Monday, October 08, 2012

Franken Polish:Lilac Upbeat

Another short post..
I wanna share my latest franken polish that i decided to call as Lilac Upbeat.

A lilac jelly polish generously smothered with colorful hexagon glitters of different sizes & a light smattering of colored flitters too!

I haven't really used this yet because i don't feel like applying nail polish for now but i have been frankening polishes for the past couple of days. I mostly just do holo topcoats though.
I just feel like making bottles of holographic topcoat. Holographic topcoat can make your most hated creme polish into something really fun & funky!

Well, that's it~

Have a happy evening,ladies!
Jaa ne~!


Onika Chan~ said...

cute nail polish!! <3

Kawaii Closet said...

i'm inlove with this franken!!! I can't stress how much I liked this, you are really good at making these frankens. I would like to try to make my own franken, hope you wouldn't mind me asking, where did you get those differently shaped glitters? and they have this gorgeous pastel color. Thank you so much for creating this blog.

Thiamere Brea said...

thank you,sweetie

a dear friend gave me some glitters that i can play with but as to this specific franken,i think i used different glitter polishes e... mainly the old glitter polish from the face shop, then the violet glitter polish from jocarste & milani gems amongst others.
you have to try frankening din!
it's really fun!

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