Monday, June 25, 2012

Rainbow Favorites Challenge:RED

I joined the rainbow favorites posted by Bec of Lacquer Dreams.
Since i don't get to post as much as i want to, so this challenge would also be a fun way to keep my blog updated at least once a week.

First color is Red.
I have a lot of reds but this is one polish that i am recently loving our local polish, Chic Grainy in Siam.

If you are not familiar with sand polishes, ill try & describe it as much as i can though it's gonna be hard because this is a whole new different finish. Excuse the dry cuticles. I just removed my faux nails so i haven't gotten around to cleaning it yet.

Basically sand polishes are jampacked with very fine yet gritty glitters that lends it a matte-ish appearance. Since the glitters are so fine it's quite smooth to the touch. I find it charming since you get to appreciate each & every one of those grains as the light hits them. They're pretty much like how tiny stars twinkle up up in the sky! Here is the close-up look.

It basically looks just like how it is in the bottle.

This is a lot easier to remove compare with ordinary glitter polishes so this is my current favorite!
If you haven't tried sand/grainy polishes yet then you have to! It's absolutely divine! It's sparkly without being ridiculously shiny that blinds you. LOL!

What's your favorite red polish?
Care to share?

Hope you all are gonna have a lucky week!
Jaa ne~!

Please check out these gorgeous ladies' favorite reds too:


Nicole Paler said...

What a lovely shade of red! :)

aiMee Bunbun said...

loving the shade ^__^

Kai Sensei said...

I love the grainy series of Chic! I have one in purple, green, and silver. Everything except that red. haha. Now I'm glad I saw it on you. Probably need to get one of that too!

Simona said...

Love the grain finish! And I love the nail art with black!

Marias Nail Art said...

It's really lovely and I like it with the stripes too!

Raquel Soares said...

Really cool looking red!

mozzer0906 said...

I love the nail art design!

Essie Rae said...

Very pretty and cool looking!

April Hollie said...

such a lovely shade and texture! ^_^

Liesl Gutierrez said...

I love the finish! Very cool. :)

emtha said...

Oh wow, the sand polish is so cool! I've never heard of it before. It looks awesome :)

Aya said...

I saw a Grainy polish at Watsons the other day and remembered this post of yours. Only one shade was available, though. Amethyst which is dark purple. And it's soooo gorgeous!!! Esp. yung sparkly effect pero matte-ish finish. Thanks to your post, binili ko siya. I wouldn't have kung di ko to nabasa. Hehe :)

Thiamere Brea said...

you have to get the gray one din..
i forgot the name e.tinatamad ako kunin sa stash ko but that one is also pretty!

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