Wednesday, November 11, 2009

~say...what do you think about my blog~

I need your opinion,ladies... I won't take too much of your time. I'm a firm believer that there is always a room for improvement.

In doing so, i'll be giving away something....

The main prize would be The Face Shop The Rice Sebum Control Emulsion.

Leave a comment telling me what you like about my blog/posts. I know this is so common,but i would like to hear your thoughts,ladies. You can tell me anything...good or bad, i'll appreciate it.

Giveaway open to my followers only, will ship anywhere possible. I'll be including a couple more items before i draw the winner but again, this is the main prize.

Will end at November 25

I'll announce the winner the next day (November 26). She will have 48 hours to contact me or the prize will be passed on to another.

Can't wait to hear your opinions,ladies

I encourage everybody to join in. Even though for who doesn't have a blog but reads my posts regularly. Just include an email so i know where to contact you.

Jaa ne~!


xxNikkiDooxx said...

What I love about your blog is that it's real. I especially love your reviews, you take time to put the products to the test, and you honestly write what you think about it. I also enjoy reading your rants. Hihi! ^_^

Jasmin said...

Well, I like the reviews. And when you put in some of your personal life; it's always interesting to see opinions, and what the blogger is going during this busy life.

♥ mia said...

you have VERY DETAILED reviews which i love! :)

and your personality shines in ur blog posts :)

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I love your blog post because of the reviews and picture tutoring. The nail tutors or the make-up tutors are explained in detail and you also edit the picture so we know exactly what you're talking about instead of just saying the crease or something like that since not everyone know what that is. For the reviews, you take your time to use them, tell us how long you've used it and what are your thoughts on it. Not only that, you also explain about some of the ingredients that are used in the products, which is good for people to know and have the knowledge about. Another thing that I like about your blog is that there's a chatter box! It may seem like it's nothing but I like it so I can respond back to via chatter box instead of commenting in the most recent blog posts if you comment anything on my page. It's more organize that way and I don't have to put in the code. hehe. Like Nikki, I enjoy the rants you talk about sometimes. At least I know I'm not the only one who goes through a certain situation! haha. You don't just talk about beauty, you talk about other stuff in life too so it's good for me. Makes you a well-rounded person so I enjoy visiting your blog.

NicRTV (陳亞任) said...

I like your blog the way it is....I think you have the best reviews.....more photos I guess....I love blogs with lots of it...

Denysia said...

I love all the pictures you post up on your blog, especially the pictures that are involved with reviews! They really help with picking out products!

makeupjunkie said...

i love how detailed you get with product reviews and those reviews are well researched. i also love that you provide links and also provide alternatives.

i feel like all your reviews are very honest and very real.

i also love the way you select product reviews. i feel like you are not a brand snob.
i especially adored your skin white and careline post. made me wanna buy the skin white cream to powder thing and the careline concealer.

i also think you're very brave to show us pics of your break outs to help us see and compare how a product works.

finally, i can just imagine how much work you put into every post, especially the detailed eye make up looks.

ive been meaning to tell you this, even without the contest.

ive just recently discovered your blog (about a week ago, i think) and i loveeee it!

Eve said...

I really like the reviews because they're so detailed! The pictures are so clear and they really say a lot about the product. I feel like I'm right there, also looking at the product. I feel comfortable just buying it after reading your reviews.

I would like to see some more tutorials! I love to see them and keep doing them with different and varied brands!

donnarence said...

hi jem.. the best part of your blog which i really love is your comprehensive reviews. They are very in depth and informative. I could still remember the comparison you made with the shu curler and fs.. which made me think that i will never buy high end products if there are low end brands which can do the job just the same.. and also your do it yourself tutorials which is very easy to follow.. and because I am dumb in applying polishes I think your tut about them is simply nice.. haha.. they are really cute and not hard to do.. no intricate details involved. godbless jem

Camille Santos said...

woot..elo thia.what i like bout your blog?first are the nail art tuts!very creative,second are the product reviews,okay i will not rank them anymore ill just have to tell them...haha..Hauls!cause you do a lot of international hauls..=p.and i love that you seperated the contest from your own blog.^^.been a while since i joined a contest or giveaway...haha.take care thia

文学少女 (Literature Girl) said...

I honestly believe that you put a lot of time for research behind the specific products you review, and as a reader I am assured that way! :)

I learn something beauty-wise from those posts, and I understand the product more. I am taking a cue from you from now on, on how to do reviews that people will actually benefit from.

I seriously hope you continue with your posts, thia. I know how much effort and time that takes but... please?? Hahaha! I'll always look out for them.

Jbreezybaby said...

What I love about Thia's blog is her reviews! Very informative and straightforward! I love it when she introduced a product it just makes you want to buy it or try it for some reason. (I think you would be great as a spokesperson for a company.. I wouldn't be surprise at all if a company contacted you and ask you to review their product)

I hope you have a great day babe! ;)

Bernadette Villanueva said...

I like your personality a lot, Thia. =) From your post, I feel that your a warm and happy person, and so you infect me with your burst of sunshine!!! And I love the fact that you really research things before posting and reviewing, makes it more interesting & credible, and yes, I'm OC like that =)

Anastacia said...

You're so kind to do another give away!

You know I love your blog! I likeee that you doing a reviews about products which everybody actually can buy. Nothing super expensive luxery review and say what an excellent product it is! which not each girl can get. Love all the good and affordable stuff also un expensive products review on your blog!

Golden said...

First off, I like your writing style. Your english is so good. You sound so cheerful in your posts. I'm not trying to be racist here or something but I'm just telling the truth. I think it is your writing style that attracts us readers to your blog.

Second, I love that you post facts on your blog (ex. the clay mask post, where you said that the darker the mask is, the more it is effective in sucking the oil out of the skin). I really learn a lot from your blog. I also found out through your blog that we can use aspirin as mask.

Third, this blog is so honest and detailed. I love how you post the before and after pics of your face, just to prove to us how effective the product is. I believe you did it on your Kojie San and Nivea eye cream reviews.

Fourth, you are a sweet and friendly blogger. I love that you're not a snob blogger.

Fifth, I love how you put smileys in this blog. ^_~

Sixth, I love how you share us your beauty tips. I remember you posted an entry on what we should do to avoid from staining our lips with our lipstick or lip gloss.

Seventh, I don't really get tired of reading your posts. They are all interesting, so girly, and so true!

Lastly, I'm not trying to hurt you dearie but I hope you post clearer pictures of your FOTDs and EOTDs. Sorry, I just want you to improve your blog. I think it will be better if you show us a clearer photo of your beautiful eyes and face whenever you post FOTDs or EOTDs. A closeup of your eye photo will be better too whenever you show us some eye tutorial.

That's it. I love you dearie. I hope to see more beautiful and helpful posts from you. Mwah!

Lots of love,

Golden said...

Hi sis. Thanks for the suggestion. Actually, I was hesitant at first to post the what-i-don't-like in your blog. I was afraid that you'll get mad at me. Glad to know that you remained as sweet as before even after reading my comment. *hugs*

Curtney said...

I find your beauty reviews very informative. It is amazing that you post your firsthand data especially on skincare products.

Keep up the work!

Introvert said...

As you know, I stumbled upon your blog because I was looking for reviews on kojie-san kojic acid soap and celeteque moisturizer.

Yours was what helped me make my decision above anything else. It was so precise, unbiased and the photos helped me out. I'm so thankful that you ever blogged.

Keep up the good work! :) You're helping a lot of hapless, non make-up/skin care savvy women out there--including me!^_^

Blovet Beauty said...

I enjoy reading ur reviews alot! I am requesting for even more skin care products and nails products reviews!

itsMimee said...

Ohayo! :)
I love your blog, because I love you, girl ! You're so cute and you always end your posts with 'ja nee' and it's totally sweet :D
And you always show us the truth. It's sooo important... There are many girls editing themselves to look better...
You are so helpful girl, too ! Your posts helped me many times. And will help, I think :)
Take care !

DinaXYYan said...

i just followed you a while but totally love your blog cause you always have detailed reviews and the products that you're reviewing are mostly easy for me to access... keep doing more review! :)

My-My said...

1) As everyone has mentioned. Your reviews are the BEST! It covers every thing that must be known about it, all the why's and how to's. You keep it honest, real, and professional with your personality and opinion still included in it. And they are items that everyone can try and afford. BONUS!

2) You take the time to get to know your followers and subscribers. Whether it be tags or giveaways and what not. And you let them get to know you, by telling your funny stories, and rants we can relate too. Your blog isn't an object anymore, but a connection to get to know you as a person, as a friend. :)

3) Your tutorials are easy and straightforward. and you make amazing nail tutorials with the resources that you use. I'm finding the bobby pin trick very convenient now.

twinsouls888 said...

I love your reviews girl it's detailed and the honest to goodness opinion hehe. Plus the nail arts yay :)

cornelio03 said...

I love the different eye color looks you feature on your blog.

cornelio.mallare at gmail dot com

Maureen said...

I love the way you state your reviews, with pictures for your readers to see with their own eyes the different products.

I also love the way your blog has got me hooked at first reading ;)

Yes, I'm a new follower! :D

Sherry said...

I love your blog detail, review by you. Love looking at your shopping haul too, like the three columns template here.

You are friendly and share with me on skin care. :)

sherrygo at hotmail dot com

Yhen said...

hi sis thiamere! :)
What I love about your blog is that you really have a step by step process of how you do a certain "solution" and how you do the different eyeshadow looks.. You really even bothered to number them, right? :) I mean, it's so helpful especially for the newbies of makeup. I also like your purchases/haul and of how truthful you are in making reviews.. I mean, it is REAL and you really voice out your opinions of a certain product :) And yes, I love your rants too of how happy was your day or how pissed you are with the SA. LOL. And oh, i forgot... the customs!! yay.. HAHAHAHA :)

Keep it up sis Thiamere.. I really love reading your posts. :)

Take care.

Lucky Finds said...

I follow your blog and I look forward to seeing your weekly "beauty haul" posts.

emiliana.sison (at) gmail (dot)com

laneige couture said...

I love ur blog because im so entertained by reading your rants,i feel like u are just talking to the reader. and with this i feel i know u and is already ur friends, u are also very helpful and doesnt hesitate to share ur beauty secrets,and takes time to answer to queries =)

Ghie said...

I believe if you're doing what you love most it really shows up and it did showed up in your blog that why I've been following you. Such that I am creating my own reviews to the products that I am using co'z you really inspired me.
Another thing I love in your blog is that you also give reviews to the affordable and local products such as careline, FS and F21. By doing so you can give an idea on what brand/product is good yet affordable because not all of us can afford to buy MAC, L'oreal etc.
I really enjoy your blog so good luck and more reviews I hope! :)

mandy said...

I really like your in-depth reviews. Even though I started following your blog not long ago, it's really helpful when I decide what is good and what is not. You also have reviews on a wide variety or brands and products & it's very entertaining to keep up with them all. Never gets boring :)

vanilla said...

hi !i love ur blog because its balance !lol
u have reviews n personal posts which is a BIG plus for me !hehe

Lisa Kate said...

Uh, doy! Cannot believe I didn't post on this yet!!

The thing I love most about your blog is your attitude. You are so positive and sweet! I love that you include personal things in between the beauty, which makes me feel like you are a true girlfriend that I'm just chatting about makeup with!

My only complaint is that I wanna see more "looks". I love those, especially your gradients! I know you have more great ideas to share with me XD

CherryBoom said...

What i love about your blog is the reviews , they are so detailed and you give time to test them, i tried some products and i thank you for give you honest review on them which helped me a lot .. thanks again . And keep up the great reviews .

oOchaOo said...

hello! :)
i love your very DETAILED reviews heehee. i love that you really take your time on reviewing products :)
i love the fact that you are very friendly too!! *well not to SA's from hell* LOL :)

&& right now im a newbie on exploring eyeshadows and im glad that you have e/s tutorials here too! it will really help me to have a good start :)


Crystal said...

i love your reviews. they're very detailed kasi. really helpful in deciding whether or not to buy a certain product. more power to you!

ghreizy said...

I know im so lare but i just wanted to tellyou why i kept reading your posts

why i love your blog?
1. very informative reviews
2. i learned a lot from your tutorials your NOTD, wish i have your talent too...
4. even though your haul cost a lot you remain humble :))
5. and lastly i love the author of course:))

and i know you always give your best in every post you did, it takes 1 week or more from your QA ability haha!

Chomfifi said...

hey hun!

what i like about your blog is that you always have reviews and its very informative!

Rhania E. said...

i love you blog for it's being so kikay!!! haha.. you share everything, hauls.. reviews and OTDs!!!

and one of my faves here are those eyemakeups!!! oh my.. wish im good at it =(

keep on posting sweetie =)

yuki*chan said...

hello! i stumbled on your lovely blog just today
and of course i have to start going through all your posts because your blog just provides me with so much information (so thorough its wonderful!) on cosmetics i havent/want to try and you blog so beautifully and detailed! haha i wish i was like that~im rambling now anyhow i hope to read more from u :)!

notjustminerals said...

Hi! I like your product reviews which is what I usually look for when reading blogs. Reviews help me decide on what product to buy or try out and yours are very detailed. Keep it up!

krissy ♥ said...

Hi Thiamere! I meant to reply as soon as you posted this but I was at the office that time and I wanted my response to be well-prepared haha!

I've only been a follower for, what, less than three months (all because I was on hiatus and has just started blogging in blogspot again) and I wish I have discovered your site earlier. Well, thank God for blog archives I was able to read your old posts :)

What I really love about your blog is the way you write reviews. I love that you really allot time to do research on a specific beauty product/ makeup item, then get it, test it, and then write an honest-to-goodness review about it! I wish you won't get tired of doing it, because I dare say you are one of the best (beauty) reviewers I've ever had the pleasure to meet (if only online ;)) And I love your tutorials as well, especially those nail art tutorials! I am planning to do my own leopard print nails, I never realized it would be so easy, thanks to you!

I have only just started to be interested in makeup (I was more into clothes, books and movies. I mean, I don't care if I don't have any makeup on so long as I have many shoes lol!) and that's because of beauty bloggers like you! Thank you, I am experiencing a whole new different world, and I am loving it! :)

PS: Thanks as well for taking the time to comment on my posts! ♥♥

Ida said...

i like your reviews 'cause they're detailed and honest, pati mga creative beauty tips, like i recall one post where you recommended bending the mascara wand and putting & blending eyeshadow over eyeliner/mascara smudge on the lid :)

kikayfetz said...

Fairly new follower here! I love love your eyeshadow tutorials! I love the "gradient" technique which is a new approach (well for me that is :)) in eyeshadow application. I love your reviews as well, they're very detailed, especially the one for the Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque.

Thanks for following my blog and I'm looking forward to reading your future reviews and tutorials!

Unknown said...

I've been reading ur blog like every single day i sign in,LOL =) seriously ;-) I love ur reviews and the tutorials!Its really really helpful for beginners like me.

More power to ur blog and God Bless!

Jenn Yap said...

Hi there!

I accidentally dropped by your blog and it's because I was searching for some reviews on beauty products. I'm really impressed on how detailed you are in making reviews. You explained clearly everything I wanted to know, and what surprised me the most is that you are from the Philippines, too! That way, I can relate and easily find those products you recommend.

I'm so glad that I've stepped into your blog. It's like I'm window shopping and I got to know almost everything about products that we both love in just an instant! Because this blog helped me a lot, I'm really thankful and to be honest, this is the best beauty blog for me!

Jenn Yap

herroyalbleakness said...

I love how you blog about beauty without reservations. I, for one, would be reluctant in posting FOTD's/EOTD's since I'm afraid that it'd look terribly amateur in the middle of jawdroppingly gorgeous FOTD's/EOTD's.

You might notice that I recently started posting pics of myself wearing makeup. I guess your blog is pretty much an encouragement.

Points for improvement: i dont know if this can be possible, but can you give us bigger pictures? i know that the pics are clickable, but I have to tell you that I'm drawn to blogs that have superb photos in em. I'm also trying to do this on my blog (improve photo quality) as I know that it will be a big plus for readers to enjoy our pages!

Anonymous said...

i really enjoy reading your blog. I love your reviews, and tutorials , it is very detailed and informative,giving me in sights of what product that is worth buying, and the tutorials are very easy to follow, i find it helpful to newbies like me. :)

♥Pauchichi♥ said...

*verrrry detailed step by step instruction!* esp on eye makeup application. I myself us having a hard time doing it.. haha that's why I don't bother doing picture tutorial :P good job sis!

Unknown said...

Hi there Thiamere!I really really love reading ur blog because I do learn a lot of things from you,from nails to e/s application,the perfect concealer,everything! Its really helpful especially for beginners like me,thank you so much deary =)

oh btw,copied ur leopard/cheetah prints thingy nails,i effin lurve it!

More power to ur blog!

Love lots,makeup baby

Fifi said...

Hey hunnn
I'm sorry for my late entry! I've been trying to post this comment but my internet is being silly nowadays.

What I love most about your blog is your honest opinions on a product. And I found some very informative posts on your blog, like the one about clay masks. That's great! Thank you for taking the time to write that post.

I also like the fact that you're such a friendly blogger and you take time to know your readers as well. :)

I need to add one thing though, I find your blog takes a bit longer to load ever since you changed the layout. I don't know if it's just my internet (hopefully it is), just want to let you know about it.

Take care!

Mary said...

i really like to read your rewievs and opinions about everything ! :)

zachsgran said...

I like your reviews. They are honest and you put alot of time into giving us the information on the products you test.

tmc480 said...

I like it just the way it is. I like how you go into details explaining things
tmc480 at yahoo dot com

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