Friday, July 17, 2009

last call on my contest

My contest is about to end soon...

As what i said, i will end it basing on my country's time. We are 12 hrs+ ahead of US...

I already have 11 entries...& it's really fun reading all of the tips that they shared. As what i said, the contest is exclusive for my followers, but im not saying that you can't join if you are not my follower...You can!

You just have to send me an email about it...& i will still include your post as an entry...I have to change the rules for some reason..

All entries & contest info on the right side --------------->

It's raining cats & dogs here & my internet is bad... Im having a hard time doing my classes...ekk!
hope everybody is doing good!


☆Anastacia☆ said...

wow! 11 entries it's pretty much close to a beauty book!
Gonna check out all the entries too!
Sure, there are so many to learn!

Have a great weekend ;)

Sherry said...

so excited to know who is going to win :).

Cris said...

Good luck to everyone :D!
And can I just say (again XD) that this was a great idea for a contest :). Instead of the annoying "Oh, [whoever] is having a giveaway ^_^! (But you have to promote her contest to enter..." posts, we get to actually learn something :).

Jbreezybaby said...

Good luck to all of you guys!!! those are fabulous prices thiamere! :)

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