Friday, November 13, 2009

hauls + dog picture


I went to the PO yesterday to pick up a parcel. Im actually surprise that it's the items that i bought from Nikki's blogsale.

I'll stop ranting about the Customs because i know that it is becoming a routine every time i go claim parcels so i'll try my best to quit. Plus everybody knows me as "the blogger who always rants about Philippine PO"..hehe...i'm trying to change my image here, folks.. XD
but it's just so....

Ok, on to the haul. Again, i bought a couple of stuff from her because it's cheap.
  • MAC Pleat: 6 Cool Eyes LE Palette
  • MAC Viva Glam II
  • Flirt Lipstick in Fairy
  • Lancome Fatale Mascara in Brown
I bought this palette because i need an eyeshadow palette on my purse. This fits my cosmetic kit perfectly!
I labeled the colors...
Looks like im getting better at taking pics now. You can identify the shimmers from the matte ones,huh? I sure wish it will always be like that..haha!

As for the lippies...
Here is a swatch of them:

with flash

without flash

The last one is the Lancome Fatale...

I haven't tried it yet...but i'll do a review as soon as i decide to open it.

me happy with the blog sale haul!

Now it's time for another one...
I finally have my very own MAC 168...yipee! It's so soft yet firm enough to actually do contouring jobs. I hate flimsy brushes, sure is worth the price for this one!

so happy!

Actually i only want 3 mac brushes....
168 - contour brush
217 - blending brush
187 - duo fibre

I know that Sigma brush is as good as MAC (like what i keep on hearing), but aside from the fact that it will take a while before i'll be able to receive it, i think the blending brush is designed like the MAC 224, which won't suit me because i have a small lid area. With the prices of MAC brushes here in the Philippines, i feel like i can already buy 2-3 Sigma brush. (-__-")

Who knows?
Maybe my impulsive nature would just pop out & click the buy now button on Sigma while im sleeping for practical reasons..

I already have a MAC 187 SE...which i use for putting blush. It's obvious that i use it for blush, huh? Sorry about the dirty brush...

I know that SE brushes are not that good quality compare to the regular ones but i don't care since i just really want to have a duo fibre for blush application not for liquid foundation. The only thing that i need now to put me in high cotton would be a 217... im already crossing things from my wish list one by one

Then the other day i went to the grocery just to buy conditioner because i know that Pantene has a promo for the conditioner that you get a free 3 minute miracle treatment. I have tried it once & i like it. It made my hair softer. My hair is so stiff & im beginning to get desperate too... good thing i tried the 3 minute miracle treatment, it saved my hair.

I'll be buying it again naturally, but since it's free on a full size conditioner i don't see any reason why i should buy the individual box just yet. I'll be hoarding on this conditioner. I love freebies! XD

Then when i read Donna's post about the Himalaya Herbals Neem Facial Wash & how it cleared her zits i knew that i have to try it. I already have the Neem Face Pack & im keeping my fingers crossed on this one.

Anyway, that would be it for now...

I'm trying to limit my spending because it's gonna be Christmas & i have a lot of people on my list. Plus i am waiting for some parcels...1 down, 7 more to go!

Sure wish it will arrive asap (but not everything in one PO notice because i'm sure i'll be shedding more money on tax instead of what i paid for) & most of all safe from the claws of the Customs...

Hope y'all have a nice day,girls!
Jaa ne~!

Lil bro is getting better at using the camera too. He took this pic a couple of days ago. I can't help but smile every time i see this. It gives me the kick to see my dog (who is so energetic..yes, he is!) looking so silly...
Oh God! Thank you so much for giving us this dog! ^_^

Hope it made you smile.


xxNikkiDooxx said...

The palette looks very nice. Great haul sis. :D

Caby said...

love all the items!!!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Nice hauls! :) I have still yet to purchase a MAC brush >_< I'm just not convinced enough that they're really that good and worth it.

& your doggie looks so cute! ;D I just want to give your dog a hug, haha.

noone said...

the colors on the palette is pretty. and awww cute dog! you guys just got the dog?!?! I love dogs <3 is it litter trained? :)

+ S T A R + said...


maganda ung viva glam ha!
and ow! congrats on your 168!
mac is love =)

your dog is so cute! ill call him choco! kulay chocolate kasi! hahaha!

awww... miss ko tuloy mga aso ko... nasa baba sila :(

xoladiihoneyxo said...

The palette looks nice =] Lovely blog sale haul!!! =D I think you should buy the Sigma brushes. I heard extremely great reviews on them.

Sherry said...

so nice haul, I like the eyeshadow palette, how much is it?

Anastacia said...

Nice haul!!
I like the e/s palette! The colors are so pretty and girly!

Wow! lipsticks looks great too~

Bernadette Villanueva said...

Viva Glam is so nice, Thia! show us some pics when you wear it , eh? =)

And your dog looks like having a comic dream, made me smile. Hihi =)

Happy Friday!

Catmare said...

that palette have pretty colors! and i want an angled contour brush, too. don't have one yet. =(

Golden said...

Love your makeup purchase sis. I don't think I'll be able to buy as much as that for myself. I'm that broke! *sniffs*

Your dog is really funny. I'm thinking of adopting a dog as Jamjam is friendlier on animals than on people. LOL.

Blovet Beauty said...

can't wait till u do a review on the lancome fatale !! the palette is mad gorgeous and yay to mac brushes( they are the best!)

twinsouls888 said...

Wow I love your hauls girl as in. I've heard lots of good feedback about the Viva Glam lippie. Please do an FOTD or shall I say LOTD using it, meron ba nun? LOTD? hehe. And I love the palette too sob, kakainggit ahaha.

At ang cute ng dog ah hehe.. ^_^

♥ mia said...

luv d palette and d fairy lippie! :D

i also got 2 packages from customs today, asked my parents to claim it. sana ndi nman sila nahassle hehe

AskMeWhats said...

wonderful hauls! Yay on the MAC168!!! :) enjoy and happy weekend!

gio said...

Nice haul, the palette is very pretty!

Cute dog too.

herroyalbleakness said...

thanks for sharing where you bought these stuff from.

I appreciate bloggers who don't mind giving out those essential details. it helps their readers A LOT. :)

do i even have to tell you im envious of your haul. i cant wait to get beauty stuff, too, after we renovate our home... :)

Ghie said...

ang cute ng dog mo sis :)

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