Tuesday, June 07, 2011

How to use ENAS Nail Stylist Soft Nail Stamp

Nail stamps had been the much raved & loved by nail art enthusiasts. I haven't really tried Konad but i have tried other nail stamps & for some reason i can't get them to work for me. I'm having a hard time picking up the design & transferring it to my nail. That's why my respect goes to those who do nail art by stamps too. It's not as easy as you think it is,ladies!

I have had this product for quite sometime & have been testing it since then. I think it's time for me to share my thoughts after owning this for months now.

ENAS Nail Stylist Nail Stamps which i think stands for Easy Nail Art Stamp, based on the research that i made beforehand.

Feel free to read the description at the back.... that is if you can fully comprehend it..hehe!

Once you open it you'll see the silicone stamp...

I actually thought that it has a lid or something to just protect it from scratches or dirt, but i'm wrong.

It's not that big though...

The naming of the stamp is on the middle.. i got A3 & A23

Since this is made of silicone, it is a lint-magnet!

I have to clean it every time i want to use it... i clean it by pressing a sticky tape on it to lift off the lint. I find it works better than using a polish remover for cleaning it.

You use it by applying the polish directly on the stamp... like so..
look at my poor yellowed nail from the stain T_T

You get rid of the excess polish by pressing it on a paper. I prefer to remove the silicone before i use it, but you can use it with the "shell" on though.

Just continue pressing until you get rid of the excess polish. Excuse how messy this looks because i am taking pics while stamping at the same time... not an easy feat to accomplish! hehehe

I find that letting the polish stay on the stamp for a couple of seconds before you stamp it on the paper works better because it allows the polish to become tacky therefore making it easier to adhere on the silicone. If you stamp it on the paper as soon as you put the polish on, it would just give you a thin finish on your stamp.. you can just do it again though, add a second layer or even a third until you are quite satisfied with how opaque it is already.

Wait again for a couple of seconds before you stamp it on your nails for it would dry a bit so that when you put it on it wouldn't rip apart. Applying it while the polish is still wet would just be a disaster. I am having a hard time explaining the process but just trust me in on this, you have to wait for it to become tacky so that the design would be intact. You'll end up ruining it if you keep on pressing it & applying pressure.

This is how it looked like.. Again, sorry if it looks messy but looking at how it was on the stamp & how it is on my nail, they look exactly the same,right?

If you wait for it to become tacky, you would be able to have the design intact... so patience is a virtue when it comes to using this. Unlike the usual nail stamps where you have to do it lightning fast just to pick the design up, this one is the opposite. Drying time of polishes differ from each other of course. It just depends on how fast/slow the polish your going to use on how long you're going to wait until it becomes tacky. If it's a fast-dry polish then do it fast & just add a second/third layer depending on how opaque you want it to be.

One more good thing about this is that you can actually use different polish in just one design. You can click HERE on how you can do it. It's possible but it definitely ain't easy! First time i tried it took me almost 10 minutes to have a decent colored design. It's frustrating when you want a specific color in just 1 spot. Again, it is possible but it is hard (for me)!

Mostly it will depend on the stamping polish that you are using. I am just using an ordinary polish i guess that's why i'm having a hard time for it work. Maybe if i am using the stamping polish meant for this product then it might make my work a lot easier.

I just don't want to do it again for i don't feel like spending more minutes than i have to outside of my room because it's freakin hot! The tutorial on the website looks easy though. I just hope that it will really be as easy as it looks once you used the proper stamping polishes.

Compare to image plates, where you have to clean everything almost every scraping, this one is not as high maintenance. You can easily take the excess polish by stamping it on paper or by just having a sticky tape near you to stamp the dirt/lint off.

Let's summarize...

  • no need for a separate scraper & stamper, it's all in 1 convenient design
  • no need for polish remover in cleaning the excess - easy-cleaning
  • it's possible to have different colors in 1 image
  • lots of designs to choose from
  • can be used over & over again

  • more expensive than image plates
  • lint-magnet
  • no lid/protection for the image - be careful when storing
  • might not be available everywhere - available online
  • will take a while in getting used to it
Will i buy it again?
Most probably...I'm not a fan of stamps to begin with so i am still half-hearted when it comes to this, but i have to admit that this is 1 of the best way to achieve a professional-looking nails!

I bought it at My Online Shop.
I'm not sure where you can buy it in other countries, but your best bet i to check out EBAY.

Have you tried this?
How about the traditional type of nail stamps?

Hope you all will have a good day,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!


AskMeWhats said...

Nice, that's the reason why I'm not into nail stamping, it is indeed messy than drawing freehand, but this looks really good ha ? Thanks for the review Thia :)

Michelle said...

Wow! It's like a shortcut of the Konad thingies!!

A great shortcut for those who aren't that good at freehanding stuff!


PS- We're having a clearance sale! Check it out at MeTime Manila

DeBi said...

ang cute...kaso im not nail addict talaga lol

noone said...

that is really cool, and you can re-use that multiple times too and re-do if it doesnt turn out well. I like it!

Nina said...

I always get nail envy when I am on your blog :) Thanks for the review!

Dana Yoshimizu said...

This is such a great type of nail stamp!! So much easier than Konad. I've always wanted to try Konad stamps, but the idea of the whole transfer of the paint from the plate to the stamp seemed like a hassle.
I definitely would want to try these! :D


Anonymous said...

I want to have this and see if it is easier to use than that of konad and bundle monster.....I need plates for my nail designs because I suck in drawing it myself..... Good thing you put where you bought it.....Thanks....

keann said...

may i know where i can buy this here in the Philippines?

Thiamere Brea said...

you can buy it here

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