Monday, August 15, 2011

HBC Great at 88 + my HBC loot!

Just a heads up for all my pinay readers, HBC is having their GREAT AT 88 sale!

I passed by HBC last Saturday & saw their stall on my way to my make-up workshop but i can't go in because i don't wanna be late. Yesterday, i got an email from Ms. Lorie Bundoc, Corporate Communications Manager of HBC, giving me the chance to be able to pick out items for me to try.

Today, I invaded my nearest HBC to take a look at the items that they have on their sale. Let's take a look!

Body Recipe Stuff... i'm not really much into facial washes.

I got the Calamansi soap & the sanitizing gel!
Their shampoos & conditioners are on sale too!

I know that HBC really do facial services for a specific minimum purchase...
Haven't tried their service, maybe someday i will try it & let you all know how it went.

They only have their Iñigo body spray & colored hair wax on sale.
I like how their hair putty are colored! soooooooooooooo cute!

I already blogged about their Soleil Nail Polish Collection, but not the other included in this collection. They have matte liquid foundations & lipsticks too but they are not sale though.

These are what i got...

Let's start at the ones i got for the Body first...

soaps, sanitizing hand gel, body butters, body masque & hair removal creams...
I really didn't know they have hair removal cream. I decided to try this but i am not really into creams for i prefer waxing. But then, who knows if this is actually a gold mine just waiting to be discovered!

For the hair...

I already saw this Hair touch-ups before & i thought it is interesting.
The hair coloring stuff is for my Mum. She told me not to forget about hair coloring so i will use this on her & let you know how it goes.

Face Cleansing Cream...

I really didn't get anything for the face except this because you all know how sensitive my skin is but then let's see if this will work. I remember using their Goat's Milk Facial mask before & i like it.

Now for cosmetics... San San cosmetic line.

I would really love to get the Mousse foundation to try it too but unfortunately it wasn't included in the sale items... too bad though! But then i got 3 shades of their regular concealers, 2 shades of their Age Defense Pressed Powder, Allue eyeshadow duo & the long-wearing mascara in brown.

I was so excited picking up things that i didn't noticed that i got 2 number 2 shade for the Age Defense concealer. I was planning to get as many shades as possible for product comparison but i didn't noticed until i went home... boo hoo!

I'll try their liquid foundations sometime specially now that i have decided to be a Make-up Artist. I have explore lots of foundations!

Something for my 'pare'... a cologne spray for him

I hope that this would smell good on him!

I also decided to get their Detergent Powder & Fabric Conditioner.

I really didn't have an idea that they actually have these!
I'll ask Ate Vinya to use this tomorrow for the laundry to see how good it is & how the scent goes.

Of all the HBC's that i've visited, the one nearest me, HBC Sangandaan-Caloocan has the most friendly staff ever! Not saying that other HBC branches are not accommodating but this branch is just so warm even when they didn't know that i am a blogger because i actually do have a couple of San San Polishes that i bought before & i always buy it at the same branch as much as i can.

Here is a photo together with their Store Manager & the friendly SA.

I look like a buddha in between these 2 lovely ladies!
No make-up.. not even powder on! I was just wearing my everyday clothes... ack! I can't believe i'm posting this on my blog!

OMG! I Didn't even ask for their names. They are so friendly i felt like i know them already that's why i forgot to ask for their names... does that make sense?!
I'll ask for their names sometime soon.

Products to be reviewed sometime soon once i have fully tested them.
Thanks for the opportunity, Ms. Lorie!

Do drop by at HBC to take a look at their ongoing sale. You might be able to find a product that works for you!

Have a great Monday,sweeties!
Jaa ne~!

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Anastacia said...

wow! i can see those cut san san polishes :P
u've bought so many stuff! the body care products looks very nice!

Pammy D. said...

You hauled! Lotsa products for you to review. :)

Thiamere Brea said...

yeah... they are our local products & i would want to expose my readers to more of our local products.

how are your san san polishes,sweetie?

Thiamere Brea said...

oo nga e
mapapasubo ako nito

missgennd said...

I can't wait for your San San review. I really want to try that line pero takot pko. Hihihi~ Great haul!

Aya said...

I just went there too and shopped til I dropped. Hahaha :D

Thiamere Brea said...

what are the items you bought,sis?
*hopped on over to your blog to check*

Madellaine Santiago said...

I have to be honest and tell that it's been years since I last shopped at HBC, I liked their San San lip glosses way back in College. <3

Thiamere Brea said...

i only used their pressed powder once.. but now i'm wiling to give it a try once more.

MereMakeupManiac said...

calamansi soap sounds intriguing!

Thiamere Brea said...

but i vouch for the whitening effect of calamansi
it made my underarms wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy lighter!
i can raise my hands na without feeling shy

Ira M. said...

That's a lot! Parang grocery haha! I'm curious about the Goat's milk facial cleansing cream. My sister is hiyang with the calamansi line, her pimples vanished when she tried the toner. I have yet to try their facial services :)

Katrina Liwanag said...

awww shucks.. you had more choices :( I went to sm san lazaro and it wasnt asm any products as you have there

Linda Tran said...

whoa. niceee

Kumi said...

super haba rin ng post ko about this :D

Jade said...

Thanks for this review and i will wait for the product reviews you and aya have.

Baby_elvence said...

question ko lang po bkit nawala na po yung product ninyong Body recipe facial toner goat milk+?

Thiamere Brea said...

sweetie, im not affiliated with hbc so i can't answer your query
gomen ne

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