Friday, July 24, 2009

Cloth pad review

It's time for the cloth pad review...

You probably will ask me if its good or not...or is it worth it to buy these...or if its yukky especially when you think about using something again after using it 'down there'...or is a reusable/wash & wear type good?

I'll answer it later...I'll do a little introduction first...

Cloth pad started way back... what do you think our great great grandmums used before when disposable pads where not yet available? The use of 'rags' before was during the 'pre-disposable pad' days, where women uses old cloth. Then in came the Southall's pad, which was the first diposable pad ever.

It is believed that the use of cloth pad is 'healthier' for it doesn't have added chemicals that disposable pad have. Just think of the disposable pads now, based on the advertisement, they have this chemical that absorbs the wetness turning them into 'gels'. I know that because i used to experiment with disposable pads before when i was a kid. I used to do my own TV commercials, i memorized the lines & act the whole commercial (by myself!) complete with brand A & brand B..hehe (silly little me!)

Now, if that is not proof enough of the chemicals that is being used on pads, then how about the adhesive? That for one is really something...Chemicals that are being used in pads these days can still cause some 'odor'...& in a way, i agree...i was thinking before if the odor was actually from my body, but after using this for quite sometime i came to the conclusion that it wasn't me..but the pad that i was using.

It's pretty weird & yukky to think that you will use again something we have already used before, especially 'down there'...but then what you prefer to use...a chemical laden stuff..or would you choose something that is more natural.

Ok, enough with that, im pretty sure you get the idea,right?
Cloth pad is good...

Going back to the review..
I bought mine from Tiny Tapir...just because its the cheapest that i could the fact that it's just from Malaysia. Compare it if im gonna buy it from Etsy, shipping would take at least a month..

I actually ordered the:
Let's go first with the Saffa Pantyliners...

Actually i gave the other one to my mum...the red & blue one...I was not expecting that im gonna like this one so i did...I said to myself ' i think this is gonna be yukky' at first i was wary of actually trying it out since i was used to 'use & dispose'...the idea of 'use & reuse' is appealing, but not when its already on my grasp.. XD

Based on the description:

Saffa Pantyliner

by Saffa Cloth

8in x 2.5in when closed.

Hmmm...reversible,eh?! interesting!

Well, it really is reversible! This is how it looks like (the front)

the back....then if i close it, with the pink ends...this is with the yellow endsJust think about it you can use the other side too actually it doesn't matter which is the front & the back since the snaps will still fit no matter what side you choose.

One thing that i like about this is that it stays put, plus its very comfy to use. It's just like im wearing 'noting'...because its to pantyliners that sometimes can cause rash if the edges rubs the skin which can result to the skin being red or itchy..this one wouldn't ever give you rashes...

Plus its thin enough & you're 100% sure that it won't ever accidentally 'fall' (in extreme cases because the snap is durable...

Anyways, we don't have that much daily discharge,right? We only use pantyliner for 'protection' if ever...If you're thinking of bacteria & stuff, you can just sanitize it by washing it in hot water. Since this is flannel, i don't you'll have problems with it..& thus making it sure that all bacteria is dead..just make sure you don't put fabric conditioner,ok?

Now, going to the Saffa Medium Pad

Saffa Medium Pad

8.5in x 2.75in when closed.

Made of 4 layers of flannel for absorbency, a hidden layer of waterproof PUL to prevent leakage and a bottom layer of fleece to avoid slip.

Upper layer is made of printed flannel which is imported from USA.(Upper layer goes next to your skin).

PUL is also imported from USA.

Suitable for light or medium flow period.

Closes with matching colored snaps. Double snaps for snug fit.

This one is longer than the pantyliner & a bit thicker too. One thing that i forgot about the pantyliner is that it got 2 snaps too...which would give you the freedom to choose how you want to put it....It's just like this one:

see that? You can opt for an extra snug fit by using the farthest snap so to be sure that it won't ever move.If you noticed it, the bottom part is made of fleece which will ensure that it would stay in place...hey, that's an additional security..we know that fleece doesn't absorb wetness like how cotton does..

Since the bottom is fleece, you can't just reverse it & use the other side too...this is a day pad, so its made for the purpose of absorbing menstrual discharge.

Going to the Mothering Wingless...

Mothering Naturally - Wingless

Basic wingless pad lined with PUL.

Available in Super and Regular sizes - Regular sized pad can be slotted into the Super sized pad for double absorbency .

I did not know that the Super one is really 'Super in size'...did you took a close look at the pic above? the blue wingless pad is just the normal length of pad that we see & use, but the Super is "Super"...

Anyways, I haven't actually used this yet...I just threw everything in the washer & washed them all, but this is one that i haven't used.

Although i think this would be ok to use since you can actually stuff something inside it & the lining is like a plastic, though not quite...sorry i don't know how to call it, but it seems like an "elastic plastic", which i think will ensure that you won't have any problem with 'spots'.

I could put the other pad inside for added protection. But the other pad i think is ok to use as a pantyliner too, especially if you are just inside the house...

I actually like using it...aside from the fact that it's earth-friendly, it saves me money since i don't need to buy pantyliners every now & then...So i will definitely buy again!

  • cheap (the saffa pantyliner is just MYR10- less than $3/piece)
  • economical
  • earth-friendly
  • odorless
  • suited for 'sensitive-skinned'
  • won't cause rashes
  • more 'fun' looking (hehe)
  • not available locally
  • inconvenience in the sense that you have to wash them
  • messy (obviously!)
If you can't attempt to use cloth pads for menstrual discharge, then give the cloth pantyliners a try & you might like it too. I still can't use cloth pads for menstrual purpose, but as a pantyliner, i'd choose this in a heartbeat! It saves me money...i can definitely use that money for buying more make-up,right?

I'd probably be doing lots of contest entries for the few days since im just alone at the house, mum & the rest of the gang went island hopping, leaving me & my brother to house sit for a couple of days....that's why i can't go out to send Mymy's package (sorry,girl!will ship it next week for sure!)...

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adin_22 said...

I could use some of that...I think I'm allergic to diposable ones...

verina oei said...

errr whta?we use and wash pantyliners?lol
seriously i dont understand
help,im confused !haha

Ai said...

great review :) but to think of wear and wash and wear and wash kinda creeps me out but then again, it's just like the underwear, right? lol

Crissy said...

I can't stand pads with chemicals. esp.. ones with the SCENTS. i swear, i can smell some girls.. because it's just a mix of blood/flower/sweet :| it's almost overpowering..

i don't think i could use cloth ones. it just seems like a mess xD

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I was wondering when you'd do a review of the cloth liners, thanks for such a thurogh review too! But as ecofriendly they may be, I dont' think I could start using them. =/ It's just not for me.

☆Anastacia☆ said...

they are looks so funny! Very colorful :)

verina oei said...

yes,but i mean,so we have to wash the 'stain' off?
isnt it yucky?lol

Askmewhats said...

I have been using the Cloth Pantyliners for months and I have no complaints, no more weird plastic smell from disposable pantyliners! :D

Jbreezybaby said...

woaaah... thats interesting! i like the colors lol cute. but i don't know bout the washing part. haha.

Khymm said...

wow i also saw that cloth liners in askmewhat's website.. i wanna get some too! how much did you pay for shipping?

Chrissy said...

I was interested in this, but I'm reluctant to try it. :/

Anonymous said...

wow! this is what we called modern " pasador" hihi..i never thought that it has something like that buti na lang meron blog plus helpful blogger na tulad mo that explain very NICELY.. very informative..dami ko natutunan sa blog promise!

well i got rashes on my regular pads even panty liners gaah super kati and minsan nga naiisip cguro kaya dumadami may cervix cancer results na rin of using menstruation pads hihi yes its totally weird and random thought but who knows di ba no? yung mga pads may mga chemicals and fibers compare it with cloth na wala harsh stuff..weee dapat mag esep esep na -____-

Anonymous said...

mare mukhang pinagandang "pasador" yan..

mukhang maganda yan as pantyliner, kasi mga pantyliner ngayon parang plastic na sa pakiramdam at makati pa...

Pop Champagne said...

hmmm reusing it really? hmmm... I personally like tampons, they're a pain when you first starting using them, and it took me a few tries before being comfortable with them... But I feel like "nothing at all" compare to pads... Have a great weekend!!

Jennnn said...

I've always wondered about these... thanks for the thorough review! They sure are interesting..

Crystal said...

the cloth pantiliners look really nice but i still need a bit of convincing since i don't know if i'm diligent enough to wash them all the time! hehe.

Mark James Reyes said...

uhm, I know I am not supposed to be here but, I never knew such existed!!! :)

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