Thursday, October 18, 2012

Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Loose Powder Review

I can't remember when was the last time i opened my traincase & played with my make-up. Yesterday, i just had this sudden urge to put on make-up & it was fun!

I wanted to don bright eye make-up but i remember that i don't have any mascara or even lash glue to complete the look so i just decided to opt for the safe choice which is to go neutral.

This also gave me a chance to fully use my new Physician's Formula Mineral Wear Loose Powder sent by Tamera.

Y'all know that im not a foundation user. I'd rather just use a finishing powder as my base instead of a full-on foundation so this was perfect since this is a loose powder. You can use it alone or over make-up. I decided to use it as my face base. I'd let you decide how the coverage would fare for it.

Let's get to know it first...
Just click it to read the description.

It claims to be:

  • Oil-free
  • Fragrance-free
  • Talc-free
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Dermatologist approved
That sounds nice,no?

On to the packaging...

Housed in a big plastic container with a dome-shaped top unlike other ordinary loose powder container. I like that the cap fits exactly as i hate to have powder or my brush rolling inside my bag just because the cap is loose.

It includes a free mini kabuki brush, that is completely awful & useless. Do yourself a favor & buy your own mini kabuki brush. The product might be hypoallergenic, but im not sure about the brush! LOL! I got rid of the brush asap & replaced it with my very own mini kabuki brush.

It includes a brush holder to keep it in place. Yay for that!
You see that circular plastic at the side? That's when you get to use the powder as the brush holder act as the lid to the product.

I just hope that the tab won't break off after plenty of lifting & bending!

Then, on to the product.
Mine is in Translucent Medium & i have to say that it suits my skin pretty well!

The product is indeed fragrance-free.
I hate it when i opened my loose powder then the scent of it just comes straight to your nose, punching you senseless! That goes to Coty Finishing Powder!

It's really very light & disappears on the skin as soon as you blend it in.
See for yourself.

I think one is really meant to be used a finishing powder but if your skin is good then you can also use it alone. My skin had improved ever since my acne days so i can now go out without any make-up at all & not feel embarrassed so i use this as my foundation.

My skin is far from flawless but i think this powder was able to at least even out my tone. Here's a picture of my bare face vs with it on.

I got uneven skin tone with mainly redness on the cheeks but this powder was able to do a decent job of covering up my red patches. One more thing that i like about this is that it doesn't look like you put on pounds & pounds of powder on your face because it looks dewy! Wow for that!

It blends so well on my skin that it makes my skin look almost flawless!
It's not cakey & doesn't feel heavy which is really really like!

Now, the downside, i tried applying it alone (no moisturizers, primers beforehand) & it made my skin itch a bit. I was testing it out to see if it is indeed non-comedogenic & i didn't break out. So happy with it being really non-comedogenic but the itchiness sorta bothers me.

I applied it like how i usually apply make-up (complete with essence, gel & primer underneath) & i still felt a little itch. It might be because im not used to applying anything on my face anymore? Well,it doesn't break me out at least but the itch still bothers me.

Another thing that i don't like about it is that it doesn't have oil-control. tsk! I have to have oil films with me all the time. I have a combination/oily skin so i definitely need products that has oil control. This one would be great for normal to dry skin.

I still use this every time i go out but since i don't go out that much so i don't expect any break outs from this anyway.

Now, let's summarize everything!
  • non-comedogenic/hypoallergenic
  • fragrance-free
  • talc-free
  • dermatologist approved
  • provides a light coverage which can easily pass as a foundation
  • feels light
  • skin looks dewy
  • not cakey
  • dual-purpose: foundation & finishing powder
  • the applicator (brush) is separated to the product
  • made my skin itch but didn't break me out
  • bulky packaging
  • doesn't have oil control
Will i recommend it?
It looks nice on my skin & everything so i would recommend it. About the "itchy" issue for me, maybe it's just me because i know how sensitive my skin is so maybe it's just me but since i didn't experience any break-out so this one is still a nice product.

Where can you buy it?
You can purchase it at Tamera Online for $14 (it's on sale!). It ships within the country so you can be sure that you'll get it.

Have you tried anything from Physician's Formula?
What finishing powders/foundation are you currently using now?

Hope y'all will have a great day!
Jaa ne~!

Product sent as sample. I did not receive any monetary compensation for this post. Opinion shared is personal view & is no way influenced by the company. Use at your own discretion.

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