Friday, July 01, 2011

the much hyped-about lotion

I don't usually go with the hype of what's new or what's not whenever there is a new thing on the blogging world. In fact, i mostly stick with my routine posts like hauls, reviews & tutorials... my loyal readers would attest to that. I'm not also a fan of lotions because i perspire a lot & slathering lotion just makes my skin feel suffocated....ugh!

But this i got to post because i am a believer & user of this lotion & i swear that it does work!

You know why?
Last week when it has been raining endlessly & our backyard was flooded. The bad thing is that we cook at our backyard too. It's not really high but it kept my feet submerged in water most of the time & it took a toll on my poor feet for a few days of doing that.

awwww... my poor feet!

My usual baby lotion just isn't enough to bring back the lost moisture because of the constant beating that my feet experienced in those wet days. The only thing that worked for me whenever i would have any dry skin problem is to slather heavy moisturizing creme on any part & it instantly restores the moisture. But the thing that i don't like about it is that it's toooooooooooooo heavy & greasy!

I don't want to put on socks because i feel that the creme is just being absorbed by the socks not my feet, so when i slather on creme i look stupid because my feet are always elevated up until the creme has been completely absorbed. Afterward, i would have to massage my feet to make sure that i work it in.

Now, in comes this lotion....
Sorry about the picture but i think this will give you an idea of how effective this is

See that?!
In just mere minutes with just a small amount it transformed my poor battered feet to it's usual baby soft skin!
I la la la la la lav this product!
It is very effective!!!!

But you know, i'm not a fan of the scent...
It has this milky artificially-sweet scent that made me gag the first time that i used it. Now i'm used to it anyway, it's not the type that gives me headache & it really does work so i don't care!

Wanna know what this product is?
I'll tell you in a few days!

Hope you are enjoying your friday!
Jaa ne~!

i cut my nails short now so there won't be as much nail art posts as i did before..hehe
but i'll try to come up with something once in a while. im tired of looking at my stained nails so i figured it's time for them to take a long rest.


Rhania E. said...

NIVEA? ^_^

summer13 said...

looks like nivea.. ^^,) kasi meron ako nivea lotion.. ganyan ung shape ng bottle nya.. hehehe..

Michelle said...

Oh wow! The effects are super evident!!! And yeah, my bet's on Nivea as well

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