Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Layout testing + thoughts on nail foil patch

I will be changing my layout & i'm still in the process of choosing the one that i will be using. I mostly favor dark layouts because dark layouts doesn't really consume much energy plus most white layouts tend to be so bright it hurts my eyes already. That's why i can't stare at my monitor for long if i do not wear my glasses.

Anyway, i'm still experimenting on what kind i'll be sticking with so don't be surprised if you drop by in my blog sometime & you noticed some changes,ok?

I've gone through some of my picture folders & i am overwhelmed by the products that i ought to be reviewing but haven't! OMG! I am slacking already! Blame that on my lack of free time. *sigh*

Have you tried the nail foil patch?
If you plan to, just skip it! It looks great,yes, but it's just not as worth as sticking with the original nail foils that you use with glue. Sorry if i don't have the picture of it when i bought it, just google it & you'll see what i am saying.

Look at this design...
Doesn't it look nice?

It does if only it lasted on me!

This nail foil patches are a biotch to apply (just because you have to painstakingly cut it to your nail shape exactly & also file it) & super easy to peel.

I applied it with a squeegee, just like the direction says, but it still didn't last on me! Take a look at the edges of my nails... especially the middle finger. It's about to peel off! To think that i just applied it 12 hrs before i took this picture! I took like an hour cutting the blasted patches but it didn't even last on me for a whole day?!

I filed it to remove the excess but the tip just look so dull!
*rolls eyes*

I tried applying top coat on it (Seche Vite, mind you!) but it just all the more peeled off!

I just wasted my Php 100 on this!

I won't buy this anymore no matter how great it looks. I'll just stick with my usual nail art the traditional way. Patches are over & done with for me!

Have a great day,hun!
Jaa ne~!


NeeLai said...

LOL! it really sucks.. :P

where did you bought it?

kate said...

they do peel off like no other's business! ha ha. mine lasted 3 days. :s

nice one meji!

Aya said...

I was intrigued by this at first. I don't see myself using foils anytime soon. Hehe

Michelle said...

Awww too bad the design didn't last! It's soooooo cute!!

-AnGiEpInK- said...

Wow..Love your mani..Gorgeous for sure..Gold and Black absolutely gorgeous..

Unknown said...

sayang ang ganda pa naman.

Jackie said...

It sounds like a great idea but I'll pass. It seems like a delicate process and I'm just too careless.

It looks good on you, though!

Catmare said...

Looks nice. But if it's such a pain to apply and doesn't last long, I guess I'm skipping it. :D Thanks for the post!

katatonik said...

Pity, it looked nice too. I wanna try it out too where'd you buy it? XD

And about the layout if you could pick a font with more weight/thickness and uh no greys i guess,

Eve said...

I love the foil patches though! Too bad they aren't that great

Mar said...

Hi Thiamere,the pattern on your nails are gorgeous! Wish it could have stayed on longer for the effort though. I'd be willing to try the foil patch for some big event sometime soon, there's always a first time in my book;) Thanks for the review though! -Mar

noone said...

it looks great but if it's that much of a hassle to apply then I say it's a no for me too :D

DeBi said...

sayang ang cute pa naman...

Cominica said...

looks so nice~~! :D
the color look glamorous~

Punky Bunny Blog said...

looks fab :D
i never tried nail foils, but i tried decals and so really too lazy lol

Maui (Suushh) said...

Aww, I was hoping this would solve all my problems! LOL guess not

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