Saturday, June 18, 2011

Weekend Nails:Hime-inspired pinks & dots

This is really a Hime-inspired nail art, except that i don't have the guts to put in lots of rhinestones or acrylic decorations. I'm not really a fan of nail art, you see, but that didn't stop me from lusting over those uber cute Hime nails. Hime, by the way, stands for Princess in Japanese. So it basically means Princess Nails! hahaha!

Basically, the point of Hime nails is to don a very girly-looking nail design so it's more of pinks & iridescent polishes. Love love love looking at deco hime-nails! I would love to try it for once but i have this habit of letting my hair loose so i keep on running my hands on  it every now & then. It would be very impractical of me to don a 3d nail art if i will keep on doing that,ne?

What's fun about this is that you can add more decorations based on your preference. I just added a small one by stamping that ribbon image then topping it off with a pink pearl.

You can add rhinestones all over the round edges of the nail (the lunula part) for that extra oomph!

This is not hard to do. The only annoying part is the waiting time... (-__-"). You know how impatient i get when i do my nail arts. I hate waiting for polishes to dry so i most often put Seche Vite already on my base color so i cut my waiting time in 90%!

By the way, these are my real nails. I hate using fake nails because they feel heavy.

Materials needed:

  • hot pink polish - i used The Face Shop's PK 106 (its freakin' awesome!love it!)
  • black polish
  • dotting tool/bobby pin
  • white polish for dotting (you can use pink if you want to)
  • top & base coat
  • sheer iridescent pink polish (optional)
  • stamping materials (optional)
  • rhinestones/glitters (optional)

1. Let's first make a very obvious lunula for that edgy-look. I applied a pink iridescent polish as my main base because i like how it reflects the light every time i move my fingers. Apply your polish at the base making a V-shaped indentation like the 1st pic. Then join the edges together by making a small curve. You can also do this when you are making french-tipped manicure. This is way easier compare to putting sticky tapes (if you don't have a french-tip sticker).

2. Using the same procedure, use the black polish to the top half of your nail like in the pic. Wait until it dries. Sorry for the mess...

3. Then add dots on the black part only using a white polish.

4. Decorate your nails on how simple/blingy you want it to be. As what i said you can put rhinestones or acrylic ribbons/flowers based on your preference. Then add top coat!

This is not hard to do!

I hope you'll try & make this design as well because it's so fun to look at!

Have a great weekend,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!

I arranged the category of my nail art posts already. So it won't be hard to look for it. Feel free to check out the different labels of each. I classified it into their colors/designs. This certain nail design falls in the Nail Art-Pinks & Nail Art-Dots


Michelle said...

It's soooooo AMAZING!!

summer13 said...

pretty as always.. hehe.. ill try this.. sana magawa ko ng maayos.. haha..:P

NeeLai said...

so pretty! i love it, ^_^

love neelai

Hollie said...

Damn! that's pretty...really very pretty!

Isabel said...

OMG! So nice!! I've abandoned my nails =(

sky@laestetica said...

CUTE!!!this will look good on my outfit. gotta give at a shot!

Unknown said...

super pretty, i love it ;-)

AskMeWhats said...

The colors you used matched talaga! so girly and rocker chic at the same time!

Pammy said...

Cuuuute! Reminds me of ribbons ad bows and lace. :P

Anastacia said...

Ur nails got much longer! Super cute :)

MissGennD said...

Love it!

DeBi said...

ang galing!!!

sugar sugar said...

you are so creative! :) this is really pretty and the color somewhat reminded me of minnie mouse. =)

KrazieChic said...

that looks awesome.. nice work dear.. =)

kate said...

meji! nice one. i got confused. i thought i already left a comment here. i came back to tell you something but, whoa no comment from me.

anyhoo. just wanted to say that the V tip on frenchies worked like a dream! i shared this tip in my blog too, hope u dont mind.

rock on!!!

Jackie said...

so cute! can't believe you managed to fit so many of my favorite things (pink, polka dots, bows and bling) into a fingernail.

would love to give this a try

Miyaka Kourai(紅雷 宮嘉) said...

Nice Sis! Maganda Sya~! Parang Fake Nails Na Sya Pero It's Still NICE! <3

cecile a. :) said...

Sis, what brand of artificial nails do you use? :D

Thiamere Brea said...

im using the ones from saizen

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