Tuesday, August 18, 2009

~random tips: mascara application~

Sorry if im not updating regularly for the past couple of days..for some reason i just don't know what to write though i have a couple of drafts..i guess im just not inspired enough to do reviews..& you, girls, know me..when i do a review..i do a full review.. But i read blog post & leave comments as much as i can...So now, i just decided to make a little 'mascara post'. Some of you might already be doing this, but i still decided to post this..haha

When i did my contest, i learned lots of things that the contestants shared & i said to myself that i would post mine someday..

We all wanted to make things easier but nevertheless effective for all of us. Now, im no pro...but based on my little experience in makeup application & random things, these are what i do & observe to make things 'easier' for me...Though this is just about mascara, i will do some follow up for this...

Applying mascara is supposed to just be an easy job....
With what...opening the tube then swiping it on the lashes...how hard can that be?

Tip 1
One of the hardest thing when you do a sheer eye makeup is when there are mascara marks that gets on your lids if you sneezed or something...to illustrate, take a look at this pic..

the black mark right there is actually a mascara mark...
Time for a Q & A

1. Now what do I do when im faced with these ugly spots on my lids?
a. Take a Q-tip, dip it in a makeup remover & dab it on the spot
b. Wipe the whole eye makeup away
c. Cry the whole day because i got a mascara spot & never go out of the house for the rest of my life
Letter C! LOL XD
actually its none of the above....

If i do letter A - it would erase the mascara spot, but it would also erase a spot of all the blending that i did to achieve a gradient effect...so na-ah!
If i do letter B - im lazy...it would take double time to do the job
Don't get me started on letter C...

Ok, so what do i actually do?
I just cover the area up, by just 'darkening' the spot...So i just pat the same color of eyeshadow that i use. It would save time instead of doing everything over again!

See this?...the spot is not that visible already...

I know that there are some 'cleaners' out there...(for some reason i can't place the name)...it's like a stick that can help get rid of any mistakes that you did..but why will i buy it if i can just cover it up with a few dabs of the same color?

One thing that you can also do is that you wait for the formula to dry then you can scrape it off...but try not to do that... i just picked that up on a random video that i watched about makeup artists fixing makeup flaws..

Tip 2
Did you know, it's a lot easier to apply mascara if you bend the wand?

Just think about it...You won't need to raise your arms very high just making sure that you coat your lashes... Normally you 'open' up your arms in applying mascara...like her (i just linked the pic so that you would have an idea)...but if you just bend your wand, you don't need to raise your elbows...because you are holding your wand in a normal way, its the brush who does the job for you..

How do you bend it?
Just pull the wand out & bend it over at the bristles...like so...
Easy as a pie!
Then when you put it back, just straighten it out

Tip 3
Do you sometimes find yourself wondering why in the middle of the day (or worse..just a couple minutes right after you apply it) your lashes 'uncurls'..leaving you with a straight lashes..completely hiding your lovely eyes away?

One culprit for that is the mascara itself. When you take the wand out, you may not notice it, but a lot of the formula is actually stuck in between the bristles...

Now when you applied it straight away, the excess formula will just add weight on your lashes, therefore uncurling it! You did not realize it, but it can weigh your lashes down... Plus it leaves you with clumpy looking lashes...

too much of anything is bad,right?

So, how do you solve this?

Just scrape the wand on the edge of the bottle & you will see a gunk of formula on the rim itself. Scraping the extra product of will also 'free' the bristles of the wand, therefore making the job of separating the lashes easier! You'll be surprised that you might not even need to use the lash comb as much as you usually do.

Now last but not the least is

Tip 4
We know that the 'lifespan' of a mascara is just 3 months...but how many of us can actually remember when is the right time to throw it?

I don't have a problem with that because i label mine...

see this? Of course i already threw them...i always put the label at the bottom...

I always make sure that prior to using it, i put a sticker label on them...so that when i decided to open it, i just have to find a pen & write the date...

I don't have any worries of me using an expired product...especially if its something near my eyes...

Now, another extra tip for all you gals out there...
though this is not a mascara tip...

Extra Tip
It's better to store your wet wipes upside down....
like so

It's all because if you just let it lay the usual way, the top towel (the one that you would be pulling out) will be the driest among the lot..The liquid will go down to the bottom , therefore, making the bottom towel the wettest.

We use wet wipes because we want it wet...not dry,ne?
So make sure that its facing downwards...

Bonus Tip
We know that water can make our body & skin a lot healthier... But are you drinking enough?
How much is enough? 7 glasses? Do you really count the glasses of water that you intake?

Hah! beats me!

You can measure your water intake by just buying a big water bottle...AT LEAST 1500ml...
A regular glass is 220 ml...

i won't do the math anymore because you don't want me with a bleeding nose,right?
Just do it yourself & you will figure out that 1500ml is not enough...that's why i said AT LEAST...

Make sure that you drink more after you finish up the whole bottle....You will do your skin a favor by doing so...& also your body!

Well then..that would be my tips for the meantime...
will try to update this some other time again...



Anonymous said...

ok im guilty.

my latest mascaras are maybelline unstoppable and cateyes. hindi ko man lang nagagamit lagi. haha! come sept or oct, ill switch to covergirl lash blast.

whoah! imagine me before... no idea how to put makeup on, paano pa pag mascara. hala! sa eyeball mismo! saktong sakto ang brush!

water is very good. i drink 1 pitchel a day. sometimes 1 and a half pitchel. kaya suki ako ng cr =P

~tHiAmErE~ said...

natawa naman ako dun,mare!

same with me!
in the middle of a class when i feel like peeing, i let my students wtch mr bean na lang pra lang mkapag CR ako..wehehe

The Beauty Writer said...

Wow! This is so detailed and informative! May career ka sa beauty!

I linked you up =)

adin_22 said...

Nice tips u got there......:)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tip bout mascara on eyeshadow! I find it really annoying when that happens and usually, I just give up and hope that people won't notice.

Jackie said...

those are very helpful. thanks!

Aicha Amano said...

I hate to say this but I hate water :( water is bitter for me kasi nga I'm so used to drinking milo, or some other powdered thing on my water. You can't see me with a bottle of water, but a bottle of C2, yes! I don't know how to like water. Hala, I like pa naman salty food a lot. :(

I tried bending my mascara wand today, it doesnt bend like yours in the picture, nakakainit ng ulo! hehe!

Askmewhats said...

great tips! I do bend my mascara wand too and I do store the wipes upside down :) love the tips!

imlee said...

thanks for the tips, really find it useful specially the wet wipes tip =)...makes sense!

keep it coming...^_^

neurochiq said...

Hello lovely! Thanks for sharing the tips, very useful, and I love that about your blog =)

Just worried if the wand will not break after a few times of bending it?

And yeah, same with Jing, I don't use mascara everyday bec. I'm lazy to take it off at the end of the day, so sayang ang mascara ko after 3 months, need to throw them away...

Happy Tuesday!

Amanda K said...

Great tips~ =)

mszcheysser said...

:) Great post about mascaras.

I do the same as you, regarding what to do when some goes on the lid. I just reapply the make up, so it's more easier and faster.

But now that I'm done reading your post, it reminds me that I need to take away some of my old mascaras. Eeeek!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ frances
swww...thank you so much for the compliment
i always look up to people like you
& when im very happy because of what you said

@ adin
no problem

@ Y
i understand..
me too..i was like that before too

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ jackie
glad to be of service to you

@ aicha
well, since its liquid then it still count as a liquid intake

im pretty sure you can bend yours too

@ nikki
thank you,girl!
it makes me really happy when my idols compliments me

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ imlee
no problem,hun

@ ems
don't worry,girl. the wand won't break...Most wands are made of plastic so you can just bend it...

@ amanda

May said...

Wow...great tips! Thanks!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ mszcheysser
i too forgets when its the time to throw a mascara that's why i label everything just to be safe

@ may
its my pleasure,hun

My-My said...

I really like these tips. Especially the baby wipes tip. It's common sense, but I never thought of that. lol. great job.

oOchaOo said...

hi :) i followed your blog ha heehee. i would love to read more of your reviews ^__^

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Wow! You label all your stuffies! I'm always forget about this LOL:
It's amazingly great posting! So muh ips & tricks for mascara! I learned from you about tip #3, do not tried it yet, gonna do that! Thanq for all information!

Ida said...

really useful tips! about tip 1 that smearing thing often happens to me. then I do letter a but it looks bad so i just end up wiping it all off! so it's nice to read your tip :) i should also label my stuff :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ my my
great to know that you like it

@ cha
thanks for following,girl

@ anastacia
hope that it works for you too

@ ida
i learned the hard way that its annoying to really fix mascara marks by wiping everything...
it takes a lot of time

Catmare said...

When I think about it, a mascara's lifespan is too short! I feel bad throwing it away when it still has a lot of product left in it. =s

~tHiAmErE~ said...

me too...
that's why i make it a point to never spend that much on mascara e...

Catmare said...

me too and i only open one mascara at a time. =D

Shen said...

OMG! I've been doing most of this tricks for years now! :) except the wipes though, i keep mine in the frige so it doesn't dry out and gives me that cooleffect. no fancy 1 liter bottle for me. Summit all the way! :) GREAT OF YOU TO SHARE 'EM! :)

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ catmare
good tip!

@ shen
how nice..
i love cooling effect too..i need to start putting my wipes on the fridge too
thanks for that!

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