Thursday, December 13, 2012

how i get rid of lint on my stamper~

I'm just a newbie in nail art stamping.

I have tried it before but i really can't get it to work for me. It's either i won't be able to pick up the image which happens like 80% of the time or the image will not be complete. I think i have already developed my arm muscles trying to make stamping work for me but it doesn't seem to work at all that i decided to just ditch it & just concentrate on freehand manis.

I have been encouraged by my friends to try nail art stamping once more but the thought of putting much effort without gaining anything at all is just not appealing (of course!). hahaha. I don't really have any plans in doing nail art stamping that is until this....

& this...

...arrived at my doorstep.
Image Plates, baby! hahaha

The IPs were a very sweet surprise because it was something that i wasn't expecting when we had a meet-up together with my sweet "nail art lover" friends. They highly recommend that i try out the XL stamper because it will surely make stamping fun & easy for me so i decided to go ahead & try stamping again.

& they were right!
i can't believe that i am now stamping with ease!

Index & pinkie were stamped images while middle & ring were still hand painted by yours truly.
It's so nice to be able to see stamped images on my nails!

Ok, enough with that...
i know you can see how exhilarated i am.
I am still practicing stamping until now but there's one thing that i am hating when i do this.
The lint!

Since i would have to clean my plates, stamper & scraper every now & then with cotton soaked with polish remover, there's no helping wit the lint from the cotton being transferred to the plate or stamper then on to my nails. argh! It just ruins the whole process.

I am familiar with lint rollers,of course, but i think that the best way to remove lint completely off a surface is if you use something sticky to lift the lint out. So an adhesive tape is the best tool for removing those pesky lints.

So, here's what i do...
I'll cut up a nice long strip of tape...

Then i usually get rid of too much stickiness off of it by pressing my fingers on the end so that the oils on my finger would transfer to it. It will make the removal of it later a lot easier.

Then roll the ends so that you can stick it to a smooth surface, or even on your working table, where you can easily reach it after every stamp.

Then time for stamping...

Once you have transferred the image on your nails & would want to clean your stamper, then you just have to stamp it on the tape...

... & all the remaining dirt will stick on to the tape!

Easy as pie!
Less effort than cleaning the stamper with cotton balls or spraying it with acetone then brushing it off. In this process, you're sure to get rid of all the remaining lint from wherever you might have gotten them.

Clean stamper all ready to be used again.

Isn't that super easy?!
Now that i've shared my technique, time to go now.
On to more stamping practices for me. hahaha!
Now i understand why lots of people get addicted to stamping. lol

Hope you all are having a great day!
Jaa ne~!

by the way, if you wanted to get the same stamper that i have, go check out Myonline Shop.
She got loads of nail art items! If you are new to stamping like me & would want to enjoy the experience all the more, pls get the XL Stamper. I love love love it!

Oh, & this is not a sponsored post,mind you.


♥neelai♥ said...

Brilliant idea!! As in brilliant talaga, lol I always use cotton balls with alcohol to clean my stamper. at last there's an easy way na, hihi! Thanks for sharing sis thia! :)

Jessica Sarai said...

Smart! I usually use a polish remover soaked q-tip but this seems much easier!

Anna Ho said...

Thanks for sharing. This is a good idea! I'd still have to use nail polish remover to clean the image plate though. >_< lol

Eloisa Mago said...

Hello, this is my first time to comment pero im not new to your blog i started reading it years ago! sau ko nadiscover un opal hair conditioner, anyway im happy to share with you that im an avid nail stamper, much easier than freehand design, the secret is just to roll the stamper,

ngayon lang kita nafollow as i myself aam just new to blogging, kakastart ko palaang ng
if you have time please drop by my blog too

city0880 said...

thanks for share.

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