Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mont Bleu Glass Nail Files~

As a nail art enthusiast, taking care of my nails is something that i make a point of doing. I have been wearing tips for the past couple of weeks just because my real nails had been chipping like crazy!

My nails are doing good now, thank goodness! I am sporting a very beautiful gray polish as i am typing it & im just so happy that my nails are longer & healthier than before.

Now, let me ask you all a question, when the time comes that you just want to go back to nubbins, how do you shorten your nails? I bet that most of you would say "i simply clip my nails using my clippers." I do that too! What if i tell you that THAT is the reason why my nails chip like crazy?

I'm not really a pro but personally i find that when i cut my nails the tendency is that my nails would chip little by little over the edge. It's like simply cutting it without filing it afterward makes the edges rough so the end result would be chipping. So i make sure that i have a couple of nail files on my stash. But buying nail files every now & then is just simply tiring & it costs money too.

There's no way for you to clean disposable nail files (that's why we call it disposable,no?hehehe) to prolong its life much as we want to. We just have to resign ourselves to the fact that it would just find its way on to the bin & us to the store again to buy more.

But that was before!
Now we have glass nail files that we can keep forever! How nice is that?

A glass nail file, also known as crystal nail file – is an ideal nail care tool for your natural or artificial nails, yet is not so common, as other nail care tools. Professionals in beauty salons use glass nail files for manicure and pedicure procedures as well as individuals use glass nail files for their needs in everyday life.

You just need to own one & you're set for life! hahaha!
I love that concept!

Don't they look pretty?
Me wanna own all of them! hihihi
But it would be pointless since one would just be enough for me but who could resist these colorful & cute assortment?

You can check out these cute files over at Mont Bleu.
They have a great selection of these glass nail files like the handpainted glass nail files or the ones with swarovski crystals on them, simple or luxury-styled ones even the no-frills clear glass nail file.

They even offer promotional glass nail files perfect for advertisement.
How clever!

Now i want to really own one too.
I'd use this in public just for everyone to see! hahaha!

Do you own a glass nail file?
I think this is a good investment,no? No need to buy nail files again & again. As long as you take good care of your nail file then you won't ever need anything anymore.

Aside from glass nail files, Mont Bleu also offers hand made jewelries. Now these, i have to check!
*heads on over to Mont Bleu*

Okaaayyyyy, im off to exploring the website now & i have to say that i am liking their product selections.
Maybe there's something i can get as christmas gifts... for myself!
Well, im back to browsing.

Hope you all are having a great day!
Jaa ne~!


Aya said...

Waaaha ang cute nila! I just use the ones from HBC. They're the only ones I like so far. Really cheap so I don't mind buying again and again. But of course if I could have one that I wouldn't need to throw away eventually, I'd love that! :D

Rhia said...

Hi Thia!

Love, love these nail files! They're too cute, especially the pink one. :)

A glass nail file is a very useful, clever tool and not to mention, you can save a whole lotta money by buying one. :) Nice.

Anyways, I'm a frustrated writer so currently, I'm working on a novel. I just need some few insights to romance readers out there to see if it's any good.

Here's the link if you're interested:

Take care Thia and Happy Halloween! :)

Much Love,

Rhia Song said...

BTW Thia, if it isn't too much to ask, can is it possible for you to follow me at Google Friend Connect? Thanks a lot. :)

April Hollie said...

those nail files are fabulous! I want one!!! seriously!!! hehehe

Lindah Sirimanotham said...

I've owned so many glass nail files. Mine always break because I like to keep it in my purse!

Rie said...

I have tons of nail files cause I keep them everywhere in the house, so far my mont bleu ones are still the prettiest glass file I own since they have Swarovski crystals (mine is clear with green/blue crystals), I wash them after everytime I use them (with warm water and soap), ordering through their website is easy and delivery won't take long (give or take weeks or a month since they are imported). I also tried the nail tek brand (my fave since they don't take too much length) which is good as well since they come with a carrying case. The sephora brand isnt as good since it's only one sided but still does the job of filing well. For local options there is a glass file that I bought in watsons, it's actually good and costs less than php150 (not so sure of exact price). Glass files are gentle for nails as long as you don't file back and forth (which I am guilty of :p).

Claudia Sam said...

Hi there, nice blog. Just want to share, that I love Mont Bleu glass nail files so much that I have brought them over to Philippines. You can get them through The Vanity Tree fan page on Facebook. Thanks!

Claudia Sam said...

Nice blog! I love Mont Bleu's Glass Nail files so much that I have decided to bring them over to Manila. All you lovely girls out there can easily purchase them now. Please visit the The Vanity Tree fan page on Facebook at Thanks!

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