Friday, February 15, 2013

Updated Traincase

I'm really forcing myself to blog these days but to no avail so i thought that i'll share some small things here & there to get the ball rolling.

I want to start first with the project that i did 2 days ago.
I applied a full decal on my traincase so instead of it looking like a magician's box, now it looks so much cuter & girly (but not too overly girly,mind you).

Ta dah~!

I guess i can say that i'm sick & tired of my black traincase. I'm actually just thankful that i got the simplest traincase with the faux leather so i can easily stick the sheet on. Now,i can change the look of my traincase whenever i want to.

Not that i want to do it again though.
It's so freakin hard to snip the edges of it. It took me hours just trying to make sure that it looks neat.

It may not look obvious here but it's not as perfect as i want to, but it's manageable somehow.
I choose lilac as my main color because my room is actually blue right now & i think that lilac would be a better color to compliment the shade of blue that i have as opposed to pink.

Now my computer table is a match to my traincase too!

Actually i bought the decal for my computer table... hehe
Since i had more left to cover something else,i saw my traincase so i decided to just put it to good use.
Yay for my traincase looking all cute now!

If you want to get the same decal that i got, you can check out Japan Home Center for their sticker sheets.
I got mine for P88 a sheet... a little more than $2. I got so much more with my $2!
Though it takes some work applying it but you could definitely do it!
I did. Im sure you could too~

Hope you all are having a great day~
Jaa ne~!


Nikki said...

Your new traincase looks so cute! I wouldn't mind owning a cute Non-black traincase too! :)

i_diane_ini said...

Japanese dollar stores are awesome (Pwede ba yun? Japanese dollar store? Hahaha)

I almost got the same wallpaper for my workdesk. :)

VaiNails Bornales said...

Ang cute naman ng traincase sis! :) Parang bet ko gawin sa traincase ko yan! :))

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♠ aiMee Bunbun ♠ said...

so creative! i like :D
i tagged u in an award ;)

Chai Chen said...

Cute traincase! :) Lovely design now matching :)

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