,ladies!
Jaa ne~!

product sent as a part of their press release. I did not receive any monetary consideration for this post. Opinions shared is personal view & is no way influenced by the company. 


Pammy said...

Ouch! I was hoping that the wipes are unscented. Might give it a miss na lang. Nice review, Thia dear. *huggies* :)

Hollie said...

awesome review sis! too bad I'm allergic to nivea products. huhuhu

i am LEEtwentysix said...

might as well try these products. :)

rhaindropz said...

this was my first deo, before switching to dove natural ^_^

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