Monday, July 13, 2009

Kiss Xtreme Growth In Depth Review

I'll take a break with the beauty products first & i'll go with a nail post!

I have used this for a few weeks already & im gonna give my 2 cents on it...

This is the description of the product:

Xtreme Growth, Nail Growth Activator

Fortified with Calcium and Ceramiane to Protect Soft, Weak Nails

Why Xtreme Growth, Nail Growth Activator

• Gives nails the protection they need to grow stronger and longer

• Calcium provides a strong foundation for soft, thin nails

• Ceramiane helps to retain moisture and improve the surface of the nail keratin

I decided to buy it because i haven't tried a nail growth product yet plus the fact that it is a top coat & a base coat in one!plus the bottle is bigger than my Revlon one...which is almost the same price...

With the Sales Associate promising that my nails would grow faster if i used this, then i gave in to her. The moment that i decided to use this i actually cut my nails short. I took a pic of it before but i accidentally deleted it & i just remembered that i deleted it right after i emptied my recycle bin..(-_-") how lame is that?!

Anyways, i started with short nails. Then so to actually see if it works i just applied it on my left hand..or rather nails...So all through out the time that i was testing i didn't put any nail polish on my my nails were pretty boring for the whole 2 or 3 weeks..

At first i thought that i just have to apply it every other day for the direction said that i just need "to re-apply every 2-3 days for optimal results" i just applied it after every other day. It's no sweat since it dries fast...really in mere seconds!But i changed my mind & i just applied it everyday to achieve optimal

Before i started ranting, i didn't take special care of my nails for the duration of the testing period. I do my stuff...household chores, type on the keyboard, cut vegetables, etc..& i occasionally bang or rather just drum my nails on the table when im feeling bored...

After 2 1/2 weeks of using it this is how my nails looks like now:

You might not be able to see it but it's a bit yellowish from using too much...though not that yellowish unlike if i use nail polish....Not bad if to think that i apply this daily...

That is how my nails look like with the Kiss Growth Stimulator....

Now on with my right hand...again, i didn't apply anything on them...just to see if there's any difference....

As what i said before, i didn't take any care for my nails all through out so its not a surprise if it chipped & have rough edges...but then if you notice the length of my nails, they are pretty much the same...

Though its pretty obvious that my nails length is just the same with my left's all chipped & rough mainly just because i don 't put anything on it.

Again, if you read my past nail product i said that i am right handed & i use it 70% of the time so its no wonder if there are a lot of rough edges & chipped part.

So to let you take a closer look at it, here is another picture.

Right hand without any nail protection
The curved line at the left part indicates the rough edges on the pointer finger...

Left Hand with Kiss Extreme Growth
The white arrows on the left hand indicate the yellowish color on my nails..

Now for my personal opinion...

I think this is not exactly something that would cause me to go gaga over it. I think most base coat can do what this product did..That is to protect your nails from the constant torture to them. It did protect my nails, but that is just because i apply it everyday...If i use the Sally Hansen Hard as nails on my right hand, i bet i'd even have better result with it...with half the price!

When i tried to 'bend' my nails...the one with Kiss was harder than the bare ones...*shrugs shoulder* that's to be expected,right?

But then on the other hand..what's great about this product is that its safe.. Toluene, DBP Camphor & Formaldehyde if sniffed are hazardous to health....That is where this product have its greatest advantage....its free from all of the said chemicals!

I think Sally Hansen Hard as Nails have Formaldehyde...(if i remember it right when i read the ingredients) ....correct me if im wrong,gals....that's why when i use it i try to not really breath & i have to apply it in an open space with the electric fan opened so that the smell of it won't go straight to my nose....especially if i use Caronia Top & Base Coat..i have to really hold my breath for if i smell it, i would be nauseous later on...

Time to do a summary...
  • DBP Camphor, Toluene, Formaldehyde free
  • big bottle
  • dries fast
  • can act as a top coat & a base coat
  • gives the nails a shiny glossy finish (just like any!)
  • a bit pricey (Php 385 - more or less $8)
  • not available everywhere (only on selected department stores)
I don't think i'll be buying this again though...I'll try the other nail care products that they have...especially the mineral smoothie (which the SA said is their bestseller)...& they will be adding more products afterawhile...

For those looking for nail art pens, Kiss have's Php 200 per bottle...Im guessing its the same with my LA Colors Nail art pen...Actually, it's not really a's just a tall bottle with long thin bristles...which makes it easier to use for making nail decorations.

I bought mine at SM North guessing there would be some in major malls out there...

Im done!
Hope you all have a lovely week,girls!



Ahleessa said...

I have to say this is one of the thorough reviews I have seen a blogger do. You did such a great job and thanks for the review! :)

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Very amazing review!
For learning it's such an exciting information!
Actually I don't need any growth 'n stuff, cause my nails grow quick enough for me, but after your posting I'll be look for something like that!
Gonna try it too :)
Thanq again, for this useful information!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I love this review! I love the fact that you actually test it out!!!! I think you're better off with Sally Hansen, to me, it seems more ... ermms workable? LOL. you know me... I'm up at this time and it's 5:30 in the morning in my area -____- haha.
I use creative for nail polish base and top coat.

Catanya said...

Excellent and really accurate review!

Pop Champagne said...

wow so detailed with the measurements!! Thanks for the great review!

Hmm I don't think that I want my nails to grow any faster... I always find it a hassle to cut them! haha. I always end up chipping my longer nails anyways, ayia :S

Dana Yoshimizu said...

Thanks for the review! :) You did such a thurough review, it's great

Anonymous said...

another awesome review ( waah sana ganto din kalawak ang vocabulary ko. kung ako na cguro magreview nosebleed na ko lol)

anyways i saw this at watson i wasn't interested kasi mahal nga but becuz of your review i might try it :) thanx!

Tish said...

Hey Thiamere! You write detailed reviews as well, and I love your reviews. Can I say I love your nails too? hehe. They look so purtty. :)

Chrissy said...

Nice review, thanks sis! Saved me the trouble of trying these. I think I won't. Hehe. Maybe I'll try to pick up Orly's stuff. I'm curious about it.

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