Thursday, July 07, 2011

PureDerm Intensive Repair Foot Mask Review

I have tried the hand mask from PureDerm & i actually find it quite nice. I have this pack for quite some time but it's only last night that i decided to truly use it. I am not really fond of 'wrapping' my feet when i'm in bed.. not even socks. I only put on socks when i'm either standing or sitting... just not when i'm lying in bed for i like to feel the sheets on my feet.

That's why i always have dry feet & i only buy lotions not for body use but for my feet. How weird can that get? I'm not a fan of foot lotions because i find them too greasy. They always leave that greasy-feeling which i hate because i can't walk with greasy feet, leaving grease-stains on the floor.

I'm not sure but i think this is the only foot mask that is available in the market. If this is, then that's good because if you just feel like pampering yourself at home then this would be a great product to try!

Anyway, this is how it looked like

I'm sure you've seen this in leading department stores... Maybe you're even wondering if it's worth spending your money in this pack,huh?

This is what's at the back...

At least they have pictures on how to use!

The top part has the plastic wrap & the sticker...

.. which is definitely gigantic!
Even your man could use this & you won't have to worry if it will fit him because it will! Trust me in on this...

The bottom part has the mask...

& it's also huge. I thought at first it would be oozing with serums or lotions but i guess it's just enough for the mask itself... no excess fluid that you could slather for that extra moisture.

You put the mask first... then wrap it with plastic.. then of course you secure it with the sticker that was provided.

Wait for 20-30mins then you're done!

You may keep it overnight if you want to. Well, as what i said since i don't like anything on my feet when i'm in bed i just kept it on for 20 mins.

I'm happy to say that it indeed made my feet softer & moisturized... for a limited time, that is. hehe

Well, what can i say?
It doesn't have that greasy-feel so it's nice!

I think their formulation is quite light hence it was absorbed by the skin easily but the effect that you get will just be temporary. In my case, it's just for a few hours at most. Anyway, i have a very dry feet so i guess that's why the effect just didn't last on me. I guess if you're feet is not as dry as mine, then it might even last for a whole day!

But i like how it smells!
It has this sweet fruity smell that is not overwhelming. You know how some foot lotions got this atrocious smell that made you feel like you had the worst smelling-feet because it's so heavily-laden with perfume that gags you every time you slather it on. Well, this one is not. it's so subtle that it just feels like it's tickling your senses to relaxation!

I think i remember seeing this in Watsons for Php80+ a pop. You decided if it's cheap or not.

With that said...

  • locally available
  • instant effect
  • smells nice
  • doesn't feel greasy
  • easily absorbed by the skin
  • temporary effect
  • didn't really provide my feet with the moisture that it needed
Will i buy again?
Nah, once is enough.. twice is too much!

I think this is a nifty product if you are into masks. I'll just stick with my mystery lotion in providing the needed moisture for my dry feet.

Have a great day,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

product sent as a part of their press release. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Opinions shared is personal view & is no way influenced by the company. 


Hollie said...

I was really planning to get this. Thanks for your review. will skip it since the effect is only temporary.

Michelle said...

What I do is, I put lotion/body butter on my feet before I sleep then, I go to bed with socks on. LOL

ChinaDoll said...

If you want a lasting effect, its better to keep your feet moisturized. What I do is I apply Venus and Mars Bare it All cream at night and for sure when you wake up you have soft and silky feet :)

Aicha said...

Aghh! I need this, my feet are full of callous I'm so ashamed! I used to do the nightly lotion soak inside my socks but for some reason I stopped it-- maybe I found it a bit time consuming!

I'll look into foot masks so I can have some nice pampering time for my feet.

Thiamere Brea said...

me too!
i always take advantage of my feet

they're so calloused na

Thiamere Brea said...

i'm glad you found a product that works for you!

Thiamere Brea said...

it's important to treat our feet like how we take care of our face,right?

Thiamere Brea said...

yes..but this is nice if you really want that pampering session at home!

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