Thursday, November 26, 2009

~giveaway winner~ & a big post full of thanks!

you'll see lots of "thanks" on this post hence the title is 'a big of post of thanks'

First of all, i want to greet the people who celebrate Thanksgiving a "Happy Turkey day!"

Since it's thanksgiving, i want to thank each & everyone for supporting my blog. Again, i never thought that 239 ladies would actually be interested to read my views & thoughts. It's such an overwhelming thought & it left me humbled to know that you respected & accepted me with open hearts.

Thank you so much! *sniff* T_T

That sounds like a speech from a beauty contest winner. But then i feel like a winner already. What with all you lovely & warm ladies...YOU deserve a big hug! animal smileys

Thank you so much for all who entered in my giveaway! I did not expect an overwhelming response. I got 53 lovely ladies who shared their opinions.

It gives me great pleasure to know that you took the time to really read my reviews & other posts. I did this giveaway because i want to know what my readers like about my blog or what you expect. Much as i want to be able to make everyone a winner i can't....If my bf won the lottery, i definitely would though! hahaha

Again, my heartfelt thanks to each & everyone.
confused smileys

I am proud of my reviews because i really do try my best. I try to provide as much information as i can & even if you don't appreciate it (which again, im happy that you do), that is one thing that i will definitely fight for.

I'll work on some of the things that you suggested & will try to improve more on areas that i needed improving.

It's not an easy task to choose the winner for i think everyone's answer are great. But i just knew that her answer is the one that i will be picking as soon as i read it. She is an active blogger & real friendly. She reads & comments not just on my blog but also on pretty sure you'll agree with me on this note..

This is the winner's answer:
First off, I like your writing style. Your english is so good. You sound so cheerful in your posts. I'm not trying to be racist here or something but I'm just telling the truth. I think it is your writing style that attracts us readers to your blog.

Second, I love that you post facts on your blog (ex. the clay mask post, where you said that the darker the mask is, the more it is effective in sucking the oil out of the skin). I really learn a lot from your blog. I also found out through your blog that we can use aspirin as mask.

Third, this blog is so honest and detailed. I love how you post the before and after pics of your face, just to prove to us how effective the product is. I believe you did it on your Kojie San and Nivea eye cream reviews.

Fourth, you are a sweet and friendly blogger. I love that you're not a snob blogger.

Fifth, I love how you put smileys in this blog. ^_~

Sixth, I love how you share us your beauty tips. I remember you posted an entry on what we should do to avoid from staining our lips with our lipstick or lip gloss.

Seventh, I don't really get tired of reading your posts. They are all interesting, so girly, and so true!
Lastly, I'm not trying to hurt you dearie but I hope you post clearer pictures of your FOTDs and EOTDs.

Sorry, I just want you to improve your blog. I think it will be better if you show us a clearer photo of your beautiful eyes and face whenever you post FOTDs or EOTDs. A closeup of your eye photo will be better too whenever you show us some eye tutorial.

That's it. I love you dearie. I hope to see more beautiful and helpful posts from you.
Lots of love, ______

(I left it blank, although she put her name...i'll say who the winner is at the end)

Thank you so much,hun! I love your answer!

I know that one of my blog's weakness is the quality of pic, love the fact that you pointed it out. I really appreciate the effort that you took to tell me in public what i need to work on. In fact, i love ladies who are not afraid to voice out their opinions but at the same time still do it in a subtle manner.

A big thank YOU for joining my giveaway, if you did not win don't be sad there will be lots more giveaways/contest to come.

If you wanna know the winner, click HERE to be directed to her blog.
For the winner, don't forget to drop me a message on my email,k?

Thanks again....& until my next giveaway,ladies!

Enjoy the holiday,hunnies!

Jaa ne~!

i'd kill just to be able to go shopping on Black Friday
just keep me posted on the stuff that you bought,k?


Golden said...

OMG, I won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I didn't really expect it.

Thank you so much dearie! I'm one happy girl today! I'm so naiiyak. Hehe. Gosh, ang babaw ko sobra. Pero true, namumula-mula pa daw ako nung bigla kong inannounce sa mga officemates ko na nanalo ako. Haha! Gosh, inannounce ko pa talaga dito sa office. That's how happy I am.

If only I can give you a hug now. If only you can hear my "Thank you". Anyway sis, sana matuloy ka dito sa Baguio. I hope we meet someday.

*hugs and kisses*

PS, Thank you so much! Mwah!

twinsouls888 said...

Whoah congratz Golden on winning, I'm happy for you girl.

Thanks Thia for holding such lovely lovely giveaways ^_^

Sherry said...

congrats to golden :)

♥ Nehs ♥ said...

aww... congrats Golden!

文学少女 (Literature Girl) said...

congraaaaaaaaaaats! Weee yay for you golden!

Happy Thanksgiving to those having turkey for dinner! I always thought thanksgiving was a nice start to the Christmas holidays or something :D

Jbreezybaby said...

yaaay congrats on the winner! that is one comprehensive answer!

Sugar Bunnie said...

congratulation Golden
By the way Happy thanksgiving to everyone♥♥

xxNikkiDooxx said...

Congrats Mommy Golden. :D

Blovet Beauty said...

Congrats!!! those were really great reasons for picking her :)

RHiAN said...

congrats sis golden :)

Ghie said...

Congrats Golden!

noone said...

Aww congrats to Golden for winning. I do love your reviews. and some of the products you review are very unique as well. Yeah I'd kill to go shopping on black friday. Unfortunately we had our thanksgiving last month and it's like canada doesn't believe in sales even though we're right beside US. haha! Hope you have a great weekend!

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