Sunday, April 28, 2013

Let's talk about hair!

This is something that i have wanted to blog about ever since... hair care!
Let's take it one step at a time & i'll start it by telling you all about my hair/scalp of the major thing is dandruff!

It's so embarrassing to have little bits of flakes falling on your shoulders every single time you moved your head... which means that this is not the time to do a some headbanging. If you do, then you'll have bit of "snow" on your shoulders. That's embarrassing as hell!

Anyway, i have been constantly battling with dandruff.
I have curly/wavy hair that tends to be quite unruly (lol!). My curls are not the type that has just a precise curl on its own but it tends to just curl riotously which makes managing my hair extra hard. If you'vet seen the last pic that i've posted with my long hair (on which i just had to chop half of it away because of the heat) then you'll know what i'm saying...

Posting it here again for reference...

See that?
My major problem is that since it's curly, the oils from my scalp can't easily go down to the ends therefore making it dry at the what you can see.

Hair products meant for curly hair just doesn't work that well for me. They are either too moisturizing, which makes my dandruff worse or they're too dry, which makes the ends of my hair really stiff & brittle. So, i guess you can somehow imagine how hard it is for me to look for products that will work for me. The struggle for it is somewhat like my battle with acne. lol!

So how do i manage it after baring all the things that makes me go "ugghhh!!" about hair?

I do 3 things...
1. Trim the ends of my hair
2. Use a clarifying shampoo
3. I don't comb my hair when wet then use a paddle brush in the evening.

I'm sure you are quite familiar with the 1st ones since your hairdresser might have mentioned it once or twice. It keeps your hair healthy by keeping split ends at bay. Less split ends means better-looking hair,no?

What the heck is a clarifying shampoo?!
I'll go into details about clarifying shampoo in my next post but to just give you a bird's eye view, it completely strips the scalp of the oil & any residues that your regular shampoo might have left behind. It means that it somehow neutralizes everything so that your fave shampoo can do its work on its own without anything stopping it from giving you what it's supposed to give.

Now, im serious when i say that i don't comb my hair.
Even when i have to go out of the house. I will lightly finger-comb it but that's it. They said hair is at its weakest when wet so combing it wet is like punching someone in the face (lol!). I would recommend not wet combing your hair if you have curly hair like mine. It somehow helps make your natural curl manageable & at the same time when it dries, it's soft & bouncy.

This is how it looks like uncombed..

I love my hair the most right after air drying it!
The curls & waves seems like they have a life on its own & they are really bouncy & soft.

Have you tried NOT combing your hair after taking a bath?
Try it & you'll see what i'm talking about. It really works!

Now, how about the 100 strokes?
I don't really count how many times i brush my hair, i just brush it & let myself enjoy the feel of the bristles on my scalp soothing the tension away. It relaxes you at the same time brushing helps distribute your natural oil from the scalp going to your hair so brush away! Don't fret over the process, just enjoy the sensation...

Now that sounds sexy,no?

Anyway, this post is actually just something to jumpstart my next post about the cheap yet effective clarifying shampoo that i'm currently using.

How about you?
I'm sure you have hair issues. What are yours?

Hope you are enjoying the weekend,hunnies!
Jaa ne~!


Cookiie said...

Omg, I love how your hair looks when it's uncombed! I was wondering if you're using any hair products that contain silicones though, because that might weight down your hair unnecessary. That would be such a shame, because your hair does look really voluminous right after washing it!

★ Cookiie

april hollie arnado said...

I basically don't do anything on my hair except for special events. I literally just wash it everyday with shampoo and conditioner then let it air dry. I have to comb it while still wet since I have straight hair. It looks too messy if I don't. hehe

Your hair does look Fab if you don't comb it after washing. Maybe this works only for those with curly hair. ^_^

Random Beauty by Hollie

Thiamere Brea said...

tamad ako magconditioner.lalo ngayon na its so hot pa man din.feelig ko napupunta lang sa body ko ang oil instead sa herr ko.hahaha

Thiamere Brea said...

i dont use anything on my hair anymore especially now that it is hell-hot here.i dont even condition my hair anymore because it feels like i sweat more when i do.

Jasmin said...

Love the hair post. I try to air dry my hair when I can, but I'm so used to blow drying. So bad, I know, and the spilt ends.. Thanks for sharing. And I agree about not combing your hair when it's dry, but sometimes I need to. HAHA.

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