Saturday, June 04, 2011

Weekend Nails:Lonesome Flower

I have been wanting to don yellow nails for a couple of weeks now but since i hauled a lot of polishes last week i wasn't able to. This week i tried to go for yellow polish but for some reason i find it quite boring so i just decided to just put a single flower to break the monotony of it.

Sorry about the poor lighting because i did this late afternoon. I finished this when the sun had already set so i just took a pic of it inside the house. This is very quick to do. The top coat made the brown acrylic look dull because it's still wet but when it dried it already looked glossy.

This is one kind of flower design on which nail polish is better used rather than acrylic. Though i used acrylic in this tutorial for i wasn't at home at that time, only my acrylic kit. This is quite easy so even if you are a beginner when it comes to doing nails arts, you can do this.

Let's start with the tutorial:

1. Choose your own base color... in my case,, it's yellow.

2. With your dotting tool, the smallest one, make a flower. you can do this by just dragging your dotting tool inward to create a petal as soon as you lay it on the nail surface. You can put your flower anywhere, i just put mine on the side since i still want my polish to show.

3. Then to create the stem & leaves, use your detailing brush. I used green acrylic but i think you can just a green nail art pen if you have it.

4. With brown polish/acrylic apply it using short strokes so that it would have an uneven look so that it won't look too cartoon-y.

5. Finish it off by applying an orange dot in the middle of the flower.

Apply top coat & you're done.

A quick nail art to end the week.

Hope you are enjoying your weekend!
Jaa ne~!


MAGGIE said...

i like it. you're so creative.... *envy* do you design your right nails? (did i make sense?) I can't draw or design using my left hand so I pretty much gonna screw my right hand nails. O_O hahaha You must be ambidextrous

Pammy said...

Pretty! :P If only we formally have spring, I'd say it's perfect for spring! :)

Miyaka Kourai(紅雷 宮嘉) said...

Wow Sis~! Nice Naman Yung Pagkakagawa Nyu Jan~! <3 THUMBS UP~! <3

aringkingking said...

i love the design and i envy your nails, :)

Aya said...

Thanks for the tip on how to create flowers. Wish me luck on doing my right fingernails. LOL

Catmare said...

Yet another pretty notd from you! So cute! I wish I can be as patient as you are. It's just too hard for me to do all that detail especially on my right hand. =/

-AnGiEpInK- said...

Gorgeous mani..Love it.. ^_^..

Dana Yoshimizu said...

You always come up with the cutest designs :)
And I love your nails, so jealous!!
I always break mine :( Or bite them, or pick at them until they break. Bad habit :P

xoladiihoneyxo said...


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