Saturday, May 23, 2009

Peking Opera Contest entry

Im done with my contest entry for Chrissy & Gia's Beijing Opera Contest.

As i was doing my research, i found out that the Peking Opera just doesn't use colors according to what they like. Every color have different meanings. I would really love to personalize what i did, but since this one has something to do with a country's culture, i chickened out. hehehe

I choose this look for my entry:

And let me tell you, its not a walk in the park....
I had to practice & practice just to be able to sport the look. The zits on my face are the proof of it. The face paint that i used made me broke out...arrrggghhhh!

but then it was worth it! If only i have some decorations like that to finish my look...but... T_T
I had so much fun while i did this that when it's time to take it off i felt a little sad. v_v

Let me show you the products that i used:

Face Paint Palette
San San Cheek Blusher in 03
Fanny Serrano Gel Liner
Nyx round lipstick in Femme
Ecotools foundation brush
Everyday Minerals Flat top brush
Ecotools 6pc brush set
Color Institute Eyeliner (i dont know the shade since the label was erased)
Pencil Factory lip liner #18
Ever Bilena Eyeliner in black
Everyday Minerals pressed foundation in Fairly Light
Ellana Multi purpose Mineral powder in Ethereal
Make up Masala Eyeshadow pigment in Vishesh

Just like the pic, i just did half of my face. Much as i would like to do my whole face, i can't since i have a couple of angry red zits on my right face. So i just had to do the left part of my face. It's hard for me to paint my brows white....i had to pat paint over & over...ekkkk!!!

It took me more than an hour in applying the paint, topping it with a white foundation, & blending the pink color. If you look closely on the image, i think the whole face is supposed to be pink-ish. But what i did was just applied the pink color mainly on the apple of my cheeks. So that the cheeks would be more prominent. Then i put falsies so to open up my eyes, though i think in real opera you don't have to use falsies.

And this is the final look:Wondering how i actually looked like since i just did half my face? Well,this is it....

I actually this did late midnight....& i just finished it a couple of minutes ago...
the time now here is 12:59 am...i did this i think 10:30pm...then i have to upload it...crop it,etc...

I'll tell you my adventures in putting face paints maybe in my next post... But for now, ill be bidding you'll have a great day! Im off to bed!



Chrissy said...

Yaaaay! Thanks sis! I really love that you used actual face paint!! :) This is really nice. :) <3

Jenn said...

wow!! this is amazing, you did a great job!

Anonymous said...

Woww... you did an amazing job!

donnarence said...

clap clap clap.. you did a very good job... neatly done.. goodluck on the contest

Dana Yoshimizu said...

omg, this looks great! Good luck, but I think you should win!!

Askmewhats said...

great job! you looked so cute half faced! :)

Cris said...

It really suits your face, seriously :D!
Good luuuck ^_^!!!

Vonnie said...

waaao...great job!!!
good luck on the contest!

Kaz said...

awesome! the zits you got were totally worth it! haha kidding.

DeBi said...

*gives two thumbs up...hope you win dear!!!

Yumeko said...

wow u did good
i like how u showed the half face as well

Sugar Bunnie said...

great job♥
good luck

*You Lite Up My Life* said...

great job gal ~ GOOD LUCK!!!
I'm still far behind with makeup :(

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