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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Weekend haul...finally + rants

It's been a while since i last bought stuff for myself & it feels therapeutic!

& this time my haul is local products..even the hair brush...(i think)...I've been so looking for wooden comb for quite sometime & i can't find one...I know there is a store in SM North Edsa that sells wooden comb but i don't have time to go there to get one so i just bought this brush with synthetic bristles...

Actually i did not bought any cosmetics...well aside from the concealer, which i would actually classify as half skin care, half cosmetic...It got tea tree oil on it & i will definitely not use it everyday...It's more of a body care haul...

I specifically bought the Kojie soap because of Em's amazing review of it, check her crossing my fingers on this one. Then i passed by one organic stall & i saw a grapeseed extract soap...& i said that i've always wanted to try grapeseed so i bought it...anyway it's just Php50 (just a little more than a dollar)...then wen to the grocery to buy a few nail & hair stuff.

The shampoo & conditioner is from Swallow which from what the label says that it has grapeseed & biotin...We know that biotin is good for the hair & i wanted to give this a try.

As for the nail stuff, it will be for some future nail arts...& i already have something to try again next week.

Originally i plan to buy a night cream...maybe Olay Regenerist, but for some reason my instinct is telling me not to buy one (yet!) because now my skin is at its worst...I feel like a teenager undergoing some extreme hormonal upheaval & the evidence is very evident on my face...ekkk!
They are not zits's already acne....cystic acne!talking about major breakouts... (-_-")

So right now im stirring clear of any fact this is the first time that i went out without anything at all (make-up..not just put moisturizer, nivea whitening cream & sheer lipstick...that's all...i plan to let my skin breath for 2 weeks...(i will put makeup if i do contest entries, but nothing that will make it stay on my face for a couple of hours...) to give my skin a real time to heal itself...Even if i use mineral make-up..i don't wanna risk it...

Now im not sure what causes this..maybe hormones...i have an irregular cycle, that's why...what i think made it from worse to worst is the OCM (Oil Cleansing Method)...i'll make a separate post about OCM...but don't be scared about the OCM.. i think i know how it works now...

Enough about the rant, i'll be making review about some of the products that i have to let you know if its YAY! or NAY!

Sunday is about to end here...hope you all have a good one!



xoladiihoneyxo said...

my mom said it's best to use Clinique cleaser.. the bar soap. She said it's really good. It's that not much since the soap bar really last for a very long time so it's worth the money! =] There's three different kinds.. for the skin type. A lot of my aunts love it too. I haven't tried it yet only because the one she has is different from my skin type and I've been lazy. hahaha! -__- I need to stop being lazy and start caring more about my face. hehe. I can't wait until you have reviews on some of the items you purchased =]

GirL with GLasses ... said...

i think we have the similar round boar brush.

i only use it kapag hair drying ng bangs. kasi dati may bangs ako, ngayon humaba na bangs ko.

buti ka pa nakabili na ng kojic soap. balitaan moko ng effect niya ha... gusto ko na rin kasi magpalit ng sabon.

have a nice day :)

Catmare said...

Maybe you should try using a facial wash with salicylic in it or something. I hope your acnes would go away soon.

the nail polish colors are cute! I like the blue and yellow ones =D

Crystal said...

we're both irreg! it sucks noh? i'm getting breakouts right now on my jaw.

Aicha! Aicha! said...

Hi Thiamere, local product yay! I have to say this, though, the careline concealer is not good. I tried it once (my sister has it and she put the stuff on my face) and it was FAIL. The pimples were still very visible :(

Hope it works for you.
Take care :)

For your acne, I recommend making an aspirin mask. My sister (siya pa rin! lol) made me an aspirin mask once because I had some few pimples on my jaw. In just a day or two the pimple cleared and before I knew it wala na.

Pop Champagne said...

ugh I hate it when night creams give you breakouts! Yeah I hate breakouts, it makes me feel like I'm 13 again too >< Good luck on your skin!!

neurochiq said...

dearie, I've been using Kojic Acid soap for almost a year now, and would you believe, from then I don't go to my derma anymore! And I'm telling you,I have the oiliest, most acne prone skin! I literally spent a fortune from HS to pay my derma, but the problem goes on, until I used Kojic =) But I'm not using Kojie san, i'm using an all natural, non-commercial one. Buzz me if you want to get it also, in case Kojie San won't work for you =)

Sara (The Makeup Snob) said...

everything looks fantastic! Have fun with it all! Cant wait to hear your thoughts:)


Chrissy said...

Good luck with the acne, I'm dealing with it as well, and every time I get my period it flares up! Worse is, I'm regular so what good I do with clearing my skin gets wiped out!!


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