Saturday, October 06, 2012

how to:put on fake nails~

This is a post that i have been asked about really frequently.
There are times when i just feel like having really long nails & when i do,i just put in fake nails.

Every time i ended up with very bad nail stains due to dark colored polishes i always cut my nails really short. I make sure i let my nails take a break in between because nothing irks me the most when i happen to glance at my nails (which is very often!) & they are badly stained. I just hate that yellow tinged so much that's why i just apply nail polish every weekend.

Anyways, going back to the real topic...
My nails are already growing healthy & pink that i can even do french tip mani the time when i was still doing the BFF Challenge. I decided to file it down months ago because i don't like the oval shape, i want the usual square/squoval shape.

Unfortunately i chipped the side of my pointer finger nail so i decided to just clip it all because of annoyance.

Since i was still doing the challenge back then i decided to just use fake nails. I have been using fake nails every now & then. I'll show you examples of my designs on tips & the links to that post.

It's hard for me to clean the sides because they would mostly still have some remaining glue & when polish touches the glue, removing it is a real challenge so i just let it stay on & wait until the glue peels off.

I am using a different shape of tips here, still from Saizen, compare to the ones i usually use. I like the curved tips better than the straight one like in this picture.

I think they don't look like fake nails at all,no?
So, what tips do i use to achieve this natural-looking fake nails?

I love this tips from Saizen!
This one is curved & since the natural shape of my nails are a bit curved so it's perfect! They also have other tips but i mostly buy the clear ones so i get to see during application if there are air pockets or not. The other clear tips are straight, it's still ok to use but i am more comfortable with the curved ones. I have tried a lot of nail tips but i always go back to this because this fit my nails best! I almost do not need to file it anymore. Since this is from Saizen, a box of 50 tips cost P88 each.

Each set of tips have different shapes, i think the most important thing to consider is not the shape but the fit of it on your nails. You can easily alter the shape of it by filing but you can't alter the fit. It would also be the factor on how you can make the tips last on your nails. It is easy to avoid any air bubble if it has a good fit.

Now, let's get to the application part.
If you notice the box, they are divided into sections because each tips have different sizes, from 0 to 9.
You just need to choose what numbers fit each nails... like so.

This one really fits my thumb, it was just hard for me to hold it & take picture at the same time. hehe

Next is, the filing part.
File the curved edge (the one that will sit on the base of the nail) if there's a need to.

I mostly file the ones that i use for my middle fingernail. You'll see how uneven it looks like on my first picture.

Now this is the most important thing to consider before you apply the glue.
Put the tip on your nail & take note of the distance (if there is any) of your nails to the tips. You would have to make up the distance by applying a thick glob of glue.

In my case, im using a watery glue so what i do is put a drop or two on the tip & wait until it is 80% dry. It would make the bed of the tip a bit thicker so that i make up for the space in between my nail & tip.

Once it's almost dry then that's the time that i would be applying it on my nails. I would also apply glue on my nails.

Now, how i apply my tips had worked for me ever since.
I have read that some people prefer to slide it from the tip going to the base to prevent any air pockets, but since my glue is watery i can't do or else it would just accumulate on the base. What i do is i lightly put the base of the tip, waiting for the almost-dry glue to touch the glue on the nail. I don't apply any pressure at all because it will just end up forming bubbles.

Look at how the middle of tip looks whitish, it's because it still got air inside, but the side is already clear. I gently work my way towards the edge so that i would be able to avoid bubbles. By the way, the dark smudge in the pic is just a dirt on my camera, not my nail.

Keep on holding the tip so that no air would enter inside while the glue is still wet. Again, no pressure... just keep it in place to avoid it from moving.

Wait until it dries.

You can file it down if it's too long for you.

The most important thing when you apply fake nails would just be to make sure that there are no air pockets.
It would affect how long it would be able to stay on your nails & also prevent any fungal infection.

Oh, another thing, when you decide to put on fake nails, make sure that you clip your nails short because applying it with nails still long will not only make application harder but also increases the risk of breaking your real nails once the tip started breaking down. Save yourself from pain, just cut it short & you'll do fine.

Saizen tips are not durable but i like using it just because i only want them for a short time. I;m really scared sh*t of fungal infection so the longest time that i let tips stay on my nails would be for a week at most.

If you just want to have long nails instantly then nail tips would be your best bet. It's easy & fast!
If you have tried other brands of tips or glue that you love, please share it.

I know that i have not covered everything when it comes to nail tips application so if you got any questions feel free to leave a comment & i'll get back to you asap.

Have a great weekend,ladies!
Jaa ne~!


xying said...

lovely tips, but I don't use fake nails my nails are long enough haha xd

Jem said...

good for you,sweetie.
lately my nail had become brittle so ita hard for me to grow them long.

Chriselle Sy said...

I want to try this someday, but I'm still too noobish at applying nailpolish!

Crissy said...

I love the designs you did!

Anna Ho said...

I am happy with my natural nails, but this is good to know!

Dawn said...

Thank you so much for the tips! Winner pa rin designs mo! They are so detailed and just plain GORGEOUS! ♥♥♥

wonderwoman45 said...

This is such a great tip! I sometimes get sooo impatient waiting for my nails to grow.

Fake Nails said...

Amazing post...!!! really I appreciate it.

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