Sunday, March 01, 2009

travelling with ease

Often times, its hard for us to organize our makeup collection. It's not a problem if its just sitting there on our vanity table, but there will be times when we have to travel & of course,being a makeup junkie, we can't leave all our precious babies behind.....(don't worry,ladies..i know the feeling)...

Although i have my Lancome travel makeup set with me, but i feel like its not enough. If i can bring my whole vanity table with me, then ill definitely gonna bring it! Since there's no way that i can do that, then i have to make do with what i can throw on my tiny cosmetic bag.

Ok, these are some that i have tried & does when it comes to picking out what stuff im gonna bring with me:

I love pigments, but they're very messy to work with so i just use eyeshadow palette. A few of the tips that i can share if you want to travel with your pigments... Instead of buying little sample jars to just put it, why not put them in pill boxes? read it right...Pill Boxes...these handy tiny pill carriers are not just designed to store medicines, but you can put anything on it...from marbles...& not put your pigments on it....

Just arrange it according to the shades..from light colors going to dark. & anyway, its not like you're gonna be bringing all of them, right? Just pick out the colors that you find yourself using most of the time or the color of the dresses that you are gonna be wearing. Choose colors to compliment your dress.

I know that this is something that we can't leave (i know we can't live w/o it...but our topic is traveling, aint it? without...

An advice that i can just share is to make sure that you have your very own travel set. Not only will it make it all the more easier, but also because its more hygienic coz its in a bag & you can make sure that you have all the basic tools your gonna be needing.

If you don't have any & prefer using the tools that you are familiar in using, then just pick the best of the lot...Just bring those that you know works good. What's good in bringing stuff that you just THINK you are going to use,right? Bring just one sponge if you need to & a couple of Q-tips.

This is the trickiest of all... As what most of my friends knew, im a mineral makeup I have my foundation in loose form...& if by some twisted chance ill end up not screwing the lid tight, then the powder can easily make a mess at the bottom of my kit (i hate it when that happens!)...
One stuff that i can never live without is my oil control film. This saves me a lot of time from dusting my face with foundies. So i don't need to carry much with me, but i still have them ready if i need to touch up...remember my Everyday Minerals haul?

I got some samples with me,right? Well,that my ladies, are what i bring with me....Put it on a small bag & throw it on my cosmetic kit & im on business!

This time im not just talking about face base, but also on our eyes.
Lets start first with face base. This is when those sample jars come in handy. I am currently using Benefit "That Gal", on which i think is already very convenient to bring along because its in a twist up tube, but since it will still take up space so i put some on a sample jars. Of course i did not fill it to the brim, i just put very little (like a teaspoon amount). Same with my moisturizer, cold cream (i prefer cold cream above all else!), etc.

Now for the eyes, I love gel liners..i can actually just throw in my gel liner on my bag since its just small, but in this case...nope.. I leave my baby at my table & just use gel pencils with me. That's because it works 2 can be a base & a liner in one! Isn't that just like killing 2 birds with one stone?

Most of us have our very own lipstick collection... It grows without us noticing that we have accumulated lots of it & often times it just ends up drying all because we are not able to use as much as we can because we still have lots more... So why not try to make your very own lip palette?

You can use pill boxes...much like what i said about the pigments, or some empty eyeshadow palette that you have. What you can do is warm the lipstick a little (just a little!) then mash it & put it on the container...smooth them out...then stick them in the fridge for a few minutes just so that they would take shape...& voila! you have your very own custom-made palette. Feel free to mix does work,ladies!

As what i said before..those are what i practice...I was able to save space on my cosmetic bag...& not just on my bag, but also on my puny vanity table...hehehe...sometimes it hard to move without my pigment jars falling & making a mess of everything.

How about you, girl? How do you save space?


Jae said...

Great blog, dear!! Thanks so much for following my blog ♥

~tHiAmErE~ said...

thank you!

i love your blog too!

Cris said...

Um, I confess that I pack EVERYTHING XD.
However if I ever need to pack a mini kit, this blog will be very useful to me ;). Thanks :).

~tHiAmErE~ said...

you're welcome.
but sometimes i still find myself stuffing some 'last minute' items on my kit...
haha XD

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