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Saturday, March 14, 2009

rants & ramblings

Sorry if i've been MIA for the past couple of days,ladies...

i caught a flu bug & was just bedridden for almost 3 days..i hate being sick.... it makes me very emotional...i'd cry with a drop of a hat...good thing that its almost over now...

Anyways, im just getting a wee bit worried about what happened to my package...its been 10days now & i still haven't received it...what's up with that?! I know that there are some instances that packages can be stolen (i hope not!), but im keeping very optimistic thoughts about the Philippines Postal Service. It's just that this is the first time that i choose the unregistered mail... Oh well, just think happy thoughts! *thinks very hard of happy thoughts*

Im waiting for 2 packages, one from StrawberryNET & one from Makeup Mix Shop, on which i found out because of the gorgeous Nikki. Ad far as i can remember, i ordered Nyx items on the site, but i honestly can't remember much of it, because during the time that i ordered i was already feeling a bit hazy. Anyway, it's just gonna be a surprise if i received my package. I don't wanna chack the receipt back. I love surprises, that's why...silly,huh?...

Today is my mom's birthday...actually not my real mom, but my bf's mom...& im about to go there later..i just hope that it won't rain or anything because im still recovering from the blasted flu.

*calling out in a loud voice*
My packages, wherever you are, be safe!!!
Don't talk to strangers... Mommy is waiting for you,right here!!!
*clears throat*

XD getting paranoid...

Hope you'll all have a lovely weekend,ladies!


Cris said...

I hope your packages are OK :).
I've sent out my first ever swap a few days ago and I'm really paranoid that something'll go wrong. Even though nothing will.

See? Lol.

Have a great weekend too ^_^.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

nothing will go wrong,sweetie...
let's hope...

it's hard to wait,right


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