Monday, May 25, 2009

Alter Ego Contest entry

An Alter Ego contest....
interesting,ain't it?

Good thing that Posey extended her contest because i was able to make one. Actually i've been thinking & thinking of a good look to come up with...add the fact that my skin is not cooperating lately because aside from my zits, my complexion is a bit dull plus my hair is dry...arrrgghhh!!!!

I almost give up, until late last night when i was playing with my palette that an idea just occurred to me...wham! my fingers keep on blending & blending until i reached the perfect look that i wanna do. Wanna know what it is...? I tried my best to cover up my dullness...but i can't do anything about the hair... T_T

Now its time for my entry...

Let me tell something about myself first.

I was born in a religious, conservative family where i was sent to study in a catholic school all my life...went to a catholic all-girls college. I grew up with my mom pounding on me that simplicity is beautiful.

So when it comes to make up, i opt for simple one..though i still do colors, but not that much. i only put makeup when i do blog post or when i go out for friendly dates or when with bf...

Mostly i use lip balm, eyeliner, mascara,gold or peach shadow just to even out my lids, concealer & a smile. I think smiling is the best way to look beautiful,ne? I never cared that much about foundation either because i perspire a lot & i have a very oily skin. I hate it when makeup oxidizes!

As for using red lipstick...nope..actually i only had one...ii's the Lancome Le Rouge Absolu, which i think is in Rogue Ambre (which i wasn't even able to use until it harden & cant be used anymore).

Therefore, i present my simple me:

I look horrible...
i can't believe im sharing this pic..i look like i wasn't even wearing any makeup at all!uurrkkk!

This pic was taken by a friend when we went to eat out together to celebrate both of our bdays...
It was taken i think a year or two not sure, but it was a couple of months ago. I put this one here to show how i stick to my simple routine. If i remember it right, i was wearing a peach blush, nivea lip balm, a light sweep of peach e/s, eyeliner & mascara. That's it! but again it doesn't even look like im wearing anything...

Then this was with my friend, Cat. (hiya,girl!)
Again, i was just wearing lip balm, a grayish-brown liner, gold e/s , mascara & bronzer...
Its only now that i notice that i look way to white here...i guess its just because of the light & the fact that im wearing black?

So, recreating the look that i did on my 2 photos, i will look like this:

This is how i look now (as in NOW) because im gonna go somewhere.
I just put a peach shadow, liner, mascara, blush, rice powder & lip balm.. im good to go!

Not much,huh?
It's only lately that i get to wear more colors....but mostly for everyday, i just go for a simple almost-nothing (well...concealer is a must!) look.

In contrast to that, there is this foxy vixen who is struggling to get out...rawr!
A persona who wanted to actually just loose all inhibitions & be one with the evil world...har har har! (very Maleficent-like....*hints on my next post*)

So how would you define this?
Its gotta be a cold & tough valkyrie who eats nails for!

This was my attempt at a sultry bad girl look:
Argh! i hate how dull i looked...Have you ever had a time when your skin looks so dull & you can;t do anything about it...Now i think i really need to have a color correcting primer....

This was my first time doing a super smokey look...i do smokey look, but not a heavy dark i have to do lots & lots of blending!

I think i was able to do the classic dark smokey...thank godness!
I worked with white, silver & black to achieve the look!

Since i came up with this look in the middle of the night then i don't have the time to have a henna i just drew a hand tattoo using my!

I so loved this look i didn't removed it until i was about to sleep that my bro was staring at me wondering why the heck was i wearing make up in the dead middle of the night...haha!

Ill let you in on a secret though...
I lost my falsies...i mean, i put them on my eyes but they are not the matching pair..haha
it's just not too obvious because i sport a dark look. XD

lookee the pic below!

I've been so intrigued in doing this look for myself but haven't got the willpower to do so up until i came across Posey's contest...So, see...contests are really fun! it makes you do things you don't normally do. It's not about winning the contest, but its about learning from the experience. Now that i've tried this..i think i can get away with this...(only if im not with bf..hehe..he hates it when i put too much make up! XD)

Lesson learned:
-Using false lashes is a good idea specially of you are going for a dark smokey eye because it will help open up your eyes. The more dark your eye make up is, the more it has the tendency to close your eyes. So put that falsies to good use!

For people who wanted to enter the contest, you still have a few days to do so. Contest will end at the end of the month... so go ahead & challenge yourself! Let your Alter ego come up....i promise you,its really fun to do so!



donnarence said...

fierce!! i love this look.. hihihi

Kaz said...

yey, smokey! but your natural look suits you better, really :D

Sarah said...

Wow this is sooo pretty! You look stunning both au natural and all sexed up ;) GORGEOUS :)

Fifi said...

You look fierce with the smokey eyes! :D
Good luck for the contest!!

Cris said...

Lol about wearing make-up in the middle of the night XD...
I love the smokey look :). It really suits you ^_^! You should wear it more ;).
(But this reminds me of when I did a neutral face for the same contest & lots of people liked it, but I still prefer colourful looks. Lol.)
Good luck :D!

Blair said...

Hello Thiamere!

You look fierce with smokey eyes! I like your natural look too!

mzkrystall said...

lovely photos! u look fierceeeeee heheh

Whit said...

PRETTY GIRL!! i love your contest entry looks! especially the opera one! i could never pull that off!!

Catmare said...

whoa nice entry! i love the smokey look. =)

Anonymous said...

woah your so hot girly! :P . i really love the theme lol..


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