Thursday, July 14, 2011

Food Spot:Persia Grill

This restaurant had earned a spot in my stomach.hehe
I never would have tried this restaurant if i didn't buy a voucher but now, i'm glad i did because i will be going back again & again! Walter said so himself...

The one that we've tried is in SM North Edsa Skygarden but i know that they have different branches as well.

Once you entered the premise, you'll be greeted with a homey feeling. It's quite spacious with its high ceiling...

I like how casual the resto is. Often times going in a resto on which everything is so uniformed somehow makes me feel quite cramped but not here.

It just feels like an extension of your house.... seriously! I feel so comfy i even want to just put sit on my feet on the soft plush chair. That's why this is also a nice place to hang out.

Love the lamps!
I would love to dine here in the evening when everything is lit. I'm sure it would look exotic.

They got shishas too.
I asked them how much it is & they said it's just Php 300. That's pretty cheap!
I thought it would be a lot more expensive. I don't want to try it though...i'm just curious...hehe

Let's start with the appetizer...

Salad Oliveyeh - Php 110
Love love love this!
I like how simply delicious this is... served with hot Pita bread.
This is the perfect way to jump start your meal.  You can order more pita bread for only Php 20 i think.

Mozzarella Cheese Puff - Php 95

I love mozzarella... i love cheese puff.
but not this one... the batter got this exotic smokey-flavour that personally is just too strong. It overwhelmed the taste of the cheese.
Maybe if you like strong smokey-flavour you might like this, but i prefer my cheese puff to just have that creamy cheese flavor.

The only salad that we've tried is this...

Tehrani - Php 155

I love my greens.
Vegetable salad is something that i always try but oftentimes salads in restaurants are being drowned in their dressing that i can't appreciate the natural sweetness & crisp of the veggies anymore. 

Sadly, that's the case in this..
Consist of lettuce, tomatoes, croutons, cucumber & parmesan cheese... the persian dressing drowned out the vegetables... i'm not sure if i like the combination of grapes & cheese but this is something new.

On we go to their sandwiches...

Beef Shawarma - Php 70

I used to hate shawarmas because the ones that i've tasted so far as too fatty/oily & are laden with onions..lots & lots of it that will surely give you a bad breath.
But this is a delight!

The beef is so tender that every bite seems to just melt in your mouth!
It doesn't have a strong taste... no onions as far as i remember.

I'm half expecting that as i eat it, oil will drip out from the bottom of it wetting the wrapper then finally my hands. But lo! I've already eaten everything & not an ounce of fat! I know for sure because i dissected each bite i took & have been prowling on the inside of it looking for the suspect but there's nothing! Unbelievable!

I love this!
I will definitely be trying out more shawarmas in the future...

Beef Kebab Wrap - Php 99

Now this one is oily...
But if you love beef, you shouldn't miss this!
The taste of beef plays around your mouth in every bite! Again, the beef is really tender!

I can't explain it, but this one is really good.
It is consist of tomatoes & onions but the beef is something!
You have to try this at least once.

Then their Kebab Meals...

Chelo Morg - Php 199

Chicken breast marinated in Persian spice served with grilled tomatoes, long grain rice & their very own eggplant & yogurt dip.

I like how subtle it is on your first bite but as you continue chewing the taste of their exotic spices just burst on your mouth!

Business Meal 1 - Php 120

A stick of beef kebab served with grilled tomato & their dip.
Just a simple meal but it's enough to satisfy you.

Chicken Barbeque - Php 150

Served with Java rice & salad, this one is a big hit on Walter.
He said that it tastes really good!

As for the beverages....

Raspberry Iced Tea - Php 55

Not too strong unlike other iced teas...

Creamy Yogurt Shake - i forgot how much...
I love this one!!!
It's not very tangy but the taste of yogurt is still there.
Very mild & not too sweet!

They also have hot tea... Php 40 (i think)
Walter drank it... i tasted it & it has this ginger-y taste to it..
I hate ginger so i don't like it but he likes it so it's still ok...

You have to try their sandwiches/wrap.
You'll never go wrong!

Though I think that 1 thing they just need to improve on is their service. The servers, though not snobbish, are always huddled together on the counter chit chatting. I just hope that they would somehow do it in a discreet way. At least, they always have a smile every time you call them so it's not bad over-all.

Ambiance - excellent
Presentation - excellent
Taste - quite satisfactory
Service - satisfactory

If you haven't tried any Persian Restaurants yet, i think this is a nice place to start.
It's quite affordable & it hits the spot!

Hope you all are having a great day!
Jaa ne~!


Marge said...

buti pa dyan parang enjoy. i didn't care too much for the taste at the sm megamall branch =( ended up going back to the pricier kebab factory at the atrium and arya at podium. but thanks to this i may give persia grill another try, at least their other branches ♥

Aicha Amano said...

I passed that place by when I went there North Edsa pero parang 1 minute lang kami doon coz we had to leave early morning!!! :(

I didn't get to enjoy manila as much as I wanted huhuh!

Thiamere Brea said...

baka naman swerte lang kami...hehe
but their wraps are something!

Thiamere Brea said...

awww....too bad
di bale,next time i'm sure you would know the places to visit na. i guess the first time is always overwhelming...

Pammy D. said...

Oh gosh! Yogurt shake and kebab and shawarma. Yum! :P

Thiamere Brea said...

i guess their rice meals would be but their wraps are awesome!

Thiamere Brea said...

thinking about it makes my mouth water

Katrina Langomez said...

They have this place in Taft as well. I love their shawarma rice best!

Thiamere Brea said...

i haven't tried shawarma rice yet but i have too!

aiMee said...

i went here w/ my fam, i like the place :D bitin un food parang diet :">

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