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Friday, July 17, 2009

"Simply Un-'identical' Nails" tutorial

Another nail design post..actually i changed my mind about cutting my nails..hehe

I ditched the checkered design because i can't do my right nails, it will take lots of practice for my left hand to do things that my right hand can do... (im right handed)

And also because i don't have anything else to as raining now..just the right weather to be lazy...I was watching Charmed the whole day..i grew up watching it & i love it!

I was thinking of experimenting with flower designs, but since im about to run out of polish remover i can't go wasting it...especially now that i can't go out that easily because of the rain...have to buy The Face Shop polish remover..i love it!

Anyways, i did this

This is just a 2 tone design. If you read my post about the artist brushes, i said that im a minimalist when it comes to nail designs..i just like something simple & not overwhelming, that's why i came up with this one. One hand is 'different' with the other, which i think makes it all the more fun & funky!

I wanna take a break from the black & white that i mostly use...& i just choose a metallic brown plus a nude pink polish...still pretty contrasting,right?

Let's start first with the things that you'll be needing (as always!)...
  • base & top coat
  • 2 contrasting nail color
  • clear or glittered polish
  • toothpick (or dotting tool)
Instructions: (some pics are blurry...sowee)
  • On clean nails, apply the base coat & the base color...Let it dry.
  • Then apply the contrasting color on the side on the nails making a triangular shape with the edges of your so..Let it dry
  • Take a toothpick then dip it to make dots...One end can be used with one color..the other for another color
  • Swirl the toothpick on the polish to get more polish, then make 3 dots on the triangle that you made...Since the thumb got a bigger space, then you can make 4 dots..

  • Apply clear or glittered polish to set it off...before you finish it with a top coat
Then you are done!

What makes this nice is that they are 'identical' the same time, they are different!
I think i rather like my left hand...with the nude pink as a base...

I dunno if im gonna be going out this weekend, but then if i would, at least i know that my nails are up to anything!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Don't forget the deadline of my contest...
I will announce the winners July 20 evening (Philippines Standard Time)



*Nehs* said...

how cute! why can't i do that with my own nails? :(( i have shaky-hands kasi. :((

gracie said...

ang ganda sis.. sana nd ako pasmado

Louie said...

i like it !its pretty and NEAT!

adin_22 said...

Thanks for your Nail Tutorials...It looks really nice and easy to do...galing mo!!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

pretty and cute! =]

Parisky said...

I like the left hand too :) Nice idea

Pop Champagne said...

TOOTHPICK!! I gotta try this out this weekend!! :D hehe speaking of Charmed, i was asking my friend if he ever watched Buffy the Vampire Slayer, he was like "naw that's too gay for me... But I love Charmed" i was like WTF?! lol!

☆Anastacia☆ said...

I like both of the versions! It's pretty simple! I think I can do it too!
Lik this! Thanx for share!

tiff said...

This is so cute...I always love your nail designs :).

mitch said...

galeng nmn! sana ako din!hehe! toothpick pala dapat,hindi needle..hehe! needle kasi un ginamit ko kahapon, nagtry din ako magnail art..ang panget nga e! practice na lang ulet cguro ^_^

Jenn said...

This is such a cute idea for nails! thanks for sharing :)

Catmare said...

Hi! I was wondering how's TFS nail polish remover. Is it good? What's the diff between an ordinary acetone. =) Thanks! Btw nice nail art =)

Tali said...

I love the contrasting hands!!!

Chrissy said...

Wow sis I really like this. I think I will try it sometime. And wow, Charmed!! I love it too. I really should finish the whole series. Hehe.

✿Ji✿ said...

Awwwww how ADORABLE!!!♥

Ahleessa said...

That's so good! It's very simple and classic looking. :)00

Flores Hayes said...

a great find for panda fanatic!
my roommate and i LOVE this bag

Sherry said...

ok how I miss out this post lol.. love the nails and designed on it.


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