Saturday, July 02, 2011

Etude House Miss Tangerine Follow Me Tint

A long overdue post!

I purchased this way back when the Miss Tangerine Collection of Etude House was released. I almost forgot to do this review because i seem to have misplaced it.hehehe. I know it was here in my room but i just didn't exactly know where it is! LOL! Good thing my mum found it a couple of days ago.hehe

I didn't really have a plan to purchase anything from this collection but i just thought that this one is interesting because this is one of those that changes as you apply, or so what the SA said.

This is the description at the back... sorry if it's blurry. Took this picture ages ago & i already threw the box!

It's good that it has SPF 13,ne?

The packaging looks pretty nice,right?
But all those dots will disappear due to everyday wear & tear. I know because mine doesn't even have any dots left on it!LOL!

This is how it looks like...

That orange balm looks unique. It might look quite scary at the tube but it's quite sheer. It's very wearable that almost everybody can wear it!

This is how it looks like when swatched...

See the color change after 10 minutes?
It really does change! It will be rosier as it sits on the skin but not to the point that it will go red. Just from orange-ish to pink-ish.

The change is quite subtle for me because my lips are pigmented but for those whose lips are not pigmented, this would be very lovely!

I like the texture because it doesn't leave a waxy feeling that is quite gross in a way. It feels quite light. I will not say that this is hydrating but it does a decent job of locking in the moisture & adding a hint of moisture in a way... as long as it's still there.

But it won't really adapt to your lip color because it will just have 1 color.
It just depends on how pigmented your lips are. So again, the more pigmented your lips are the more subtle the change in the color is (like mine). As for it claiming it as "changes shade according to your passion", i think that's just a false advertising.

Mood changing products?!
Will it change to black if i'm fiercely mad?
Will it change to red if i am feeling passionate?
Will it change to pink if i'm feeling happy?
Will it change to blue if i'm feeling sad?
Will it change to green if i'm feeling more "eco-ey"?

I tried wearing this when it's hot or cold, mad or sad, happy or glad but it's just the same so please, give us ,consumers, a break with such claims! We're not daft!

This is not really a groundbreaking product but i think in a way it's quite unique. An orange lip balm? It's quite a novelty if i may say so.
On which, i know Etude House has another Follow Me Tint in Vary Pink which is a teal-colored balm. 
Does anyone know if it's available here in the Philippines as well?

As always, i'll leave the price for you to decide whether it's a cheap or not.. It's sold as Php 298 per tube.

  • has SPF 13
  • no waxy feeling
  • cute packaging
  • locally available
  • really changes color but still very wearable
  • leaves a nice stain on the lips
  • will not change depending on your mood
Will i buy it again?
Nah. One tube is enough. 
But if the Vary Pink Follow Me tint is available here i might purchase it.

Post-acne picture...
told you, i purchased this way back!

June is finally over!
June was a terrible month for me! I'm hoping that July will be a better one!

Hope you'll have a relaxing weekend,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!


Pammy said...

Uy, I like the color after 10 minutes! Pretty! How's the scent, btw? :)

Michelle said...

It's good that it doesn't show up that much because I don't think I want to walk around looking like I ate a whole bag of Cheetos!

AskMeWhats said...

Same as you, I wish the color changes more! that'll be cool!!!! For the mood changing lippie, I prefer my Mentholatum! It's more inexpensive pa :)

Unknown said...

i'm soooo getting this. nice that it has spf, too ;-)

Introvert said...

I actually have this. I liked the newly swatched shade better. Plus, since my lips are pigmented, it didn't really give that much of a difference.

DeBi said...

im still scared to wear orange...kahit na ba magba

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