Monday, July 25, 2011

your nail deserves the best!

I love nail arts... most likely you, my reader, also has a passion for nail arts as well.
Kaya nyo nga binabasa blog ko e...LOL! (That is why you are reading my blog.)
Why not,right?
We use our hand to gesticulate & having an awesome-looking nails definitely adds up.

Rhinestones add an extra oomph! to the nail design. For those who have been using rhinestones, i know that the issues when using it is that that they lose their luster once you applied top coat... Am i right?

Not all rhinestones are like that,mind you...
There are some rhinestones that i have tried where they will still retain their luster with a top coat it's just that when you remove it & the polish remover touches it then it loses its luster so you will have to throw it away already. But that's a good rhinestone already!

The rhinestones that i have tried often belongs either in these 2 categories:
A - looks dull when you applied topcoat (the bad type)
B - doesn't lose luster when you apply top coat (the good type)

I have gone through a couple of rhinestone wheels but "ditching" them in the end because they fall in the former category. They will lose their luster so it's not good when using it in nail arts but i still keep them in case i would have something that i want to decorate like my scrapbook or when i make some handmade hairclips, they are perfect!

But not for your nails...
You apply rhinestones because you want to have your own nail blings but this type is an utter failure!
*rolls eyes*

It's pretty hard to look for the ones in the latter category.
I'm just lucky that i was able to own a couple of rhinestones like so.

Now comes Swarovski flatbacks....
I'm pretty sure you are all familiar with Swarovski. There is something about Swarovski that sets it apart from other common glass crystals. If you own some jewelries that got Swarovski you'll know how shiny it is... just imagine that on your nails!

It's marvelous!
Look at this picture.... I'm sure you know what is the Swarovski there,right?

It's very obvious! It is the bottom left one, of course.
Can you see the luster in it as oppose to the usual resin rhinestone?

This is how it looks like with a very thick blob of top coat on...

See how the other resin ones pale in comparison to the luster of this Swarovski rhinestone?
Doesn't it speak for itself already?

Add the fact that this Swarovski from BornPrettyStore is, according to their term, described as "foiled back" which i gather uses foil as their backing to ensure that they have superior glitz, glamour & shine, just makes it too irresistible!

See the back?
I know that most rhinestones just have that smooth shiny back, this one is really just like a foil!

One major advantage of Swarovski rhinestones over ordinary resin rhinestones is that Swarovski is reusable!
You don't believe me? Well, take a look at my nail art...

See that rhinestone at the ring finger?
I already added 2 coats of top coat in it but you can still see how shiny it is! There is really something different about it... once light hits my nail, it just shines! This rhinestone adds bling to my somewhat boring color,ne?

I'll make a tutorial for this nail art maybe next week, i just want to get this post about Swarovski over & done with first... hehe

Anyway, the main point of this is to see how it looks like after i removed it.

This is it after i submerged it completely in my polish remover, i swirled it around to completely remove any remaining top coat on it...

So, i'll let you guess...
What do you think is the one that i have used & submerged in polish remover? The other one is just new
Is it A or B?

They look the same,right?
It is actually A that i have used but there is no obvious difference between the two!

This is just a proof that you can reuse this rhinestone over & over again. It could even last for a lifetime with proper care & maintenance.

This is definitely a good investment as opposed to continually new set of resin rhinestones every now & then.
I know what you are thinking... "It's expensive! I don't have the money to buy that".
Let's do a little comparison, shall we to see how this fares with the regular rhinestone set available online & the ones that i have seen being sold in our local stores...

A set of rhinestones in a wheel being sold locally is priced somewhere from Php 150-300 per wheel.
Let's just go for the cheapest which is Php 150 & convert it to $3 (this is not counting if what you are getting is actually an A rhinestone (the bad one) or the B one (the better).

It has different colored stones, which would enable you to mix & match depending on your nail art for that day. Then again, this is just for one time use.

The Swarovski on the other hand is $7.27 for 144 pieces.
It is reusable & the luster of this rhinestone is amazing!

I know that it is quite steep but then you are paying for a very high-quality rhinestones & you can reuse it over & over again. It would prove to be cheaper in the long run! If you love rhinestones & have that bling in your nails then this is a good investment. Once you bought it you won't have to buy any rhinestones ever (if you take good care of it)! You'll be hooked with how awesome this looks on your nails!

If you want your nails to be all glittery & sparkly, then use the best rhinestone & it will definitely add that OOMPH! & more!

BornPretty has different assortments of Swarovski rhinestones from different colors & sizes. I know for a fact that this store has the cheapest Swarovski flatbacks because i made a research months & months ago. That is why, if you want to try this head on over to their website to take a look.

You can use the coupon code that you can see at left side of my blog for a 10% off.

Hope you all are enjoying the day,sweeties!
Jaa ne~!

product sent as a sample. I did not receive any monetary consideration for this post. Opinions shared is personal view & is no way influenced by the company.


eyerin said...

a must have for a nail art addict like me....I like it kasi resusable. nice post

Anastacia said...

what a nice review! those rhinestones looks very nice!

Thiamere Brea said...

they are!
i'm so glad that i get to try this!

KatrinaLangomez said...

3D nail art <3

Thiamere Brea said...

this is perfect for 3d arts!

ScatterbrainAdventures said...

Wow, the yinyang(ish) nail art is pretty cool.

MereMakeupManiac said...

if one is really into rhinestones, that does sound like a great investment. your nails look fab btw! ;)

Nikki said...

I am actually leaning onto Swarovski crystals too because, iba talaga ang dating when the crystals are super shiny!
I've seen the store and thought of ordering from them too! I like it that the package is small so usually gets to my doorstep! I used to order via Ebay :)

Thiamere Brea said...

actually i was really thinking of yin yang when i did this but i decided to give it a twist..hehe
will post tutorial of this later on

Thiamere Brea said...

yes, it is a good investment because you can reuse it!

Thiamere Brea said...

iba talaga ang swarovski,no?
i like it!

i won't go back to resin ones..hahaha!

Linda Tran said...

What you got is actually cheap. A wheel of those that my mom use for her nail shop is actually US$50+ She only use the good kinds and some customers actually don't know that and just think its how she apply it on. Part of it is applying and the other part is the product also. I saw some on ebay and got curious of why its so much cheaper than what my mom have. I took a look at them and notice the differences when compare the two side by side... Maybe I'm wasteful but I just end up taking them off and throwing them away like most of my mom's customers c[= I tried using it on my nails (the ebay one) recently and I noticed it doesn't shine until I actually got the chance to compare the two different kinds -___-'

rmcandlelight said...

I really appreciated this post!! I want to get some of these. thanks for sharing :)

Thiamere Brea said...

you will not regret getting this!

Thiamere Brea said...


Tanne said...

this really convinced me! i just bought some on bornprettystore :) i just have one question. did you use nail polish remover with acetone or??

Thiamere Brea said...

yes,i did
just make sure that when you clean it you do not let it stay on the polish remover (whether with acetone or not) for a long time because it would still affect its luster. just gently wipe it with a cotton soaked in a polish remover then i would suggest that you rinse it with water just to make sure that the trace of remover is completely gone & they're ready to be put on again!

Tanne said...

alright thank you so much for the answer, this will be very helpful when i get mine :)

Thiamere Brea said...

no problem,hun
i'm sure you'll love it! i'm thinking of purchasing other varieties soon!

Bun-bun said...

Thank Goodness I came across your blog! :D
I'm going back to Philippines in a couple of months and I've been curious how much are the rhinestone wheels being sold there. And the website Born Pretty is awesome!

Where can I actually buy the nail wheels in local stores?

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