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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Lancome Hypnốse Mascara

I decided to do a little blogging about my current favorite mascaras..Im not a mascara whore, but hey, a mascara is something that we ought to have,right? So, first one will go to my favorite Non-Waterproof Mascara - Lancome Hypnốse
It's no hidden information that one of my favorite high end brand is Lancome. What made Lancome my instant favorite was because of 2 products, the eyeliner & their mascara line. I know that they also have the Virtouse & the Definicils, but for me, nothing beats Hypnose on their line of mascaras. This is my ultimate mascara, on the non-waterproof category of course. I am about to throw my 2nd tube of Hypnốse & is thinking of getting one again.

This is a Volumizing mascara but what's great about it is that it's not just volumizing, it's also lengthening! The minute i put it on, its like i was given a whole new set of lashes...promise!

Dare to go up to 6 times the volume. With each stroke, the patented POWERFULL™ brush intensifies lashes from root to tip. Exclusive, fluid SoftSculpt ™ formula, enriched with Vitamin B5, wraps lashes one luxurious layer at a time without smearing, smudging or clumping.

Custom volume you control for hypnotic eyes.

Wow for that,huh?

But i have to say that they live by what they say. It's actually true! I have tried a couple of volumizing mascaras, but none one among those so-called volume mascara is able to volumize my puny asian lashes. Maybe that's why i prefer using Waterproof ones, because its able to hold my curls & open up my eyes. Then in comes this wonderfully God-sent mascara & my once puny lashes were lifted & are now Va-Va-Voom-type of lashes!

The wand is nothing to be wow-ed about. It's just a simple ordinary wand. I actually prefer something that's like L'Oreal Telecospic, because i find that with that type of wand its able to really coat every single lash. I dunno about that Powerfull brush, but nevertheless i think the formula of Hypnốse is what counts the most....& that's what makes a mascara,right?

Although i love Hypnốse, there are a couple of things that makes me frown. Not just because of the product but some out of hands stuff. Like the smearing part, i always believe that non-waterproof mascara will definitely smear or smudge. As for me who have a very oily skin if i sneeze (the strong kind), i will have mascara all over my lower eye area. So it makes me think if the formula of this mascara is the kind that doesn't dry. Though i don't think so....

I mean i have tried a couple of mascaras & some that i dont even wanna think about *shudders* there are some that is too heavy & just weighs my lashes down. I just don't know why, but with this mascara i still find it 'smearing' my lower eye area even if it had already "dried"...or i guess its just my oily skin that's the culprit. Anyways, no problem with me, i can just swipe it with a wet tissue.

One more thing that makes me frown is that if im not able to 'clean' my lashes (take out the oils completely), then it tends to weigh my lashes. I find that it works better if i wipe my lashes with a makeup remover first before i curl it..holds my curls better...if i don't do this, then my curls just tend to 'uncurl' after an hour & Hypnốse just weighs it down & closes my eyes.

Though im able to solve this 2 problems easily, so it doesn't affect my overall love for this product. Im still on the lookout for a good mascara though...
for now, the 2 that i like is:
Waterproof - Covergirl Lash Blast
Non-Waterproof - Lancome Hypnốse

I wonder what other mascara will wow me....Next review will be for CG's Lash Blast


Gracie said...

Hello sis! I know what you mean about trying to find the right mascara for us. I've been doing the same and so far the best ones I've tried are Lancome Virtuose and MAC Zoomlash. I hope you find the best one for you as well :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

that's great for you. you found your mascara.
i haven't gotten around to trying the MAC Zoomlash.funny enough..i haven't even had any MAC cosmetics yet..hehe

ill make sure that i try the Zoomlash.

thanks for that!


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