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Monday, April 27, 2009

rants & ramblings + contest poll

I haven't blogged this weekend because i attended my cousin's wedding & of course i have to do my mom's makeup. Little did i know that i will also be doing all of my other relatives' makeup...

wow! whatta challenge!
It's been fun...

Anyways, i realized a lot of stuff while putting makeup on my aunts & cousin. It's actually hard to even out an eye specially if its obviously uneven. I want to line just one eye, but is scared of making my aunt looking like a freak...its also hard to apply makeup to older people because their lids tend to have excess skin which makes them look droopy & the powders to fall off...etc...

But i guess i was able to pull it off. Although i took quite a while in fixing them (that i hardly had any time at all for me...eekkk!)

What's fun is that after the reception we get to take a dip in the pool...but the chlorine is so strong that it left my hair dry...& of course my whole body. Good thing i have the Nivea Creme with me. Never did i imagine that i will use that as a!But it does work!...
Im so loving that product!

I was so moisturized when i woke up that i still took a dip in the morning...(haha!goes to show how stupid one can that im back home (with a very dry skin), i tried the RL Rocks Body didn't work as good as Nivea...So im gonna stick with it & buy a couple of tubs to use as a body moisturizer.

Since its been a known fact that i love contests & i joined a couple of its time to vote in for Whit's Spice Girl contest. Click HERE to cast your vote.

Lastly, a couple of contests that you might wanna try are:
Hope to see some of your entries. I love looking at makeup entries.

Im gonna be taking another vacation (this time a 5days vacation), so i might not be able to blog for a while, but ill try my best to join Linda's contest since i think her contest is due on May 5, on which i might not be here at all.

Have any of you girls tried the MMS blogging that blogspot is offering?
i know i can post by email, but i just dont know how it works...i tried accessing blogspot on my phone via 3g net, but my phone doesn't support Java enabled site so i can't... *sniff* *sniff*
How about you?
Have you ever tried it? Were you able to actually register your number (or whatever) just to keep in touch? Im gonna be away for a couple of days & i dont have any means to stay connected which sucks... =_="


Chrissy said...

Thiamere, thanks for posting our contest up here. :) You're so sweet.

Sounds like such a challenge, putting makeup on all your relatives! I totally know how hard it can be (even though I've only done my cousin's makeup during prom!). How did you solve the challenge of evening out eyes? I hope you post pictures of your work! ;)

What is the NIVEA creme?

Why don't you join me and Gia next time we go hauling? Haha! More power to blogger girls and blogger meetups. ;)

Is Linda's contest open internationally? I'm sorry I have so many questions!

Crystal said...

i didn't even know that there's such a thing as MMS blogging! anyway, i find doing other people's makeup quite nerve wracking especially when on a time constraint! i've never tried doing older people's makeup though. that will be quite a challenge for me!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

no problem..the more people who joins the contest the more fun & better it is..the more the merrier!

that's the bad thing..i was so engrossed in doing my aunt's makeup that i totally forgot to take a pic...ekkk!

i just tightlined her upper waterline (it took a lot of time convincing her that i have to do it.ha!)

The Nivea Creme on the blue tub..the one that they tag as the mother of all moisturizer..XD...its really good! ^_^

Sure,i think its more fun if we do that!

im not actually sure if its open internationally..but i think it is...hehe

~tHiAmErE~ said...

yes,its really challenge..i was having a hard time dealing with their eye makeup...although they just prefer that we stick to the basic smokey eye which is more of a brown color...its supposed to be easy, but it was not..
but then i learned a couple of things from the experience

Catmare said...

wow you did all their makeup?! i wish i could see your work, too bad you didn't get to take pictures... but, great job!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

yeah..i did...
i was a bit harassed! lol
when they saw that i have mineral makeup they just have to ask me to 'do'
they said they wouldn't want the gay artist to 'do' them because their afraid that the makeup & the brushes might make them break out...

if there would be a next time, ill be sure to remember & take a close up pic of it..


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