Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Spotted:Bobbie Heavenly Glitz Collection

A quick post for my spotted tag.

Bobbie, my favorite local polish brand, has released a new collection called Heavenly Glitz Collection.
I am not a fan of glitter polishes but this is something that i can easily like.

It is consist of 4 polishes that got this outrageous colorful glitters on it! Not just glitters but also flakies as well! It is dee-vine! A keeper especially for those who love glitter polishes!

left to right: The Big Bang, Star Gazer, Solar Burst & Super Nova

I like the names!
It's so galactic! I especially love the Solar Burst & The Big Bang. They are perfect for layering over dark polishes!

I'll be providing swatches tomorrow once i've taken a good picture of everything.

Hope you are enjoying your evening!
Jaa ne~!


eyerin said...

i have the same collection. The day i saw i bought it ryt away. Love d glitters so much ^_^ chou kawaii!

NeeLai said...

wow! i love glitters! where did you buy it sis?

Jackie said...

Very pretty! I'll keep an eye out for that.

AskMeWhats said...

I like the names too and I like how inexpensive the brand is :)

kate said...

hi meji! i saw the pink one but didnt buy. i really wish i did. maybe next time na lang.

Dee said...

OMG The Big Bang looks like those popular (and expensive X_X) multicolored glitter polishes that American brands have! I hope the mall I'm going to later has them. :D

Also, I love your new (is it new? i only saw it now haha) blog background!

summer13 said...

blue n lng kulang ko.. hehe.. love the big bang.. :D

merchamren said...

hi ate thiamere.. hehe nkita ko yung tag price,, sa grand ka po ba namimili? hehe =]

miss you po ate..


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