Monday, March 09, 2009

Andy Warhol EDT

I was actually so waiting for my last StrawberryNET haul, not because of the lotions & stuff, but mainly because of this. I have smelled this before & i thought that it smells so good. It is something that reminds me of my boyfriend. I dunno how to explain it, but it smells just like him. Not that it smells like some other EDT, but the first thing that entered my mind is him... (i was with a friend when i got my first sniff of this). I was about to buy it then & there, but i decided to go check StrawberryNET if they have it,a bit hard to do for a shopaholic....but i was able to resist...yay!

& good thing, because it was indeed available! So when i ordered it, i also threw in a couple more goodies (on which i guess you have already seen). Yay for the loyalty discount! I was able to save money.

I ordered this hoping that it would arrive just in time for Valentines day, but i got some problems with Paypal so it came a week after Valentines Day. Took me a while to do a review on it because this is not mine, i have to interview my bf.

He said that it does smell nice. It got that mild musky scent that smells refreshing. It got that "clean" scent that makes this EDT even more wearable. I think it can even be used by women. According to the website, it even got some jasmine on it...hmmm....i guess so. Its just that it smells nice without being too musky. It does have a tad bit of floral scent, but not too much.

A unique combination of musk & floral, but is meant for guys.

I don't think i can ponder on much about it since i don't have it on hand. I might be able to do a detailed review if i have it...too bad. But for those who is thinking of buying this, i think its a neat product. Considering that its a EDT for unisex, you can't go wrong.. It has that clean & refreshing scent on it. I even find myself embracing bf just so to smell it. Ha! & he thought that its!

As for the staying power, I don't think it stays that long. Anyways, this is just an EDT, not a perfume. Bf said that he mostly just sprays it on the shirt so for it to stay longer compare to putting it on pulse points. Well,yeah, of course... EDT works that way,right? But i actually prefer him using an EDT compare to perfume as i have a sensitive nose. Too much of a scent will give me sore throat afterwards...yep!that sensitive!

But im actually planning on buying this again..but not for him anymore..but for me! XD

I can't wait for my next haul...I wanna try the Lancome Bi-Facil that bad. Im a big Lancome fan, but i haven't tried one of their best product..but im about to.....*excited*

Hope you'll all have a lovely & lucky week!


Cris said...

Lol at the "hugging him to smell it" XD.
Thanks for the review :). I'm gonna definitely test this if I ever see it ;) :-P.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

hope you'll like it as much as i like it!

Jae said...

That bottle is so cool! I love it!

Speaking of men's cologne, have you ever tried/smelled Platinum Egoiste from Chanel?

It is one of my all time favorite colognes (with Armani Mania Pour Homme as a close second). I usually only wear perfume, but I love wearing Mania and P.E. for special events <33

~tHiAmErE~ said...

actually not yet..

i always favor Lacoste so i haven't tried any other aside from these...hehe

but im gonna go & find that one.

Askmewhats said...

awww that's a nice shopping from strawberrynet, its nice to find something you've been wanting for long right?

Well I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Lancome Bifacil, it's their bestseller and I haven't tried it myself :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

yeah...that's so true..

i was debating if im gonna include the effacil, but according to most reviews that i've read, the bi-facil works that's is what i've been waiting for all this time..

& waiting is such sweet sorrow...

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