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Thursday, June 07, 2012

the best nail patch that i've tried!!!!!

I hate nail patches!
But that was before, now i am loving this certain nail patch that i've tried.

If you have tried nail patches, you'll know how it could only last for mere hours. How awful is that?!

Remember the post that i made before about the nail foil patch?
It was so hard to apply yet it didn't even last for more than a day! Definitely not worth buying & trying!

So when Jessie Rhee of Dress Up Ur Nails contacted me & asked me to try out her nail patch, i was in doubt. I frankly told her that im not in awe of nail patches. I'd rather do my own nail art than be bothered (by cutting the patches that doesn't even fit my nails) by it.

I asked her if her product can withstand an everyday wear & tear & she said that it does. I asked her that as a consumer & not as a seller, by the way. Since she said that it does, so i said 'ok,let me try your product then'. Though i honestly still have doubts over it. I'm quite hard to please because my standard is a bit high. But let me tell you, this nail patch blew me away!

It lasted for a week!
I think it can even last for another week if i just didn't get tired of it. I took it off with it being intact. No chip or tear! Seriously!

The design looks cute,huh? This design is Snow Pink!

I really like it!
Lots of people kept saying how cute my nails are the whole time i had these on. I never let one design stay on my nails for more than 2 days (unless im sick or the effort that it took me to make a design makes it worth keeping) but i happily kept this patch on not just simply for testing purpose but because it's so cute!

Anyway, i'll tell you my experience....
This is how it looks like.

This is the back, with the instructions...

Then the patches itself.

Yep there are 16 individual patches in all, the purpose for that is you can choose what fits your nails best. I told you that the patches that i've tried were awful just because they're all in the same sizes so i have to painstakingly cut them one by one.

But in this case, you can choose what fits your nails best.
Plus, one good thing about this is that it doesn't end with you using the whole patch for your nail, you can maximize it & use the remaining stickers to make a french tip!

Isn't that getting more than what you pay for?!
Just think about it, one set could yield you like 3 full uses for all ten nails.
A-all ten nails with whole patches
B-just use them on your tips for a funky french tip
C-play around by donning whole patches with french tip alternately

Since this is a sticker, you don't have to worry about nail stains!
Yay for that!

It's very easy to apply too! Click for bigger image.

1. Make sure that the nail is clean & free of oil or dirt.
2. Choose a patch that fits your nail.
3. Pinch the edge of the patch where it ends so you can dislodge it.
4. Peel it off the plastic backing. Make sure you don't touch the back of it to prevent any oil from your fingers transferring on it.
5. Lay it on the middle of the nail like so.
6. Carefully stick it on one side of your nail, making sure that there are no air bubbles trapped. It could affect the longevity of it.
7. Do the same on the other side. Make sure you DO NOT STRETCH THE STICKER!
8. Fold the remaining sticker on the edge of your nail like so.
9. Gently file the excess away. the keyword is GENTLY file it.
10. Then you're done! You could apply top coat if you want to, but it's ok to skip it too.
You can also watch this video if you want to see it in real time.

I applied top coat just once, when i applied it. Oh, i didn't put top coat on my thumb though. I said i had it on for a whole week & they're still good.
I'll show you...

Day 3:

Day 5:

Day 7:

I spilled polish on it when i was frankening that's why it has that ugly dark patch but as u can see, it's day 7 already but it still looks nice!

This is on my left hand, on my right hand it was still the same!
It's just that my right nails are short so i didn't take a pic of it but it's my dominant hand & the patches was still intact! Sugoi!

It was able to withstand my everyday activities like washing dishes, cutting vegetables, drumming my nails on the wall/table, scratching, etc. I'm not sure if this could last if you'll do heavy hand activities like washing clothes but if it's simple household chores, it would last.

I highly recommend this!

Now, one thing that might turn you off is the price.
It's a bit expensive. It's sold for Php 489 each. But these are highly quality stickers. Unfortunately i don't know from material its made of, Jessie said that it's a korean nail patch. I don't have an idea at first what is it but when i have seen for myself what it is, i knew that these are not one of those cheap stuff that you can buy anywhere. This is unique!

I had these stickers that my korean student gave me before & it's made of the same material. It's actually on my monitor & i can take it off & put it back on whenever i want to. It's like plastic & silicone. You can stretch the material to fit your nails. But don't stretch it too much,ok? hehe
You don't wanna stretch the design.

If you compare it with Sally Hansen Salon Effect, i think this is still better for the reason that i stated above. You could maximize it because it would allow you to be able to use it in different ways. Can SH patches do that?

  • quick - just minutes away from awesome-looking nails!
  • easy - just stick it on & you're good to go!
  • long-lasting - the picture speaks for itself,ne?
  • no stains - goodbye,yellow nails!
  • expensive at first - but worth your money!
  • might not be available internationally - Jessie, do you ship internationally?
  • it has that funky naphthalene smell upon opening the package - it disappears later on

Will i buy it? Yes! No questions about it!
Will i recommend it? I do! two-thumbs up!

I would gladly spend Php489 for these patches. I can vouch for this product & how effective & easy this is!
Definitely worth your money! If you want to try nail patches, pls try this, you won't want to try other patches anymore, that's for sure! I also have Romantic Lace Nude but i'll be keeping it for now. I kinda missed doing nail arts but if im in a hurry, I know i will be reaching for it!

They have an ongoing promo now:

**BUY 1 nail patch, GET FREE 1 heartshaped nail file + 1 cuticle pusher
**BUY 2 nail patches GET FREE 1 Black Nail file + 2 cuticle pusher

Do check out these patches! It's gonna take you only minutes in having that glam-looking nails!
Click HERE to take a look at different designs that she has.
By the way, when you open the packet you'll see a strip of sticker on it, you'll use it to seal the packet. ^_~

Have you tried nail patches?

Have a great day,ladies!
Jaa ne~!

Product sent as sample. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Opinion shared is personal view & is no way influenced by the company. Buy at your own discretion.


aiMee Bunbun said...

so pretty :D ur nails super long, it reminds me of Gaisha ladies :"> wah it lasted 7 days! and it looks so dreamy parang ok xa sa anime theme na pink-winter, kawaii <3

Thiamere Brea said...

just make sure that you won't let your skin touch the sticky surface para talagang no budge. it's gonna last for a long time!

perfect for any otome cosplay...
lalo na pag naka pink kimono!

Breena Estillore said...

Ang ganda sis. :D Plus, I love how long your nails are. :D

Isabel said...

thats so nice!! I used nail stickers before and hello bubbles! disaster..

Shining_bell16 said...

in the 1st pic of the tutorial pic, is that your real nail? it's so clear! hahahhaa! I swear its my first time such kind of nails and it looks so clean and beautiful! *looks at mu own nails and cringe*

My nails were small so i just want to ask, do you know a place or a site where i can buy fake clear long nails so i can just paste them on my own and anything I want on it? :P

Thiamere Brea said...

oh,that's just an acrylic nail,sweetie.hehehe
i cut my nails just because i got so annoyed with the nail stains that i had.

i bought mine at Daiso/Saizen.

Kellie said...

I buy all of my nail art stickers on ebay for great prices!!


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