Saturday, August 22, 2009

Nails: Vivaciously pink or Playful blue...

Remember my nails last Wednesday?

As usual i try to stick with 2 colors....except for the white one that i used to line it...Since im about to cut my nails short...i decided to do the tut now instead of waiting until it grow back...So it might look at its best... XD

Now go for a polish that shares the same color....So i used pink & red...then as a twist, i did a blue version for those who are blue lovers, a light metallic blue & navy it means you can mix & match the long as they are in the same can go for light brown & chocolate brown...light orange & red on & so forth..

As for the rhinestones....these are what i used...
i used 2 kinds...a big one & a smaller one

then this is to be used for the blue version together with the small pink stones...

Well then, let's start this!
  • Apply a base coat & the base color....
  • then apply the darker polish on the tip...much like a french tip..
  • Put the rhinestones...sorry about this using both hands..that's why XD

  • This is how i arranged the rhinestones....
the big stone on the far side, then the 3 small ones beside it resembles like a paw print...albeit a 'bling paw'...

Now for the blue one..i put the flower stone in the middle...

then the small stones around a triangle...
  • Now put a thin white line where the red meets the just lifts the whole look...
For a touch of flair, top it off with a glittered polish...or just a clear polish..its your this case, i just topped it with glittered one...

Then finish it all off with a top coat...

A top coat gives the nails a 'plasticized look' makes it shinier... & lasts longer it dries faster

When you apply the stones, you don't need to use any glue at all...When my cousin saw my nails she asked if i used 'mighty bond' (an instant glue)..i was horrified! just thinking that i would use it on my nails makes me cringe...If the polish is already dry, then apply a clear polish over it so that the stones would adhere to it...

If ever you did this design, let me know,k?

Have a nice weekend,y'all!



donnarence said...

ang cute jem.. simple and madali gawin.. kaso i do not have a steady hand.. pagawa ko siya if makabili ako ng rhinestones.. :D mwah

Catanya said...

Great job!

gracie said...

ganda aa' miss you salvaje!

Anonymous said...

first of wow you got pretty sexy hands there girl :D your nail grow out pretty long and fast woot! galing parang easy easy lang ang french tip sayo lol and i love how you put rhinestones kawaii!! xoxo

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ donna
kaya mu dn gawin yn..
practice lng yn,sis!

@ catanya

bait mu a..hahaha

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ louie
pero may times na ngttampo nails ko sakin e..hehe
hnd ko nga alam kung bkt e..

dti nglalagay p ko ng scotch tape sa kuko ko pra lng pumantay ung french tip..
but then i got the hang of it afterward

Shen said...

nice one! :) i really admire you guys who really take time in this nail arts. my hands are too shaky to do anything this. :)

Dana Yoshimizu said...

oOooh what a nice "how-to" I really like this~ I have some rinestones, but have yet to use it, haha.

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ shen
im pretty sure you'll also get the hang of it...
but then you are already a fab makeup rather have your talent

@ dana
ill be waiting for you nail post!

Golden said...

Amazing sis! Your nail tutorials inspire me to prettify my nails. Waa, I've short fingers blessed with short nails. I tried to grow my nails but they don't look good with my short fingers. *sigh* So what I do is just paint my nails without even growing them. And oh, I forgot to tell you that I'm still learning how to paint my nails. Damn! It looks easy but it's so hard to do it. Especially the french tip thingie. How I wish I can perfect them all. *wink*

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Thanq for this tutorial, dear Thiamere!
Very nice and so pretty nails!
I loveee pink and your design!
Looks too lovely!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

wow, cute! That's kinda similar with what I do sometimes.... you should try out stickers! Not the stickers that you just stick on, those doesn't last very long. It's the one kind of like tattoos. You let it soak in the water for like a couple of seconds until it slides out and place it on the finger nail (when the nail polish is mostly dry) and tadaahhh!!! It'll dry up and will stick on the nail and then time for top coat! =D

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ golden
you can practice first by putting a scotch tape on them if you don't have the french tip tape..
as what they said, practice makes perfect
ill be waiting for you nails arts too!

@ anastacia
thank you,girl
you're always so sweet!

@ linda
i've never heard of that yet
there's something like that...awesome!
ill try to look for that

Elsa said...

lovely nails thiamere... ako short nails ngyon naputol ang isa nagiintay pa ulet humaba wwaaaahhhh missing nail art so much!!!

=have a blessed day!

Askmewhats said...

this is very pretty and perfect for work days too :) thanks for sharing!

Sush said...

pretty! i really do wish i could do this on myself lol

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ elsa
sakit nun...when you broke a nail
will be waiting for your nail posts

@ nikki
thanks so much!
it really means a lot to me that my nail 'guru' compliments me
me very happy!

@ sush
im sure you can do this too!
if i can!

Jaimie said...

gorgeous nails, i love the look!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ jaimie

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this.

Anonymous said...

Love this what's the base Pink called and brand

Anonymous said...

I've often wondered about the oil as cleanser thing. Thanks for all this information!

Anonymous said...

what a handy blog for make up lover like me
i like your eye shadow the most
thanks for sharing ^_^

Anonymous said...

WHere do you buy your rhinestones? :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ anonymous
i bought my rhinestone at ebay for just Php50. then i also saw another rhinestone wheel at 'japan home' or saizen. but sadly, when i went back there, there's nothing left

when i went to watson sometime, i saw 'wish' also has rhinestones. though it's not in a 'wheel', but it has an assortment of stones on it.

you can also buy it at Nikki's website"

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