Thursday, April 25, 2013

Fresh New Start~

I have been punished by the blogga fairy...
I had neglected my blog for a while hence she had given me a slight brush-off.

I lost all my files... those i-wanna-blog-about-this-pictures that i can't seem to find the time to blog about.I sure as hell was very pissed off when i found out that all my files have been sent to the land of the unknowns. It was my fault anyway. I have been feeling uninspired to blog but i keep on taking pictures so they pile up in 10+ folders (im serious when i said that it was somewhere at around 10+) that i eventually got lazy to even dig through my pile to start blogging.

When i found out that all my files were corrupted i was just shocked but it wasn't really that big of a deal for me. But as it sinks in, i just realized how lazy i've become & regret had started to set in. I had been thinking of the swatches the made, the pictures of the products that i wanna talk about, the food pics that i wanna share with you all, the places that i've been with... but all of that will just not happen anymore.

There's no one to blame except my self though for letting that happen.
I thought that i lost all my blogging passion but this event had me thinking...
Do i want to really just stop & let all the things that i've worked hard for be left like that?
Do i really want to lose the trust that i've built from my sponsors & my readers as well?
Do i really want to be totally forgotten when all of you had been so kind showing your support by email, fb messages,comments,etc?
I don't think it's even fair to just leave you all hanging since i've been receiving a lot of "how-are-you?" mails. I wanna thank you all for still emailing me. I appreciate it.
It seems like i've been so ungrateful to you all & i'm really sorry about that.

This time, i'm promising that i'll be picking up where i left off little by little.

Taking small things at a time. Sharing the things that i feel should be shared. It's only now that i realized the enormity of how blogging had actually affected my life. I guess it was like a do or die situation. I was really at the point where i could just stop it since i lost everything but ta the same time, i realized that i love blogging & i guess i just needed that wake-up call from the blogga fairy for me to really see where i'm headed at.

Oh well,enough of that...
I'll be walking along the rocky road of blogging once more.
I want to take it like how i did when i started it.

Thank you for being with me through thick & thin.
I hope that you would still continue to support me even though i've been away for so long.

I promise to this day on to not let myself be riddled with excuses when it comes to blogging but also not to be pressured into anything that i feel you would not benefit from.

Minna-san, yoroshiku onegaishimasu~


Cookiie said...

Weew, I was wondering where you were. Good to see you back in the blogosphere! Really unfortunate that you lost all the files, but there's also room for new ones. :))

★ Cookiie

KTlifestyle said...

loving your blog! I'm new to blogging. Will follow u! :)

Kai said...

Oh, yay you're back and just in time! I was starting to think my blog reads have been getting a little blah lately ^__^ Can't wait for your new posts.

AngelAmhiere said...

Awww! Welcome back! I guess I have to work harder, too! I don't want to be punished, too!!! Got lots of catching up to do!!!


More posts, dear!!! ^__^

Thiamere Brea said...

oo nga e.wag mo ko tutularan.hahaha
it was a wake up call indeed

Scatterbraintures said...

Hey, I have a suggestion for you. This happened to me pero maybe my picture files were nowhere near yours. Ngayon, I edit the photos and upload them na to a draft post para at least, it's there na -- wala nga lang write up.

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