Saturday, November 07, 2009

Weekend haul + rant... (as always!)

It's been a while since i was able to buy things. Shopping is therapeutic & after everything that happened i needed it!

I went to SM Manila a couple of days ago to visit Healthy Options. I want to know what are the available clay masks they have since im going to put the information on my Mint Julep post. I decided to buy the Dickinson's Witch Hazel toner & astringent & i went about to finding other available clay masks out there.

I was at the department store & i saw that Maybelline offers a 20% on almost all items (all except for the pressed powder-which is already cheap). I decided to buy the cat-eyes mascara because i can't find my Lash Stylist. I know that Cat-eyes mascara is a comb wand so im prety sure that i'll love this. The SA is so nice & pretty & has always a warm smile even though i asked a lot of questions. I also included the Himalaya Neem Face Pack. Im not sure when i'll be using this though.

A while ago i went to SM Mall of Asia together with bf just to play at Timezone because i love the Go-go balls. It's a game where you get to throw balls at the screen to hit the enemies...quite fun! After that we tried playing the UFO toy catcher & he got me this cute plushie.
Since i knew that i don't usually go to the mall whenever Maybelline is on sale i decided to buy another mascara. I went to the department store, looked for the stall & asked the SA for the mascara. She told me to wait since she is trying to sales talk another lady. I guess she thought that i won't buy anything since im not wearing a heavy make-up & my face is still a bit sweaty after my bout with the Go-go balls, that she made me wait for at least 5 minutes.

Bf is with me so i decided to wait for her since he is there to entertain me & went to the other stalls to take a look. After 10 minutes, i went back & she is still trying to sales talk the same girl! Im pretty sure the lady is not going to buy anything at all!

Im beginning to be annoyed already so i just asked her again where are the mascaras & she just told me to wait again.

What the heck?!

The hell! I didn't want to get the mascara myself because i want her to at least know that i am willing to be sales talked & maybe even buy a couple more.

Im already mad since there are also 3 more ladies waiting for her & she doesn't even want to at least give a friendly smile...Hello! we're the customers!

I just went around & looked for the mascara myself. Actually im thinking of just leaving, but since im quite pissed, i decided to let the bad girl in me take over. I saw the mascaras & took 2 while saying...

"Ako na lang ang magdadala sa counter nito kasi mukhang ayaw mo ako pansinin."
I'll bring these to the counter myself because it looks like you don't even want to look at me.

Then walked away with her calling out if i still want any other. I just told her that i don't want her talking to me anymore, went straight to the counter to pay for it. The she-devil in me was satisfied when i saw her looking embarrassed by what i said.

After paying i haughtily passed by Maybelline while saying loudly that i won't ever buy anything from them again (only in that branch) while i pointed it to my bf.

I am bitchy when im pushed to the limits.

Bf & i spend the day walking, talking, eating & anything that you can do in the mall & when we're about to go home, we passed by The Face Shop & we went inside. I just asked if they already have the Quick & Clean BB Cream & to buy some polishes. They already have that BB Cream. So for those who are looking for that BB Cream, it's already available.

After separating with bf, i decided to drop by the nearby mall because i want to buy some earrings. I just made it quick so after 10 minutes of deciding what to buy i ended up with these.

I love dangling earrings.

The kind that's long, because it kinda gives the illusion that my face is slimmer. I steer away from round earrings since i feel like it makes my face rounder.

Spending the whole day walking, shopping & having fun with bf is very therapeutic. Im tired but im so happy i can just die. My arms are actually sore from all the ball throwing that i did a while ago. But it won't dampen the satisfaction that i felt today, except when im writing this post telling about that SA. (-__-")

Im really never going to buy anything from Maybelline-SM Mall of Asia, Id rather go to Watsons to buy if ever. How about you? Have you ever had any experience with haughty SAs?
Come on, do tell! Share the experience...

How did you spend/will spend your saturday?
Hope you're having a nice weekend,ladies!

Jaa ne~!

She changed her domain name before & that's when hell started. Looks like blogger gave her a hard time. You have to follow her. She is simply amazing. She is one of the blogger who have a really good sense of humor. Im sure you'll love her.


Pammy said...

Dear, I love what you did! I am guilty of doing something like that too. But c'mon, we're all customers, doesn't matter if we're buying or not. :)

+ S T A R + said...

OMG !!!

special mention aketch!!! =P

thank you thiamere :)

re: sm mall of asia dept store sa's

yes. they have the meanest sa's in the philippines.


AskMeWhats said... far, i'm lucky, most SA's are quite ok naman I am so sorry you have to go through SAs like that, but wow 20% off? That is great!!! :) your purchases are nice :) I had a nice weekend, a bit tiring, and domesticated..but fulfilling :)

xxNikkiDooxx said...

Wow. You got 2 of the same mascara? So how's it working? Wla yta guard ng dahsboard ngayon. Calling2 Gracie. :)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

what you mean her domain name? o.O

hmmm... You had such an experiment at the store huh? YOU GO GIRL! lol. She should of at least gave you a friendly smile and asked you to wait patiently. I'm glad you just went to get it yourself. Why bother wait for her? She probably is working on commission hours. She's picking her customers -___- What a brat. It's not like you gave her a hard time either. I'm sure she could of just grabbed the mascara for you while helping the other lady. Being a sale associate, you should be able to multi-task anyways -___- tsk tsk tsk on her part!

I love dangling earrings too! I've always warn dangling earrings since I was little so I've grown up to love them. haha. I started to wear hoop earrings sometime in high school though.

I've never tried those mascaras before. How is it so far?

Unknown said...

pretty haul :D

Jenn said...

The plushie is very cute. I never see cute prizes for those type of games here.

Boo to rude SA. I usually walk out of the store now if that happens. I don't have patience. Good for you for letting her know she was wrong.

purplesilke said...

i have that face mask. it's for oily/acne prone skin but i notice that i get zits when i use it. weird!

makeupjunkie said...

oh i feel for you.

don't you just hate SAs who size you up by the way you look? aargh..

Sarah said...

UGH there is nothing worse than bad customer service- don't they realise how much it puts you off going back there!!! Some sales assistants really need to get there act together!!!!!!

Those earrings are soooo cute! I love dangly earrings too :)

sssdawna said...

thank you for following me = ]

I have the Proactiv mask, but i'm not sure that it's clay?? i know it has sulfur as a main ingredient which makes it stinky so i never use it! lol

I have had that experience because I look much younger than I am. the sales attendants think i'm maybe 15 or something and won't have money to spend!! so annoying.

also, I have problems sometimes with people following me around the store to "make sure" i don't steal >.<

every job i've had (almost) has been customer service, hosting, or sales so i never treat people like that.

today has been fun hanging with my hubby and friends, eating Indian food and playing a fun card/die game called "Killer Bunnies" = ]

文学少女 (Literature Girl) said...

MEAN MAYBELLINE SAs! They are everywhere! :(

My friend also wanted a telescopic mascara so I went with her, and we had the unfortunate opportunity of encountering a snooty SA too.

Yup shopping is truly pampering! Plus its a day with your someone you love, too. Both give you a heavy boost of happiness!

Camille Santos said...

ahaha..tarush!!patry nga ng line na yan "ako nalang magdadala nito sa counter ha,mukhang busy ka pa dyan eh.sabay irap." winner heheh.sarap magstay sa arcades noh..i go gaga over that crane toys din eh =p

krissy ♥ said...

I can never get anything from that UFO catcher! :D

That SA only deserved what you told her. Sana hindi bumili un sinasales talk nya ;)

Yay for weekend shopping with bf! I agree, you deserve it :)

Golden said...

You go girl! Love the i'll-kick-your-ass attitude. :)

I love Cat Eyes mascara. At first, I was having a hard time using it but I got used to its comb. I also love dangling earrings as I feel sexier with them.

♥ mia said...

it's really annoying when SA's act like that.. haven't they heard of "good customer service?" tsktsk

i luv ur dangling earrings with the hearts!

Ida said...

Hey girl, that is really annoying! Ok lang yung ginawa mo no, tama lang! :D I hate it when the SAs are like that. Hope your new buys work well for you. I want that mascara too :)

donnarence said...

that SA deserves it!!! grrr.. what is weird is that when you need them wala sila pag ayaw mo na umaaligid sila andiyan sila like dogs wagging their tail following you wherever you go.. hindi kaya nakakatuwa yung ganun.. anyways,, hindi ko pa nakikita ang 20% off ng maybelline.. :C i want to buy their gel liner.. :D nice stuffed toy from bf.. :D ang galing.. i find it hard to get stuffed toys from the UFO toy catcher.. hihi

oOchaOo said...

oohhh girl, love the attitude heehee.
mean SA/MA are irritating!!
i hope she learned her lesson :)

Sherry said...

hi sis, the haul is nice :) say do you shop for avon in your country? I see avon here made in manila.

Sherry said...

funny my sis dont like product made in malaysia I mean skin care product

laneige couture said...

SA of sm makati elf kakainis

Ghie said...

Sis review naman sa Himalaya Neem Face Pack... Thanks!

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