Saturday, July 04, 2009

Makeup Masala Pigments

As what i said before, i love the Makeup Masala minerals for its so pigmented.
I swatched it, dipping my brush just once...The names are very exotic & unique!

Put it on the insides of my arms because my tone is even on that part so that you would be able to see it clearly. I 'primed' my arms by just applying a tinted moisturizer...not exactly a makeup primer...

It's so pigmented applied much more if you foil it...Just click it if you wanna see it clearly

  1. Tuta
  2. Vishesh
  3. Agni
  4. Tanushree
  5. Priya
  6. Dosti
  7. Asha
  8. Aashi
  9. Hamesha
  10. Acha
  11. Sneha
  12. Sangeeta
  13. Amar
  14. Dhadkan
  15. Shanti
  16. Dil
  17. Doenita
  18. Sada
Now these are the blush samples that i have

  1. Preity
  2. Freida
  3. Priyanka
I had a grand time playing with the colors...
You can buy it HERE

On a different note, (contest update)
The entries are on the right side. Feel free to click & read the tips & tricks that they share. I want my contest to be informative to everybody hence i thought of this theme...
You can join my contest..just let me know that you have made an entry

Happy 4th of July to my US readers!
Have a nice weekend,everybody!


fleurrainy said...

wow the name is really unique!
and i like those blush~~ :D

my_makeup_mania said...

Such an amazing shadows!
So much colors to play with!!!

Anonymous said...

wow the colors are really intense I luv agni ( what a pretty hot pink), dil and doenita .
and # 2 pretty!

Ida said...

wow, those look nice :) am joining your contest soon!

Sugar Bunnie said...

love the colours♥

oh yes happy 4th July to the USA people (I am actually jealous because of all the 4th of July sales)

donnarence said...

nice pigments.. okay lang ba siya thiamere?? is it not messy.. hehe..

gracie said...

aw, so pigmented... lubk it

Askmewhats said...

I love their MM mineral e/s, they are super pigmented and you don't have to dip a lot!!!! A little does go a looongg way!

Ai said...

all the colors are beautifullllll! *w00t w00t* thnx for the swatches, dear!

mszcheysser said...

I love how the colors look - pigmented. Mmmm :) I want to join your contest, I will do so when I am not lazy mode at home. Teehee;

Thanks for being so informative, I love it! ♥

Crystal said...

the samples look nice nga!

becky said...

wow you are right, these are pretty pigmented.

Sherry said...

wow.. nice colors

Khymm said...

love the pinks!

Ahleessa said...

Those are bright and pigmented! Great haul! :) I can't wait to see what you do with those pigments... hehe~

My dog is spoiled... lol~ Then again he's a great dog who needs all the spoiling. I love him to pieces!!! :) Do you have a dog?

Pop Champagne said...

so many colors~! My fav is num 17 the blue! Hope you had a great weekend love <3

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