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Friday, April 24, 2009

Ecotools foundation brush review

I'll take a break from my contest entries & get on with a review...

As what i said before, im gonna be doing a review on the brushes that i got from Ecotools. I'll just leave the 6pc brush set for the meantime & focus on the foundation brush first.

Im having mixed feelings now...I was pretty excited when my packaged arrived from Makeup Mix Shop all because of this brush. I used it first without cleaning it so that i can see for myself how it actually feels (all brand new) & i freakin' love it! It's perfect!.....well,that is..until i cleaned it... *sigh*

This is how it looks like before:
happy & full of life...

with its shape all intact & no fly-aways

it gives a little fight back which i do like a lot.

That was the day where i thought that it would stay like that...

but now....sorry if its blurry..i took it in my room

look at its sorry state....its shapeless...oily...doesn't even have life...& is LIMP & FLIMSY....

It seems oily..on which made me think if its just what i used...

First time that i used it...i used the Wet n' Wild Ultimate Cover...maybe it got oils on them or i cleaned it...& dried was like that already...

Then i used it on my cooling tint (which i know is actually oily) before i clean it again...This time i cleaned it twice...first with a baby bath (details here) then with a regular dishwashing liquid (ha!talking about removing oil residues!)...but its still like that!!! arrrrggghhhh!!!

If you don't have an idea how 'oily' it is...look at this 'test' that i did:

i gave it a bit of a shove (the bristles....)...let it go...then..look at that...

it would not even return to its natural shape..which means that its stuck with something somehow... *sigh*

It kinda annoys me to see it like that...actually i have another brush like that that got the same problem...

its an eyeshadow brush..a round,slanted brush

look at that....annoying,isn't it?

i can understand if the foundation brush will be like this (because i guess some foundations can have mineral oils on them or something) but not an eyeshadow brush..

i brought this at Nu-yu for i think less than Php300 (i think its less that $6)...such a disappointment!

Anyways, im not stopping there...if dishwashing soap didn't work....ill try laundry soap! lol

But one thing that i can say about it is that it disn't shed..not even one hair..not even when i used the dishwashing liquid & washed it the ferrule would not even budge..which is an indication of a good's just the bristles...

If its still like this..then maybe ill just grab The Face Shop's foundation brush...hope it will not be like this too...Then also a brush cleaner just to be on the safe side...

One of my wishlist would be to be able to have the beauty blender...if i have that, i dont think ill need to use a foundation brush anymore.

Has this happened to any of your brushes before? What did you do? Do you think its just because of what i used?


Crystal said...

i'm sorry that your foundie brush is oily. i have the other ecotools brushes and good thing they weren't. :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i actually love the 6pc set..
i washed it & didn't even shed a bit..

this one is just the ultimate disappointment..

Chrissy said...

I wonder why that happened! Thanks for the review, I won't get this na. :) I was thinking about it before but you convinced me otherwise.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

i wonder what could have happened think that i have high expectation on this brush...
yeah...better not buy it (yet)..
ill see if i can do something about it..or maybe the one that i got is just not good?...
*shrugs shoulder*

Shen said...

hi sis, 2 of my synthetic brushes turned out that wy but i was able to restore it after washing it with with a liquid soap and complete drying with a towel and then air drying it. my thoughts is that some of the soap or whatever product they used to make this brush hasn't been taken out and was left in the inside.. hence, the stickiness. :)

Askmewhats said...

HI dear, hmm..i don't own the foundation brush from Ecotools but so far, none of these happens to my other brushes, even non ecotools, maybe try to wash them again with VCOO..then completely wash them with liquid dishwashing liquid? Then right on to what Shen says, press it with towel then let it air dry...I'm sorry it turned out that way, for sure there are some oil still left in there! Goodluck!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ shen
ill try that one...
hope that it will work out

hmmm...a vcoo..
ok...ill do that...hope that it can go back to its former!

Soapaholic said...

This happened the first time I washed my Elianto face brush (I used Elianto brush cleaner). Turned out I didn't dry it properly. The next time I cleaned it, I pressed it with some tissue paper to get the excess water, then I laid it with the bristles on some more tissue and propped the handle with a book so that it would be slanting downward a little. Left it like that for about a day. It's been good again since.:)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

thanks..ill make sure i really dry it..
i guess this is a common problem to synthetic brushes...


donnarence said...

they have said it all thiamere.. :D just wash it and let it dry.. :D

roseannetang said...

perhaps if you keep pressing your brushes like that, it might lose its shape?

~tHiAmErE~ said...

foundation brush if im not mistaken is made to be sturdy & will go back to its shape.
i washed mine over & over...

im still washing it, hoping that the oily residue will be removed...up to date, i have washed it 6x already & i think the oily residue is coming off..little by little..
but i get tired of washing it already so i just!

its just lying on my brush cabinet untouched... XD

Anonymous said...

hey :)
i have a lise watier loose powder brush and retractable powder brush
tried cleaning them with the same soap you used(the milk bath one?)
and the same thing happened.
maybe it was because of the soap? i dunno.

I read your blog btw. your posts are great :)


~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ aya
i think it's because of the residue that is left because of the glue or something. You can try washing it with a dishwashing liquid soap. something that is a bit strong to remove the oiliness of it.
in my case,i tried it with a laundry detergent...yup!
you read it right..a laundry detergent.. & it took me at least 10x to wash it all of..
& now it's ok to use already

you can try that too,hun

thanks for the compliment,girl!
it made my day

Aya said...

heyyy :)

oooh a laundry detergent.. i have a dishwashing liquid here.. i'll try that first ;)
thanks for the tip!!

aww no prob :)


The doctor said...

i have a fix for this problem .. take some real strong hair putty. or the strongest hair gel + hair spray ..
and saturate the brush .. then mold or shape the brush in the way u want it to stay ... and then leave it there for a day or 2 ... and flake off the spray /gel / putty .
and ur brush will be re shaped ..
works good with synthetic brushes like eco tools ..

K said...

I really want to thank you for this review. You saved me bucks from purchasing this foundation brush! :)


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