Thursday, August 27, 2009

Maybelline Lash Stylist vs Rimmel Volum'eyes

I have 2 mascaras that i currently adore, which are the CG Lash Blast (for waterproof) & Lancome Hypnose (for non waterproof). I am still on the lookout for a good non waterproof mascara because much as i love Hypnose, i find it too expensive only to be used for just 3 months. I'd rather buy a product that would at least last for 6 months with the amount that i paid for it.

I make it a point to not spend more than $15 for a tube of mascara. So im on a lookout for a cheap mascara that can do what the expensive mascara can.

Now in comes comb mascaras...
Im skeptical about this because i always thought that mascara wands are supposed to have bristles to have that va-va-voom look! Its just like how you use a hair brush, the strands would have to pass the bristles to give it that soft polished lashes, the bristles are there to evenly coat each lashes with the mascara formula.

But never did i realize that comb mascara can actually surpass what i expected from a regular brush wand...& so much more at that!

How come?!

Ok, everytime i use a mascara i have to open it, scrape the excess product on the rim of the bottle, literally open my eyes out (until it looks like its gonna pop out!), put the mirror below (like below my chin - so to have a better look), either wiggle my face or the wand just to coat each lashes, then use a lash comb to separate each of my lashes...lots of work, but since im used to it i don't have any complaints. I thought ill be doing that for the rest of my life!

But i was wrong, comb mascaras can make a heck of a difference & can cut all of it in a single motion with half the time! I don't need to use a lash comb to separate my lashes at all. It can evenly coat every lashes with the right use. Once you open the tube of it, the product will be scraped off, apply it, combing your lashes while doing so so that the product would be evenly distributed...then voila! your done!

No more wiggling!
No more scraping!
within a minute you can have long lashes...

Enough with the talk.
Time for the pic..this is how my bare lashes look like...again, i have to take a pic like this because if i do a front view you wouldn't see my lashes at all..

Now this is how it looks like with mascara on...

One coat of mascara on each lashes

Two coats of mascara on each lashes

Ok, let's start it first with the formula.

The Lash Stylist is more watery than Volum'eyes which i think makes application easier. You can easily coat your lashes with continuous combing.It might take a little practice, but nothing that you can't do.
The downside of it is that it clumps in a weird way, like when you apply it, there would be some small clumps on your lashes. Like small bumps, it's not very obvious from afar, but when you look closely at it you would see it. So i think this is best used if donning a dark smokey look so that it won't be too obvious. Once coat is enough to have that va-va-voom look! (look at the pic) Less is more for this mascara.

Volum'eyes is more waxy & it's a little bit hard for me to apply it because the formula is just stuck in between the bristles. Whenever you pop open it, you would feel it being scraped, but then since this is waxy, the product will just go in between the lashes therefore making it look like the wand is not a comb at all but just a stick.
As for the downside, it just clumps plus it feels heavy. It uncurled my lashes after a few minutes.

Then lets go with the wand.

Lash Stylist has a V-shaped wand, with small sharp bristles which makes the spreading of the formula easier, plus its stiff enough to maneuver it!

Volum'eyes on the other just have the ordinary comb, which doesn't work for me, again, because the product just gets in between the bristles. I have to remove it first before i can use it...which is just useless because if you dip it back the product will be stuck again (-_-") i hate the wand is easily bendable, that you can't use it for fixing clumps. You have to use a separate comb just to do that.
the last one, which can hold the curls better?

Lash Stylist does! See the Volum'eyes? my lashes were as straight as hell (-__-")

The gist of this post is...
I like Lash Stylist.
It can be a good replacement for my Lancome Hypnose, but since it is already discontinued then there's no way it can. But then Maybelline has Cat Eyes,right? Im pretty sure ill be buying it the next time & im looking forward to it!

Have you tried any comb mascaras?
If so, how was it?

That's it!

Jaa ne~!


Askmewhats said...

I have! I am currently using Maybelline's Volum' Express Cat eyes mascara and its comb head too!!! Thanks for sharing!

CHARRY said...

Thanks for this info dear, btw, where can I find Maybelline Lash stylist? :) Want to try it too :)

verina oei said...

i love lancome hypnose,but its too pricey,i stil wanna try covergirl and other brand.loll

Anonymous said...

nice review ;D..nope i havent tried comb mascara..honestly ngaun ko lang nalaman na meron palang wand na ganyan hehe.. i can see the big diff wow..covergirl nman ang daling matuyo :C is it available in our local store?.

Ida said...

wonderful review. you're like, my mascara guru! i'd really like to try lash stylist :D

SKayylove said...

thanks for the review^^

gracie said...

wow girl nice review.. I got lash stylist but sa october pa dadating kasama ng shoes

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Awww! Really wanted to try some USA drugstore stuffies, but we don't have it here Boooo!
Nice review!
The Mabelline one works so great for you :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ nikki
i will try cat eyes the next time

@ charry
i actually just got it from Ebay. Im still trying to find some if i can...

@ verina
im also looking for good drugstore mascaras...
ive only tried a couple

SOFiA! said...

Hi Thiamere! I just came across your blog, and I tagged you!

check it out on my blog.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ louie
sa palagay ko hindi available ang lash stylist dito e...pero ung maybelline cat eyes comb mascara din..try mu un

@ ida
i hope you'll be able to try it out too

@ skayylove
no problem

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ anastacia
i hope you'll be able to try it out too

@ sofia
thanks for the tag
ill check it out

Dana Yoshimizu said...

oOo I really like Maybelline <3 It's my HG mascara. I can't remember the name at the moment, but I am in love. I've tried many other mascaras, but Maybelline just seems to work out the best for me :)

Anonymous said...

I've tried the Rimmel Glam-eyes and it has kinda of a comb. I personally HATE comb mascaras. I keep poking myself in my eye... maybe it's because I'm still really used to brush mascaras.

xoladiihoneyxo said...

I've tried comb mascaras before... by Maybelline but for my lashes, it's better with brushes. I didn't like using the comb, just my personal reason. Some people's eyelashes is better if they use comb mascaras, and others is better with brush mascaras.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ dana
its nice to know that good products doesn't need to have a hefty tag price,right?

@ Y
im sorry to hear that,hun

@ linda
yeah, i agree..
now that i think about it, i guess for people that got long lashes, comb mascaras might really not be for them..just like what Y said.

Anonymous said...

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