Tuesday, August 25, 2009

rants & ramblings ~ lemming for les meteorites~

Today i found out from Amynaree that there is already a miniature guerlain les meteorites collection out in ebay...& my finger is really itching to let my paypal do the talking...

True enough, when i checked Ebay there are a couple of sellers who have these...& im really dying to buy it....i think its actually pretty cheap for the price... $45 for all 3?!& it comes with a brush!!!
how can i resist that?!
OMG! they look so nice!!!
finally i can feel it...they are within my reach...just a couple more..

all 3 of them!

i know that i have to snatch it since this is a LE...but practicality comes first... (-__-") *sigh*
i am all girl, but hey, earning money is not easy...

especially now that im being extra careful with what im putting on my face...I only use Celeteque moisturizer & if ever i go out, i just put BB Cream....the Kojie-san is still on trial for me...a few more days & im about to write my final take on it..so wait for that..

also the fact that i haven't received any of the purchases that i made early this month...
I find that ranting about how late my packages are will make the waiting less easier...so im gonna start it..

First & foremost, i bought Coty airspun powder right when i had the chance.

I keep on forgetting to buy one to think that my friend, (who have all 3 of les meteorites) recommended that i buy it if im on a tight budget. She said that its a good alternative for LM (les meteorites) for it still gives that nice finish...but as i did my research..it would be perfect IF you have your shade...i know that they have an extensive shade selection, but on Ebay, there's not a lot...so here's to hoping that the shade that i bought will somehow suit me...

Then the other one is the makeup mix shop haul on which i just bought ELF studio line...i have heard so much about their brushes, so grabbed some for myself...can't wait to try it out...

This is hardest thing to do..waiting & worrying where the heck your package is?!
especially here in the Philippines..knowing that there are some instances where they just get lost (or just being snatched away)..be picked by someone..or be kept somewhere...
*horrible thoughts keep flashing on my mind*
get it out! get it out!

i can't do anything but just sit here..tweedle my thumbs..& keep praying that it will arrive safe & sound...

I wanted to try the VOV balls on cheek first....
I found one local reseller of it, & i will buy it as soon as i have the money....i have to say that its pretty cheap too... so for the meantime that would keep my les meteorites lemming...(for now)

Maybe ill try & check to see if Rustan's have this...
For pinays who are near Rustan's, can i ask you a favor & please check if they have this?
ill be eternally grateful if you get back at me about the availability of LM...

For the meantime, i have had these for a couple of days already but just haven't posted...

The BRTC samples that i ordered weeks ago had already arrived & it was my mum who actually used it first... I used it on her Wednesday last week, when i did her makeup for her b-day celebration...

I did her makeup & for some reason when i took her before & after pics, she look somewhat pasty on the photos so i just did not post it...but her friends said that she look great...she even looked like "Rosalinda" ( a local TV drama character) because what i did to her... of course i felt happy knowing that i did a good job...too bad my cam did not cooperated

Then my first stila cosmetics...

i love the box...

i think its made of recycled materials & i can't help but touch it because i love the texture..it reminded me of the days where i used to write letters to my friends using papers that got the same texture...

I haven't actually opened it..until now its still sitting on my cosmetic cabinet along with some of the products that are still unopened...

I promised myself not to do hauling until i get all of my packages...but the temptation is too hard to resist... for the past 2 weeks, i only bought the Stila cosmetics & i think im doing an ok job with resisting temptation..though not that good...

Once i received my packages, im gonna go shopping..but not for cosmetics....the only thing on my plate now is my wishlist, bb creams....& skin care stuff...that's it!...cosmetics is out...i guess except for mascara & the pearl balls (i call LM & other like products as pearl balls)....

Ok, enough with the rant...i feel all better now...

How about you,girls...have you fulfilled your ultimate 'item lemming for quite sometime'?
or have you started project 10 pan?

Im gonna start that project as soon as i have some bb creams... & pearl balls...

Hope you're having a nice day!

Jaa ne~!


gracie said...

waaaw! get mo n gurl!!! hahaha! nga pla malapit na deadline ng heroes and villains go b tau??

~tHiAmErE~ said...

tempt na tempt na nga ko,day!
ask ko nga ungs hipping details nito e..
kaya lng aantayin ko lang muna ung packages ko..
mhirap na e

naku hindi ko alam..
hanap ka nga ng picture ni darna at valentina..

tgnan ntn kung maiinspire tyo
heroes & villains tlg

☆Anastacia☆ said...

Awwww! Hunn! I love Geurlains too, but do not have it as well :( But I have TFS parls, which I will send you too! Probably on next week! I want that you try it. It very lovely and so nice product, I think!
And I always forget to send you on E-mail... I really like the Celeteque stuff, but we will keep our swapping after I send you mine, OK?
Sorry for waiting my package a long time :(

verina oei said...

yeah i saw amynaree's post too,so tempting,look at the brush !lol

Jbreezybaby said...

sorry for my ignorance but what is BB cream? panay ang basa ko sa mga blog but i really dont have any idea what it is.lool. igno eh... can u feel me in thia, alam ko u know lot bout this =) is it a skincare product or makeup or both? lol.

Sherry said...

lots of beauty item available and if we got the money can buy.. if not.. just see

nikkiz. said...

I had BOTH the Coty Airspun loose powder and the Mini Meteorites a few years ago at the same time but i sold them both. They're okay, but the Coty one gave me migraines due to the strong floral fragrance. The meteorites, hmmm, I don't really know why I sold it, maybe coz I shifted to mineral makeup. The effect is like radiance powders and also the smell was a bit strong for me.

I've been waiting for 1 package sent late July din. Ang tagaaaal! Sana hindi nawala, kakahiya sa seller kung mawala.

CamRenRai16(SHOBE) said...

elllo thia ang cute nga ng meteorites nakita ko yung vov balls on cheeks 240 php siya diba?bibili dapat ako eh..pero hindi sa store eh hehe

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ anastacia
im working on making this wishlist as a real item.. XD
wow!you're such a darling!

@ verina
i adore pink & this is just so girly!

@ jbreezy
i actually just use bb cream as a makeup base...i don't consider it as a skin care, though i guess for some they do..

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ sherry
you're definitely right about that,hun!

@ nikkiz
i hope that it won't give me migraine too
feeling ko nga my wrinkles na ko kakaworry sa package ko e

@ shobe
san mu nkita un?
240 lang?!
i want it...
i saw one at 450 e..i thought that its pretty cheap na...pero 240 lang?!
dun na ko
barat ako e

xxNikkiDooxx said...

Hiii sis! :D Ako ngayon ay no buy mode. hehe! I'll start buying stuff after paying you. ;) And good luck sa makeupmasala package, hope it arrives in good condition. TC. ;)

Crystal said...

i want the LM din OMG!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ nikki
uu nga e..
wish ko din..
ngwworry na ko e

@ crystal
me too!
ang cute diba?

Pop Champagne said...

I hate the postal service as well! I've gotten instances when my package gets "lost" and it's just frustrating... good luck on your project 10 when it starts!

Moving is super stressful- over the weekend the movers came in with my new couch and turned out that they can't get it up the stairs, so, I have to return them and do a reselection on the couch >< same as my bedroom set, so I still got no furnitures at my new place. but at least I can run around in circles in my living/dining area lol!

xoladiihoneyxo said...

don't worry sweetie! You're packages will arrive safe and sound to your hands =D But that does take awhile to get your packages o.O Is it normally that long to receive packages!? =O I probably would of died by now!
Does the make-up that you applied on your mother has SPF? If so, that's why it looks like that on camera! SPF makeup does not look so great on camera -____-
I heard so much about the BB cream but too bad, it only comes in two shades and the shades are too light right now.
Don't me mad, get glad! =] hehehe. get it?

Askmewhats said...

Papemelroti!!!! that's what Stila boxes reminds me off too!!! :) hehehe I can feel for you, ordering on line is such a big hassle you just have to wait for weeks or even months and sometimes it can end up getting lost!!!!!! The meteorites is a steal with a free brush!!!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ pop
but at least its your own place now
you can do anything that you want with it!

@ linda
yeah..it does
its because of the post office..
POs here are verrrrryyyyyyyyyy slow...
turtle slow

@ nikki
i love papemelroti that's why i love stila's packaging!

Anonymous said...

OMGGG!! the meteorites for 45? 3 for 45? I thought that it was ONE for 45$. That is a steal. And you get a brush to boot.

I hate lost packages too.

Zoe said...

The same here, after looking at Amy's post I just couldn't resist it^^;but The Face Shop's products are similar , no?
Oh..is it really that bad with the post in ur country?I hope that everything that u have ordered or for any mail u excpect to get reaches u safely^^

ChyiX2 said...

I've been wanting to try les meteorites for quite some time now but don't know why I haven't gotten around to do that yet. If you do decide to get them, will you post a review please? Thx ^^

Jackie said...

saw that on amy's site, too. so pretty!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ Y
how can i resist?!
one full size meteorites is $52...but i can try all 3 for only $45 with a free brush?!

@ zoe
though i haven't tried TFS' yet..
but i will someday
its soooo slow here..it would take at least a month before i receive mine..
the wait is driving me insane

@ chyix2
i will somehow get my hands on this..
one way or the other

@ jackie
its too die for..lol!

Ida said...

the guerlain les meteorites look reeeeeeeally pretty :D i know that feeling din, trying not to do any more hauling because you still have a lot of packages that you're waiting for by mail, hay!

Miss Yaya said...

this looks really good - i might need to scour ebay for some mini sets for myself too

i put up a code and link for my banner btw, so if u want to snag it, go right ahead :)

cabyness said...

Oh my gosh the guerlain looks soo pretty!!!

~tHiAmErE~ said...

@ ida
the disadvantage of living far away from good shopping places

@ miss yaya
if you are able to find one hope you can tell us how it is

@ cabyness
its a real eye candy!

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