Friday, August 21, 2009

Review: Magic Hair Removal Wand

Im here again for another beauty find!...& of course, an in depth review of it...

When i watched julieg713's video about the epilator, i got so curious & decided to see if we have it here in the Philippines...So i checked Ebay first & i keep on seeing this spring-like hair remover & wanted to try out for myself too.

Then when the lovely Tamara showed her haul one day & she got this, my curiosity doubled & ask her to actually review it. ..& she did a HERE to read it.

Marvi of is selling it & asked me to do a review of it...& boy was i so glad!

Now let's start this...

These days going hair-free is a step on being hygienic & clean-looking...
There are lots of ways to achieve a hair-free body...We can shave, wax, pluck, laser & a couple more...

Now i have tried cream...& recently, waxing, in removing unwanted body hairs... But when it comes to facial hairs, i always make sure that i pluck or thread because i wanted to get to the 'root' of the hair instead of just cutting it by shaving it...i can't wax it since i have acne..i don't want it to cause any complications on my skin...

Now I hate hate hate having facial hairs on my upper lip & chin makes me feel like a guy! So no matter how painful it is, i would just endure it all for the sake of beauty...
the things we endure just to be 'beautiful'...but as what the saying goes..."no pain, no gain"

Of course it's can it not be!
Plucking the hairs one by one is as painful as being pricked by the at a time..ouchy!

But then those were my "pre-magic hair removal wand" days....
Now i can remove the facial hairs with less pain compare to plucking! yay for that!

Time to introduce you to my new baby...

The Magic Hair Removal Wand

For some reason i thought that this is actually small..i don't know why...hehe
This is the back carton

please translate it to me if you can...hehe

Now on to the review...

I just read the whole description & tried it...I thought that it would be a complicated or anything, but when you think about it, its actually pretty simple...You just bend the spring, then the hairs will be trapped on it, then when you straighten it out, the hairs will just be pulled out.You'll really feel the hairs being pulled out of the roots...which i really like because i can tell that it works...

When you take a look at it right after you use it, you would see the little hairs that are trapped in between the spring. Much as i would like to show you the hairs that was pulled but my crappy camera is not up to little, up-close jobs like this (-__-")...

but trust me when i say that this pic is how it actually works

See that? You would really see the roots of the hairs that was pulled out!

When you open the spring, the hairs will be stuck in between & will be taken out! This is best to use with short hairs.

I actually think that threading is more painful compare to this....because in threading, the hairs are being twisted to the thread in order to lift it, therefore putting more force compare to this....also, in threading, there is a chance that the hairs would be cut, instead of being pulled from the roots...therefore doubling my job by me plucking afterward...double ouch!

You can watch the video...its easy to use!!!!!!!

if you can't watch THIS

What's great about this is that its very easy to use & if you get the hang of using this, you can even use this without looking at the mirror at its not tiring....unlike self-threading..

I used to self-thread but its tiring!

Just make sure that the surface is clean before you start working. Just like plucking, it might be painful on the 1st use, but when you're used to it, it's as easy as breeze! I even use this without looking at the mirror....while i am watching TV...I just need to look at the mirror if i am using this removing hairs between the brows or anything that would require extra caution...but other than that, this is really very easy!

Ok, im pretty sure you get the gist of how it works,right?

  • convenient
  • easy to use
  • less painful
  • cheap
  • can last a long time if taken care of properly
  • have to be careful in storing it because you don't want the spring to be loose (though this is an unlikely scenario)
  • only for facial use
You can clean it by just wiping it with an alcohol-ed towel, then wiping it dry again. Make sure that your face is clean & oil-free so to make it more effective...anyway, this is really the rule in removing hairs,right?...for it to be oil-free to make it easier.

For those who are interested in purchasing one for yourself, you can buy it at Marvi's store for only Php280...pretty cheap,right? Think of all the money that you are gonna be saving instead of going to a salon to have a facial wax done...

With proper care, this tool can last for a long time, so this is a nice tool to have with you in the long run... So achieving a hair-free face is as easy & cheap as it can get!

If you have used this, tell me what you think of it,k?
It's already friday...almost the weekend...whoopee!


*i edited this..hehe


Golden said...

I'm one hairy mammal. I'm so novice when it comes to shaving or waxing. I don't even wax my legs... and upper lip hair. Shame on me! Good thing that Hubby doesn't mind it. Haha!

By the way sis, thanks so much for the sweet comment.

Manju said...

i got one of those not too long ago. amazing, isn't it? so quick and easy to use.

Tish said...

I've seen this on so many blogs and sites and thought it was a joke. Thanks for reviewing it; I might just give it a shot someday

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ golden
lol at you being hairy mammal
but you're still pretty...
that's what all that matters

@ manju
i love using it

@ tish
give me a shout out what you think about this after you have tried it

Tamara said...

OH, so that's how you use it? I use it in another way, which is quicker imo :).

I also wrote a review if you're interested.

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Ohhh! I read the review by Tamara.
And it so nice and very exclusive thing :)
Gonna look for this stuff too :)
Thanq for your review :)
And btw, I tagged you in my blog for My Daily Make up Routine :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ tamara
that's why i linked your review

@ anastacia
i hope you get to try this too
will do the tag sometime

Ida said...

that's an interesting device. i also really like to make sure i have no facial hair hehe. might try this :)

pUsa said...

I gotta get this one in 8hrs! I am really learning a lot from you girl keep it up! tsup!

Jasmin said...

Oh, wow. I've never heard of this before. Thanks, for sharing!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ ida
im sure you'll like it too!

@ cat
dapat lang no!

@ jasmin
its my pleasure,girl

The Shades Of U said...

I usually just have my facial hair waxed, but if this works for you, then yay! Thanks for the review.

Shen said...

i'm actually scared to try this product snce i have low pain threshold. :) was it painful? what part of your body did you use it in?

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ the shades of u
its my pleasure

@ shen
i guess for first timers, it really would be painful...but then as you get used to it, it becomes less & less painful until you can't feel anything anymore..

in my case it doesn't feel painful at all..

unfortunately, you can only use it for the face...i use it to remove hairs on the upper lip

Dana Yoshimizu said...

I really want to get this, but I'm too lazy to order it from ebay. LOL

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ dana
if ever you get it tell me

Jason Mandrix said...

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LoiueLyn said...

I am a girl but my legs has lots of hair. My god! Looks like a leg of a guy. Never had I imagined that
Permanent Hair Removal would be the solution to my problem. It was my first but I was empressed for it was comforting and effective.

fiona said...

I didn't know there were magic wands for facial hair... I've never heard of this before. Thanks, for sharing!

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