Friday, July 01, 2011

Ever Bilena Love That Red & Off Beat Pink Lipsticks

I love red lipsticks!
I think a lot of you knows that. I like how quick & easy it gives you that made-up look without going to the trouble of doing your eye make-up.

When i spotted this on the department store i just said to myself that i ought to try matte lipsticks again. I used to have Ever Bilena in Skin but i gave it to my grandma. Since it's very affordable i decided to get 2.

Matte Pink & Matte Red...

What can  say?
They're matte... They are drying so you would need to make sure that you hydrate your lips before you go to sleep (if you plan to use this the next morning-especially if you have the type of lips that chaps like crazy!) & also use a moisturizing lip balm underneath.

The swatch of course...

Then on the right side of the pic, i applied a gloss over it so you'll see how gorgeous it looks with gloss on. I used MAC Dazzleglass Rags to Riches.

I'm not really into matte pinks because i notice that me using a light colored lipstick in matte formula just makes the chapping of my lips too obvious it looks like a real disaster so i don't really reach for this lipstick as often as i do for the Love That Red shade.

The Love That Red would leave you with a great reddish even tint so even if it's gone it won't too that. Hey, i tried wearing some red lipsticks before without any retouch & it just doesn't look that nice for the edges of your lip would still have color but not the real lip. I look horrendous!

I would like to be able to post a whole face pic but i notice that lately my face has this redness on it & i don't have a green primer at hand to cover it up so i'm sorry ladies.

I'll just use these in my next eyelook posts then i'll link it up.

For only Php 99 ($2) a pop, you get a decent matte lipstick with a pretty nice pigmentation. I know that they have a couple of neutral shades but for some reason some color just doesn't compliment me. I think these 2 are the only ones that called my name.

  • locally available
  • affordable
  • great pigmentation
  • locally made so designed specifically for filipinas!
  • can make your lips dry (make sure you apply a lip balm underneath)
  • might not be available internationally

Will i buy again?
If there would be a nice shade that would compliment me, why not?!

Have you ever tried Ever Bilena lipsticks?
Any favorites?
How about matte lipsticks?

Enjoy the day,sweeties!
Jaa ne~!


Pammy said...

I have yet to try EB lippies as I'm scared that they could be too drying especially these ones since they're matte. And I read somewhere that some girls experienced their lips getting dark because of these lippies. But the shades looks really pretty especially Love that Red. :) Sure it looks fab on you. :)

Miss Shopcoholic said...

type ko off beat pink! =)

-AnGiEpInK- said...

Gorgeous lipstick colour..I love it hun..Especially the pink lipstick..^_^..

Anonymous said...

I like pink flame! :) but yeah, i agree that it's too drying..

ChinaDoll said...

The red one looks really nice,it has that red-orangy color. I haven't tried any EB lippies yet but maybe I'll give it a try :)

AskMeWhats said...

I believe local branded lipsticks are mostly pigmented and have wide variety of shades, yun nga dryness lang ang issue :D

Aya said...

I love my EB matte lippies. I have 5. Haha

katatonik said...

Reminds me of the NYX round lipsticks : 3

Michelle said...

Offbeat pink is sooo cute!! :-)

Introvert said...

I have these shades :)
The offbeat pink is my everyday shade. Boyfie loves it so much, he insists that I wear them everyday. I just top it off with my Victoria Secret lipgloss and it's practically perfect.

Meanwhile, Love THat Red is the PERFECT red lipstick for my skin tone.

DeBi said...

have mauvey ...

even of they're frying i want to try the other shades..

Punky Bunny Blog said...

i posted u on my blog roll ;)
post me back if u want to ^^ thanks gurl, i like ur posts kc hehe

nc cabello said...

I love Skin. :) and Scarlet

Thiamere Brea said...

i had skin before though it's dark for me
haven't tried scarlet pa. i'll check it

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