Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekend Nails:King & Queen of Hearts

A quick nail art tutorial post.
I changed my keyboard for now & i am having a hard time typing because the keys are hard to press & i have light touch so i can't blab as usual..

This design is not hard to do... believe me,hunnies!
Have I ever lied to you?
*puppy eyes*

I'll leave the choice of color to you. I just did it with the usual black & white but you can try others like blue & pink or yellow & red or purple & lilac too! It's only now that i thought of but gold & black is one of my favorite color combination!

You just need a dotting tool. As what i said over & over if you don't have a dotting tool then just use bobby pins or even a pen that doesn't have an ink anymore!

Dotting tip:
-The bigger the end of your dotting tool, the bigger the dots will be.
So if you want a small heart then just use a small dotting tool, empty pen end is one of the perfect way to create the smallest dots ever!

Let's get on with the tutorial:

1. Alternate your choice of base colors like how i did mine. I made a lunula again, but if you don't want to then it's fine. Let it dry.

2. Time to make the hearts. Just dip your dotting tool on the polish, make a simple dot then drag it downwards going to the center just like on the picture. Once done, use the other color on the opposite color.

3. You can leave it like this or you can add some blings on the lunula area (if you decided that you want to have a lunula). Clean the edges & don't forget your top coat!

I told you this is quick!

Have a safe weekend,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!


Pammy said...

Jem, I am now singing King and Queen of Hearts because of your post. Cute nails! :P

DeBi said...

hays..i wish kasing galing mo

- - aika - - said...

this is really pretty :D

Locke said...

wow, nice! love your new layout too^^

summer13 said...

cutey.. ^^,) sana ganyandin kahaba nails ko.. ^^,)

♥neelai♥ said...

pretty and easy to do. ^_^

by the way i tagged you on a Stylish Blogger Award. here it is

MyMakeUpMania said...

This design looks cute! Like the combination of colors!

Michelle said...


Beauty Treats and Trinkets said...

such a cute nail art design. how I wish I could do that :)

Shen said...

so pretty!! you make it look so easy!! :) ang galing lang talaga. :)

nails by kate vergara said...

where's my comment? lagi na lang nawawala mga comment ko bwahahaha. busy busyhan na naman meji? hay sana bakasyon ulet!

Pop Champagne said...

haha you are hilarious, I never have long nails because I'm such a klutz and I can't type or even open doors. these nails are lovely that you did though!

Oje Delisi (: said...

I love it! You have a beautiful nails(:

Noriki said...

Hi Thiamere! althought i'm a stalker. i wanna share this award with you, please accept it! It's on my page :

ChinaDoll said...

Lovin' your new layout dear :) I love heart designs in nail art.

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