Monday, July 18, 2011

Artistry Essentials Balancing Set Experience

How many of you know Aristry?
please raise your hand...

I did not even had an idea about this brand, so i was surprised to know by their claim that they are one of the top 5 in prestige brands along with such as Lancome, Estee Lauder, etc. I did a bit of research & surprisingly they are indeed 1 of the top 5 in sales figure!

How come i didn't even have an idea about this brand?!
I got the pleasure of getting to know Artistry a couple of weeks ago by Dr. Meeko Hilario. I was invited on their product launching which is the Artistry Intensive Skincare Anti-wrinkle Firming Serum.

It's an anti-aging product so he asked me if i would be interested to come together with my mom. My mom said sure. We stopped by at their center first to get to know their products.

Their Artistry Centre is located in the heart of Makati.

That's my mom in the pic because she was with me on their launching. My mom was impressed with their the Artistry Intensive Skincare Anti-wrinkle Firming Serum during the launch.

I like this one...

I wasn't able to really try that product but i have tried their Balancing Set so i'll share my thoughts on this set.

Dr. Meeko told me that their Balancing Set is designed specifically for those that got sensitive, combination skin. Since my skin had shifted from very oily,acne-prone to acne-prone,sensitive & combination skin, he suggested that i try out their balancing set since it's not only for sensitive skin but it would provide a mattifying effect as well, so i said sure...

Let's start with their cleanser first:

  • Patented Oat Extract gently exfoliates, refines, and smoothes, revealing an even tone and younger-looking skin
  • Exclusive Artistry Tri-Balance features:
  • Desert Hydration Complex, a unique botanical blend featuring Indian Fig, chosen for its ability to live in harsh desert environments, restores optimum hydration
  • Exclusive Artistry Balancing Matrix featuring Burnet Root and Witch Hazel are effective astringents/clarifiers to control shine
  • Hypo Lipid Matrix (HLM) maintains optimum moisture balance
  • Maintains moisture and helps control shine all day
  • Ideal for combination-to-oily skin and safe for sensitive skin
What i like about this cleanser is that it's so gentle it won't leave your skin feeling tight.
It is really able to get rid of any dirt & grime because when i used their toner i did not see any dirt on the cotton pad. I'm sure you have had your share of cleansers that strips the essential lipids of your skin but not the dirt sitting on the surface. You'll know it doesn't work when you use your toner & see dirt on your cotton pad.

It's in a gel-form & it doesn't lather that much (based on what i remember), in fact i was really skeptic as to how it could clean my skin without it lathering, but i was flabbergasted when i saw no traces of dirt on my cotton pad... to think that i braved the city without anything on except moisturizer... yes, no make-up! I can go out now without any make-up at all, but my skin is hardly perfect,ok?

I was exposed in dirt & pollution prior to arriving in their office but this cleanser did remove the dirt off my face...even on the crevices of my nose.

Trust me in on this..
If you are looking for a cleanser that is really gentle & very effective, then this could be a good pick!

Their toner...

  • Exclusive Artistry Tri-Balance features:
  • Desert Hydration Complex, a unique botanical blend featuring Indian Fig, chosen for its ability to live in harsh desert environments, restores optimum hydration
  • Exclusive Artistry Balancing Matrix featuring Burnet Root and Witch Hazel are effective astringents/clarifiers to control shine
  • Hypo Lipid Matrix (HLM) maintains optimum moisture balance
  • Mattifying powders and Acerola Cherry absorb and control oil to produce a smooth, matte finish
  • Responds to skin immediate and changing needs preparing skin to receive optimum moisture and treatment benefits
  • Ideal for combination-to-oily skin, providing a long-lasting oil and hydration balance for a matte, shine-free look
  • Safe for sensitive skin

As for this toner....
It is cloudy at the bottom on which you would have to shake it first to make sure you will get all the benefits it claims to have. I'm sure you are familiar with what toners are... it removes any residue that was left from our cleanser & at the same time it preps our skin for the products that you are going to put like moisturizers or serums, etc.

It's true that it does leave a smooth finish as if you apply a small amount of powder on the skin. I guess that is what they call as their mattifying powders. It doesn't sting which is good!

Although one thing that turned me off of this is the scent...
It has this weird "natural" scent on it. I guess in a way it's herbal but it's quite unique... i guess you just have to get used to it though... but it's not something overwhelming that would really put you off of it permanently..LOL! It will grow on your eventually.

Then finally their Balancing Lotion...too bad they don't have anything on their website about it...

It got SPF 15 UVA/UVB protection...

It's in a white fluid-gel form (as far as i remember) that is easily-absorbed by the skin. It's so light it didn't even feel like you put anything at all. It's amazing how your skin just seems to drink it up.It doesn't leave you with a greasy-feeling instead it just feels right somehow. It's not greasy, very light on the skin & seems to somehow "mattify" my skin as well.

I applied my primer before trying out their liquid foundation as well.

I choose the Balancing Foundation in Vanilla for that is their fairest...
It is perfect for my skin. It just seems to disappear on me leaving me with a smooth even look.
I like how it didn't have that heavy-feeling that screams "i'm wearing liquid foundation!". This is one of the nicest liquid foundation that i have tried... not that i'm into liquids, mind you..hehe. But this is really nice!

Please check out Nikki's post about their liquid foundation.

I only used their foundation & i used my own blush & lip products to finish my make-up...
We head on to the product launch together. I'm actually quite happy that i didn't have any reactions at all.

Now here comes the tough part...
I was in an air conditioned-room all through the time & everything felt fine.
The weird thing started when we went out because i felt my face becoming a bit itchy when i perspire for it was hot outside. We were walking on the way to the mall that time. When we got inside the mall, mom said she needed to use the loo because she needs to change her pumps to just her sandals.

I decided to remove my make-up on because i can't stand the itching while we were outside but as we were on the way to the loo, i felt the irritating reaction was disappearing that by the time we were in the loo, it was all gone! Weird,huh?

So i didn't bother removing my make-up anymore.
We went out of the mall again to catch the late train all the while mum was talking to dad because he is also on the way home & was thinking of passing by Makati area so we can hitch home. As soon as my skin perspired again, i felt that trickling of itchy sensation once more. It gets intense that i had to stretch & make face several times just to minimize the sensation that i am feeling.

As we waited for dad, we went in a convenience store & of course, it's cool there... i felt that reaction going away again. So i concluded that it only occurs when it's hot & i perspire. This is the first time that i have felt something like that. I'm not sure if it's the toner or the lotion, but i'm just guessing that it could be the toner.

Anyway, im not saying that their product is bad, my skin is just really sensitive that most cream/fluid based make-up remover gives me the same reaction. I'm acidic as well so i guess that it's no surprise that i have such a reaction with some products.

I would love to be able to try their products again & find out what was the cause of that reaction but i live quite far from their center... too bad. Personally, i think their products are of good quality.

I especially love their Renewing Peel for i really felt the difference of how my skin was before & after use...
If ever you want a product for a gentle peeling, i highly suggest that you try out their Intensive Skincare Renewing Peel!

Each product in this set retails for:

Cleanser - P 1,385
Toner - P 1,440
Lotion (facial moisturizer) - P 1,805

I know that the price is quite steep but they do offer quality products.
What's great about them is that they have a money-back guarantee. Meeko said so from his email when i told him about my reaction to their product. This is a snippet from his reply:
I personally have used all the products that I let u and ur mom try, and everyuthing's fine also. but as u said, u have specially sensitive skin. 

Artistry products are all organic and clinically tested to be hypoallergenic. however, no product can claim to be absolutely 100% non-allergenic for EVERYONE. the great thing about Artistry is that They have a 90-day money-back satisfaction guarantee. So even if u had bought those products, can refund u if u find Them Them truly unsatisfactory. for me, that's the best kind of protection that a company can give to its consumers)
I definitely agree!
That really is the best kind of protection for the consumers!
How many companies offer money-back guarantees like this?!
Only companies that manufacture quality products are indeed confident enough to do this because it means that they have used the product not as the seller but as a consumer as well & they are satisfied with it!

You can visit their center at Makati if you're interested.
Just contact Dr. Meeko Hilario over at his email or at his mobile phone 09178163356 if you have any interest/queries.

There ya go...
A lengthy post to start this blogging week again!

Have a great day,minna-san!
Jaa ne~!


Pammy D. said...

Oh no, your skin is really sensitive. :(

I met Dr. Meeko last week too and he's nice and he even knows what their makeup products are for. :P

Julie Lan said...

ya i got really sensitive skin as well, there are products that I just can't use! I've never heard of them before though :D

Thiamere Brea said...

isn't hard to have sensitive skin?
makes me feel as if i am a freak because i keep on saying that "i can't use that".. "i can't use this"

Thiamere Brea said...

sinabi mo pa...
napapagod na ko maghanap ng product na magwo-work para sakin

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